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    Races J - R


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    Races J - R

    Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:31 am

    Just remember * means mature only


    100. Jersey Devil( species):

    They are a sub Race or species of Demons, they have bat wings, horns, like to live in pine trees, and tend to make loud howling noises. The horns aren't really noticeable, there only power is to inspire fear, despite them looking rather friendly. Most of them a Christian for some odd reason.

    101 Jinn:

    A race of men and women, who need to drink Jin, to stay alive, when drunk, they can run great distances, summon lightening, fly, and even sit and hot and spicy foods. You can all ways tell they are a Jinn by how much the slur in their words.


    102 Kiki:

    Cactus people, they can talk to cactus, leap with cactus, breed cactus, and even train cactus. How were not quite sure, all we know is Kiki will breed and have babies like any other race, but there obsessions with cactus, comes from a desert survival standpoint. Their favorite movie when introduced to it was Kiki's delivery service, for some reason.

    103 Kitsuns:

    100 year old fox spirits with 9 tails. They walk around as human, sporting ears, and all 9 tails, make great spouses and produce fox fire, which can burn anything and even do things under water. The world is an odd (insert F word here) up place we know.

    104 Kraken:

    They are a race of men and women, predominantly men, that will drag ships to their watery graves using there horrific magic, making the salty seas swallow the vessels ware they will devour the wood. Its why most ships these days are fiberglass, and these guys now prey on drift wood. They are actually friendly, but sea termites only in people form, they can not be with out salt, for long periods of time, and at least need to take some sort of bath or swim every day while on land. Hmm trees, they have to bead though. Beware for the sea termites will eat your house.


    105 Lagoon Wolves:

    Werewolves in a sense, however these wolves live in lagoons, howl summon massive water waves, and can breath water. They tend to be smaller but more spunky then a normal werewolf ( see werewolves)

    106 Lanterners (*) :

    First of all, they are almost always male, and from the age of 5 carry with them a lantern. This lantern is a reflection of the Lanterner's soul. They obtain them by simply going to sleep one night, and waking it to being by their bedside. They are often seen mindlessly roaming at night, though children unless orphaned never are seen, as they are with their mothers, and rarely roam with daddy. They linger at graveyards and walk dark paths. They tend to pumpkin patches, and other plants in gardens in pocket dimensions their lanterns will open. Each one being a key of sorts. If the flame goes out in a lanterners's lantern, Evil is close by. IT will relight and the Lanterner then will be seen once more, when evil leaves. They are often seen guiding those in dangerous positions to safety. Their one defense is to burn those with their phantom flames, which is what lights the lantern they hold. Those pocket worlds their lantern can open can be entered by the lanterner and anyone he wishes to bring. If Evil is too close, and that is the only way to get by. They will pick pumpkins from there pumpkin patches, carve them, then leave them on the door steps, of families who have lost a child. The spirit of that child will light the pumpkin. Letting those of the living know they are fine, they do this only on Halloween.

    107 Lares:

    A race of beings that Kidnap, they lure unsuspecting people and trap them for a time in there little dimentions. They aren't bad by any means, they just want someone to talk too, and will release their victim after a while, they are being encouraged to do this with orphaned children, and Glums. Only they are asked to keep the Glums, Lares do not talk but use sign lingo. Some how everyone is able to understand them, even if they do not know sign lingo.

    108 Lava barriers:

    Races that look like humans, but carry a jar of lava with them, it stays hot, and lava. They can hold there jar, even though  setting the jar next to wood, is how they start a far, it works as a light source, and they have been known to tell an attacker " Hold this" to which they are tossed the jar. which if the idiot catches it, more then likely they will, it will burn the attackers hands clean off. Resulting in death, they can use the lava to make things, heat things, and heal wounds, some how.

    109 Lich (*) :

    Its what happens when a Necromancer goes bad, they become skin stretched on bone, and start raising army's to take over the world. Ya, the lich are a bane in a specific god of death's side.  (see necromancer, and see the living dead)

    110 Lit:

    Lits are a race of people, who can " flit" also known as flash, from place to place. The smoke they admit, when doing so, tells someone if danger is near or not. A lits smoke is soft, and bright colors such as white, blue green, inc, then nothing is in harm's way, however, if a lits smoke is black brown or sinister shades, danger is afoot. Lits have the ability to read old languages. detect via poofing if something is safe, and often like to flirt and charm ladies, and the females of this species, love nothing more than to kiss unsuspecting people.

