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    Races S- Z


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    Races S- Z

    Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:13 pm

    Remember that the * means mature only. Also make sure you read " death races and you"


    148 Sand winder (*) :

    This is a race of people that live in  deserts, or reside in sandy areas. They are a snake like people, sporting fangs, reptilian eyes, and talk with a hiss. They are not evil, but they are the producers of the worlds deadliest venom, that only a Sand winder can cure. MAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

    149 Sandmen:

    Sandmen are actually an all female race, despite known as Sandmen, though there have been odd cases ware a actual male has been born to the race, which happens rarely. Next to never, these rare males, tend to be devilishly charming, handsome, and much more secretive, then the countless females. The race produces Sand, that allows people to catch some zs however, they do work closely with the Dream Catchers ( see Dream catchers) They send is a pretty gold, and highly prized, as not all of it is used to put some one to sleep. The gold sand is used in sleeping potions, sleep spells, and various other things, the magic world uses that involves Sleep. The males those rare dears, if they ever go out of there secret dimension, do not have gold sand. Their sand, is a glowing radiant blue, though it puts people to sleep just as the gold sand, those rare males are very careful with it, they are a cautious shy lot. For the blue sand, is special, for some of the sleep spells, used causes people to sleep forever, and only the blue sand can wake them.

    150 Satyr:

    Half man half goat, thats a satyr.... and yes they do chase females, they are an all male race after all. See Greek mythology, aka google is your friend.

    151 Selkies:

    Another race from the Irish lands, these beings spend most of their time in the sea, when they enter the water wearing their seal coat, they turn into a seal. On land, they change back into a human. If you steal their coat and hide it, they are your's and bound till they get it back again. But fair warning, a Selkie with out its coat, may die, if you do not properly take care of him or her. As they must, once a month, return to water. With or with out the coat, to wash for an hour, and it must be naturally occurring pond, stream  inc, but salt water is best.They can predict storms and have the ability to hold their breath longer than most. They can also find sailors lost as sea or rescue drowning men/women, they seem to be drawn to do so.

    152 Shades :

    Shades for starters shouldn't be mistaken for Shadows or any other shadowy type breed. They are tall, and basically your average kinda guy. They can read shadows, much like a soothsayer would tea leaves. This way they can predict danger, or track people, they often enough, only come out during the night, as their eyes are horribly sensitive, and sunglasses don't exist in this world that are strong enough. They can do ironically very minor and faint light magic, people speculate they have a weak ability in this,so not to hurt their own eyes, trying to light a path to not trip, though the moon for them suffices. They are often lucky, but not in departments that would warrant celebration.  

    153 Shadows (*) :

    Shadows are more powerful than Reapers but less powerful than Death angles. They like both those other breeds mentioned get lists from lord Death himself. They have complete and utter control over shadows, being able to summon the creatures that live there to do their bidding, They can hide in them, travel using them, kill them, by making the shadows solid objects, and live primarily when they don't want to be bothered with the rest of you slobs, in the Void. It's their home away from home, and all who enter there who isn't shadow born dies. Simple as that.

    154 Shaman:

    These people also are called witch Doctors, and they use magic and spiritual rituals, to cleanse curses, and cure ailments. They can also use there magic to curse, and or protect something. They tend to be able to shift and take the form of a guiding spirit, Hawk, wolf, stag, Crow, they can only turn into one of these their entire lives. The animal in which they can shift, is determined by their soul, and thus dictated at birth. Though Females are never  a Stag or Crow.

    155 Shifters:

    Shifters are beings who can shift shape, into an animal, up to three animals to be exact. Each shifter is born with the ability to shift shape to a preset of animals, meaning your born with the ability to shapeshift into a snowy owl with one green eye, a wolf with a black pelt and a star on its head in white, and a black house cat with one white paw and yellow eyes. That is what that specific shifter will shift into till they day he or she dies. So once your shifter shifts into three animals, those are its three animals forever and all ways. You will have to list all three animals if they have three, in their sign ups, as they will be those three animals, those same three forever, and all ways. No shifting into whatever you feel like whenever you feel like, pick three and you're done. They are not to be mistaken for shamen or Were anythings.  