    111 Little people:

    They are about the same height of a dwarf. though they can somehow end up to be tall or average height. This is rare though, and generally is a result of having some other race way way way way back in their family history. They tend to collect and fix things, are great collectors of gold and jewels but are eager to share the wealth, rainbows, are normally there way to advertise their shops, and pots is the only way the keep their gold. They originate from Ireland and are besotted and utterly obsessed with Celtic Knots, and other Celtic items. They do miss Ireland and as such, the land does have a little peace of the motherland for them. They like to visit and bury their dead there.

    112 Living Dead (not a zombie not a vampire):

    The living dead, are either Skeletons, or grey skinned formerly dead beings, neither smell, and neither are rotting. No there isn't an in between, and this includes Dragons. They are bound to fallow there lich lord or Necromancer, till he or she finally kicks the bucket, they they can do as they please with there new " leases" on life. Skellies often enough just roam around looking for a new end, as they can not have children. The non skelly ones can, and do tend to live normal lives. They do not need to eat, and their eye color is normally an icy flame ish blue.  However, they can have a upgraded existence. as they can be turned into a new race entirely known as the Reborn. ( see Linch, See Necromancer, See reborn)

    113 Lunar:

    A race of people who worship the moon. They have white hair, pale skin, and silver eyes. They sing and walk the night lonely. They can walk to the moon, and they dance with in its rays, however once it becomes night on the new moon, they turn into white wolves.

    114 Lunar bells:

    Are a race of people, who are pale, have black hair, silver eyes, and worship the Lunar race, on the night of the full moon they turn  into black ravens. They have the ability to fly to the moon. The moon is a great source of cheese.

    115 Lycanthropes (*) :

    They are werewolves of very old blood, as they can turn into Dire wolves, who are the largest and sport a longer set of fangs. ( see werewolf)


    116 Martians:

    They are from the Dimension 245 Planet Marz. Ware life on earth never happened but life on Marz did, they however look like humans, except for the fact they can move things with their mind, explode pineapples, and some how take apart the toaster, and put it together with the same parts but when done, will ironically for some odd reason,  be able to translate five different languages help little billy with his homework, and get your favorite radio station. They also have the ability to turn rocks and sand to red, this is pointless and they think so too.

    117 Merfolk:

    I am pretty sure, you all know what a Merman and a Mermaid look like, if not please go watch the little mermaid 200 times then get back to me. Because that is essentially the Merfolk, except they can walk on land when ever they choose, its encouraged to see the world above, and Merfolk pride themselves into learning at young ages, to shift their tail into legs, and learn to use them. They can breath both air and water much like a human or a fish, and can swim like no other sea critter. They however do require liquid, so desert travel would be the death of them if they weren't with a water Nymph that could summon water for him or her constantly.

    118 Miki (*) :

    They are a race of demonic butlers. Please watch black butler, at least one episode, except they will not eat the souls of their " masters" instead the contract is merely  a written document, and for the love of cute fuzzies, its a contract of " do what I say... and you can have a place to live " they really get the crappy end of that deal you would think, but no they don't. Ironically. They are just one hell of a butler.

    119 Monsters (*) :

    They are the unholy offspring of two halflings that represent everything except Grewls. This ironically makes whatever they are strong blooded in unstable, causing them to more or less go mad, and become a destructive force that never stops till someone kills them, they are brutish, much like wolves, and are singular creatures. Some though are weaker and thus don't go bonkers. Those ones are the lucky few.

    120 Moon walkers:

    Normal every day people you would think, except they moon walk every ware, its odd, but thats because they have eyes in the back of there heads so to speak. You'll never see those eyes, or feel or touch or hurt. But they are there. They make very good spies and look outs because of this.

    121 Mutants:

    Pick a race mainly humans and through science make it something it's not. There you go that is a mutant.


    122 Naiad:

    are much like the Dryad but you see the Dryad live in lush green forests that have a winter and fall, the Niad live in desert oasis, and are the reason desert oasis even exist, they can travel far and wide, and have been known to make these Oasis any ware not just the desert. Palm trees on an ice flow, yes they are nonsensical things when it comes to picking a spot they like and creating a comfy utopia of bliss out of nothing.

    123 Necromancer (*) :

    Beings that ironically can raise the dead, control the dead, and make the Living Dead, and can turn into Lich. All and all they are basically a witch, with the powers over death. ( see lich, living dead, and witches)

    124 Nerds:

    These beings, are a Female only race, and they, of all things, live in the trees. Why they are called Nerds no one knows, they like to make sweet treats, and tend to talk to trees. The trees answer back so no one feels or sees them as crazy.