    156 Silver claws (*) :

    They are what happens when a Dark Claw, goes against its nature and slays evil. The silver tips are never lost, and eventually when the adult claws grow in, they are completely silver. They can walk in day light, perform spells and magic, and are much more stronger then Dark Claws, as there right claws can absorb all attack magic, and the left can slice through anything. (see dark claw)

    157 Sirens:

    Pretty women, who can sing a sailor to his doom, fortune, love, out of harms way... Really they sing to do a lot of things. They no longer honestly sing anyone to their doom, but do occasionally in accordance to protect some one, will. However their song is easily ignored and sometimes horrifically easily broken. Most make a living being singers in up scale taverns as it keeps bar fights from breaking out.

    158 Slox:

    Aliens that eat socks. clean socks, its why were forever missing freshly washed socks. Don't worry though they figured out how to eat other things, and how to make their own socks. They are a slim race, probably from eating nothing but socks for the past 200 years, and they are experts in thievery, granted it was just to steal clean socks. They have other talents and that is weaving tapestries, you can use to fly on, magic carpets if you will, or portals to another place.

    159 Spartans:

    Ok, no seriously they are the male version of Amazonians. Enjoy that war loving tidbit. They also have a never ending bottomless pit they can summon at will once a year. It eventually pukes its victims out, a year later, in some random desolate location.

    160 Staves:

    They are the liberated slave race of USAMA, they however don't honestly get the concept, that they were freed from their slave masters, that that race no longer exists, and are some of the horrifically racist ( B***ard)  to ever grace the earth. They however are very talented at carpentry, pottery, and artistry. Its just hiring them to do anything is a pain, and getting them to go to war for the sake of anything is even worse. They are just left to their own devices, they think its segregation, but really the rest of the races are just ignoring them, because everything out of there mouths is racist.

    161 Stonner:

    Look at videos of wood stalk, ya, Humanity has video proof of this race existing, they are also called hippies.

    162 Striods:

    They are body builders from the planet muscle. There biceps are hypnotising. Don't stare at their abs, its how they trick you into becoming their spouse, some how the females of this race, are just fit as a fiddle, and very not in your face.

    163 Sue:

    A race ware no one can think of a first name other then bloody SUE, the men the women, everything is SUE. thank heavens they have different last names, and middle names, and go by them, but they are also telepathic with their own race, and tend to creepily do things in a hive like mind state. They are individuals they just do that to creep people out. Sue is actually banned by alll the races as being a first name. Just so no one mistakes a non Sue as a sue. They have twins and triplets never single births, and never fraternal twins, all ways Identical. People don't marry into the Sue, because well who wants to name your kid Sue sue and sue.


    164 Tengu:

    Crow demons that take the form of a man. But have three black feathers in their hair, in that form, when a crow, they tend to be able to speak still, and have a small silver chain around their throat. The Tengu like playing tricks, and enjoy solving puzzles.

    165 The Foot:

    Ninja's forever forbidden from entering their homeland, as if they could find it. They are masters in Saki. Ya and rice wine, they make booze, in a ninja way. They also don't like turtles, and will cast them aside, don't like Japanese style tea gardens, and prefer to live in traveling dojos. We will never know, but were pretty sure, they are beyond lost, and they are on the wrong planet, Good Saki though, very good saki.

    166 Thunder herders:

    Beings that herd thunder clouds, harvesting their power, with there winged staffs, to use in the destruction or creation of their buildings. Which ironically are quite nice, they also feed off of the energy from the thunder clouds, its why you will never get a doomsday thunderstorm. They have herded that bad boy away and sucked it right into their staves.

    167 Thunderbird (*) :

    As men and women, they are tall, slender, rather dashing to behold. though there eyes are most all ways are the same shade as the sky, and darken to black at night, and thunder grey when mad. They can shift into the massive bird, who wings are that bigger than any planes, Huge their cry summons lighting the size of tree trunks, and their wing beats are the thunder the rolls and roars, there feathers are of fire, as cold and hot as their lightening, as they scream and flap diving into and out of the clouds. They summon storms, so massive so horrid, one quakes at the site. Its a good thing Those Thunder Herders exist, or we'd all be dead by now.

    168 Tondrics (*) :

    They are an odd sort, no really they are odd. They tend, to wife swap, regularly. Don't worry they know who is related to whom, and who's kid is who's. Some how, we are sure its because of there good sense of smell, the fact that they all have a series of white and red streaks in their hair, just don't ever ask them to out line their family tree. Inbreeding and line breeding are forbidden so there is that. If their spouse is not a Tondric, they will remain monogamous, and not participate in the annual wife swap. These pares, are considered holy pairs, that are destined to have perfect children. Like I said odd lot.

    169 Trolls:

    Shorter people, that run toll booths on bridges, roads, and tunnels. They pile their money up, to fix these roads, bridges and tunnels, and then move to another road, bridge or tunnel, they have been known to safe guard dangerous road ways, and help pedestrians get out of rain and such. Trolls came about because some idiot let a Ruff name their race, and now we have Trolls instead of Tolls . Oh well, they kinda like that name, and do not eat goats.

    170 Trox:

    They are a all Female race from Planet Fox, they all know how to box, and rhyme just about everything. Though they do this when they are nervous, and if your Trox companion starts randomly rhyming I'd suggest go the other way, they smell danger, they have a earthy smell to them, and a look of other worldly grace.

    171 Tubers:

    Also known as Vloggers, must document every expect of everything, its to the point of OCD territory. The issue and problem with this is however, that well.... it gets annoying. They are from planet Youtube. They are sending this information to their home world, to run as tv shows, thankfully they stay away from very personal things, and often enough help in recording events for future disputes. They also have an ability of no fear, and run into the face of danger, if you see the indestructible Tubers running towards something, its a good idea to run the other way.

    172 Twilight Wolves:

    Twilight wolves are another type of werewolf, They are large not as big as Lycanthropes, but still on the large side. They like to stick to shadows, are quiet stalkers, and coat colors range in normal wolf colors. However at twilight stars are reflected in there coat, and they become all pretty and glowy. They tend to live in area's that are dark and gloomy, and when they howl it produces the aurora. Giving even the darkest coldest places something to smile about. They are good hunters, good trackers, but for the most part very peaceful.


    173 Ungemed:

    They are the offspring of the Gemed that are not bound to a gem, and instead bare a circle black spot on their neck. They are not bound to a gem, but can do anything a Gemmed can do. They are quite skilled in mastering the talents of all four gems. ( see the gemed)


    174 Valhs (*) :

    Valhs is pronounced " VALLs " Kinda like walls but with a v sound instead of a w. They are shadowy beings that live in the unexplored darkest parts of the Dark Woods, in the heart if you will. They are terrible beings, being able to do dark magic without consequences, believe in raising an evil god from death, and are mostly evil. Though some are not evil at all, most are. Militant in their ways, they are fierce in battle and enjoy the suffering of others. Twice as strong as most beings, faster, and anger easily, They are an enemy none wish to really tangle with, They are the stories of legends and myths.

    175 Vampires:

    Vampires aren't allergic to the sunlight, they don't sparkle so leave your Twilight ideals at the log in page to this site, nothing will ever bloody sparkle except a bloody David bowie vampire, only acceptable sparkly vampire, if it's a David Bowie, and a vampire, it better be the world's sparkliest of all sparklies. * cough* They are strong, sexy, and creatures of the night. They like nighttime, only because well the night time is the best time for a vampire to hunt. They do not kill what they hunt, and they can not turn someone into a vampire, they can blood bond with someone, but that's the extent of it. Vampires can enthrall people, to mood alter, they are dangerous, strong, lean. They can eat any food but need blood once a day. They can be very mysterious, and blend in well into shadows. Vampires are fast and in a fight against many of the species, they would honestly come on top. Werewolves, witches, and even werecats are honestly no match. As Vampires have high magical skills. They just choose not to use it half the time, and it's not anything like the other magic users. They do have a heartbeat, and vampires are born not made.  They can retract their fangs.

    176 Varron:

    These guys, talk funny, all there Ws are Vs and pronounced as such, so they would talke like this " Vat are you doing at the vindow, vho are you talking about and vhom did you go vith." they are all most all ways the magical butlers in charge of the estates of Vampires.  As they have good detection skills, good skills at all things magic, and sleep upside down like bats. We don't know either, so don't ask.

    177 Vixen:

    Male Vixen don't exist, and never have existed. Vixen are what happen when you cross a Varron and a Vampire.  Ya essentially you get a vampire that talks funny, they all most all ways have to have their fangs pulled, so they can close their mouths, the fangs then grow back, eventually at a length that allows them to close their mouths, or at an angle so they are over the lip. They have the abilities, and quarks of both Varron and Vampire. They are all most alluring in there grace and pretty features.

    178 Vlake:

    Vlakes are the male children of a Varron and a vampire. Some how, these poor unfortunate souls, can shift into a dragon known as a Drake ( see Breeds, Dragon) they like there sisters have fangs that need pulled so they can close their mouths, and talk funny. They too have all the qualities and quirks of the vampires and the Varron, but no one knows why they can turn into a drake.

    179 Volf:

    They are a type of werewolf. However the volf are vampiric in nature. Yes Vampire werewolves. No surpisingly they have no relation to either Varron's, Vlakes, Vixen, or vampire. They are just a blood drinking race of werewolf. They like vampires, can use great magics, can enthral but they can fly on conjured mist.


    180 Wander:

    These like some of the others are Nomads, traveling mostly at night, the are forever Wandering however, because they are looking for something the rest of the races have  the idea that the places these folks are looking for don't exist. They are looking for home, and some think, they have wandered for so long they don't even know what it looks like. They always look rather quite lost and homesick, they though do have a prominent business in trafficking, and trading, various things.

    181 Warlock:

    Not to be confused for witches, wizards, or druids, these people, tend to live in high castles, cast storm magics, cast and summon beings. They tend to be horrifically powerful in enchantments hexes and curses. Yes, they have very stern gazes.

    182 Water spirits:

    A race of playful people, they like to play in moving water, such as rivers, streams the ocean waves. They dance to bring gentle rain, and are just ever so carefree, they are friends with the Merfolk. Helping them travel long distances, as they can summon water at will.

    183 Werebeasts:

    Are werewolf like creatures, that can shift instead ito bears, elk, prehistoric things, inc. Essentially they are a type of werewolf, but do not shift into cats, wolves or dragons. And there are so few of each type of werebeast they consider themselves a collective race, instead of a separate. ( see werewolf as they are similar)

    184 Werecats:

    They are actually cousins to the werewolf, save instead of shifting into a wolf, they shift into a cat, normally a small house cat, and not the big cats you see roaming enclosures at zoos. They don't act like cats, but people, and are much more artistic as well as very sly. They tend to do well for information gathering, and unlike cats and dogs, will work well with werewolves. ( see werewolf as the species are very similar)

    185 Weredragons:

    Essentially werewolves that can only shift into western Dragons. ( see breeds, western dragon for details) and can breath fire or ice depending on the region they are in.  

    186 Werewolves:

    Werewolves have the ability to shapeshift into wolves. They have heightened sight, sense of smell, healing, and strength, though they are not strong enough to say bend a spoon. They have little to hardly any  magic ability but are able to do so, rarely travel or even group in packs, but do like to gather with their own kind for festivals and special events. They are not ruled by the moon, anger, or just their own will or desire can cause them to shift if they choose. They can shift partially causing ears and a tail, or fully, causing them to be the massive giant wolves they are. They do not act like beasts, and they do not act like dogs/wolves/pets. They are very in tuned with what is around them and often are hired to track guard, or as workers in general because of their work ethic.  

    187 Winos:

    These beings came from India, and dress like it, that however is ware the simularities stop, they like to steal spoons, for their mass spoon collection, the more spoons the better their chocolatier powers are. People donate spoons so stealing isn't a habit these days or the norm, as people can't get enough of their chocolates, try the spicy chocolate it burns and soothes on the way down! They can even use their powers, to make chocolate out of nothing. Air works, their air chocolates are light and fluffy and to die for.

    188 Wisps:

    Male and female willow wisps, can travel as small blue flames, they often guide people to their destinies. These people understand and yet don't the paths they partake in. They like music, spicy food, and tend to enjoy other's companies. Though a wisp has very little power, it can temporarily borrow, a power from someone close to them. However it is a weak interpretation of that power unless they were taught by who ever how to fully use it.

    189 Witches:

    They basically long lived humans with powers. Magic isn't based on any of the movies you know that has magic, they are not like harry potter, and they do not stir at their cauldrons thank you very much. Chants or spells or potions are just made kinda like people make bath bombs or recite powerful poetry. Seriously keep things, simple people. They like every bloody species on this list POOF.

    190 Wizard:

    They are stronger then a witch, do not need to chant, can't brew or make potions to save their soul, and basically rather play music, make music, or delight small children with there magic, however there powers are Very very strong, and only a skilled wizard would dare to even delight children, as it takes much control, Wizards tend to go questing, and save the day more then the average knight, but really they like staying home and playing with the village kids.

    191 Wraiths :

    Think Lord of the Rings Ring wraiths, except friendly not seeking the ring, and basically in love with halloween. Soron is a nasty bed time story they use to scare there children, and hobbits, who's ever heard of a bloody hobbit? They don't talk, but you get the meaning, and they have done gigs like play in every version of the christmas carol as the ghost of christmas future. The like scaring scrooge and those alike shite less.

    192 Wren:

    Basically a Hobbit. Small human like beings, that have a second breakfast. Go around being odd, and tormenting the Wraiths at christmas parties.


    193 Xana:

    Are beings who have big fluffy fox tails, and feather wings, which they can hide, the wings are small and do not allow them to fly, but plucking a feather and riding on it, is how they get around, feathers grow back instantly. They also breath fire, cause earth quakes minor ones, and can randomly get out of traps set in odd areas, and narrowly escape disasters.

    194 Xeet:

    Pronounced X eat, they are beings who walk around asking houses " trick or treat" if you reply trick, they will do a trick, if you reply treat, you must give them something to eat. They, show up normally the day after halloween, they clean up all the decorations. They are also the ones who put up all the decorations. They live in a town called Halloween villa and its halloween all year round there. The day after halloween once everything is clean up from the towns, they will take the lit Jack O lanterns, for one wish, that the little soul who lit the pumpkin wants. If the flame by the time the Xeet gathers the pumpkin is more than a whisper, and instead is a light that can shine through the day. They will be able to grant the child's wish to stay.

    195 Xon:

    The Xon, pronounced song but with an X... Tend to go around on Easter day, and hide eggs for children to collect. They also tend to raise bunnies, to huge sizes, these rabbits are mounts for the Xon, and are the cutest cuddly things you will ever see. A Xon never goes anywhere without its rabbit. They have a little egg like pin that they all ways ware. In houses ware children are expected, they leave a gold egg. The egg protects the child, till next easter.  They can be seen racing rabbits all year round.


    196 Yockers:

    Pronounced like Knockers but with a Y sound in the front on onkers. They are a race of beings that live on the moon, and make the cheese. Also most of all dairy products, and they are best friends with the man in the moon, because that's there city's name and from earth looks like a man.  They give there cheese to Lunar and Lunar bells, to sell for them.

    197 Yuki-onna:

    They are a race of all females, the snow maidens, that dwell on mountains, their icy breath can freeze you to your core. Yuki Onna  live for the most part solitary lives, can cause many people to get lost in the snow, and die. They if taken to wife, are very loving and stunning in looks.


    198 Zim (*) :

    Zim are what you want to avoid. Men and women who bring plagues, diseases, and other horrid things. But they can also take them away. They are not the cause of all these miseries, but the bad ones tend to be, you can not get sick by touching one, or interacting with them, as they have to consciously use their powers.

    199 Zindicate:

    Not really a race, and more of an odd collection of oddities from other races, that don't exactly meet the norm. But still is considered a product of that race they came from. However these oddities, such as say a werewolf who can't fully shift, inc, would end up here in Zindi city and be raised by the Zindicate. Which they then would be considered apart of. Its a better way of life for these oddities. THey stay in Zindi to they days they die of their own free will, they are aloud to wonder and roam ware they will nothing is keeping them there. They just like it there, children, who are born not an oddity however, are sent out into the wide world, to be raised by like kind.

    200 Zod:

    A race of men and females that are essentially all clones that look like this

    Ya, we want them off the planet GO HOME ZOD GO HOME.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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