    125 Nightmares (*) :

    The unholy offspring of halflings that represent everything except Valh. Sleek, all most cat like, they are one of the few species other than Death angels, shadows, and other reapers, to hear a reaper's soul call, its is very horrifically painful for them. They are not obligated to end the reaper, however, as the only reason they can hear the call, is which god they are affiliated with. Some have Vampire traits depending on if vampire blood is strong in their lines, they then can drink emotions, or blood normally. Though they primarily hunt solo, it isn't rare for them to form small family pride so to speak. They sometimes will take forever mates from other species but this is rare, Nightmares predominantly hate Monsters. Did I mention on a hot scale from 1 to 10 they are a 50. Every last one of them. They are a rare breed, as Nightmares who, don't follow the rules so to speak, will be slaughtered. That is if they go on a rampage of carnage and destruction, are truly evil, or do a crime that is unforgivable.

    126 Nightwalkers (*) :

    Nightwalkers, roam the night, dressed in old victorian clothing, this is an old and all male race, they have silver eyes,  they are strong, have strong nails in which they use like claws, they make a howling noise, when hunting, form pair bonds, and to top this off can call the fog.

    127 Nock (*) :

    Ever want to know what Bumps in the night and make those Nocking noises? Look no father this race of entirely Females wares victorian dress, has silver eyes, and is pretty much the female version of a nightwalker, except, they have silver hair. They also stalk children at night, to well....... its why children don't sneak out past dark, no one wants to die.

    128 Noctus:

    They are another ancient race, though they are male and female. They meaning night in latin,. are the bringers of night, so to speak. They walk around in the dark, as shadowy forms, and during the day as men and women. They are quite harmless durring the day, but at night they are the most strong and gentle of beings.

    129 Nsaid:

    Pronounced as N Said... they are essentially Rocks. Yes you heard it here first folks, LIving rocks, what would you think if a statue was walking around a living breathing thing, oh and you can marry them. Strong like a rock, heavy like a rock, they do not need to eat or breath, but do so, because it delights them to be able to. They reproduce just like humans do except they are rocks.

    130 Nutternabits:

    These people are a tropical race, consisting of individuals, who can fly having rainbow colored feathery wings, they also have cat years, meow and bark when excited, and can communicate with all birds, read ancient text and live in ruins predominantly

    131 Nymphs:

    They are beings that tend to specific things, such as Oaks or water inc. They have the ability to communicate and control this Element or thing that they are the Nymph of. They are predominantly Female, though males do exist.

    132 Oracles (*) :

    A all female race that can see into the future to a point. They can only predict things to a point, they also speak mostly greek, and tend to ware toga, a lot. They might also be from Greece. We don't know don't care, give the lady some wine, the males are knowns as Owlmen ( see owlmen)

    133 Owlmen:

    These are the male counter parts of the oracles, they serve and protect, as well as converse with non other than owls. Fun times my fuzzies fun times. The owlmen are a handsome lot, and tend to wait on females hand and foot. But there only ability is to talk and control owls. Thus the Race name Owlmen.


    134 Pathfinders:

    Pahtfinders, find souls that are lost, find things that were lost, and also blaze new paths and trails for those who seek glory. Pathfinders are simple, however they do not exist in this plain, unless they wish too. They are one of the only beings that can open portals to other realms. They are swrorn to the god of Portals to only obey him in these matters.

    135 Pepi:

    tribes men and women of the notep region of chaos. They are nomadic, part of the year but like to hunker down in the spring and winter months, going to place to place during the summer and fall. They raise Dragons.  ( see breeds: Dragons)

    136 Persians:

    They dress like that, raise persian cats, make carpets, are fond of incense, and have nothing to do with actual Persia but share similarities with. They live stationary lives, only moving when the need arises, there cats are expert mousers and are highly prized as Guardian cats, for temples.

    137 Phantoms:

    They are a type of Ghost, however this race and all of its decendants are cursed to be ghosts, and have rather sinister looking Ghostly form in which they use to phase through things, they are the only ghost that can claw the " living" or normals.

    138 Picklemen (*) :

    They get the name because they pickle and eat their victims, You only really want to befriend Vegetarians of this species as they prefer to pickle and eat children. The Vegetarians like pickles. Despite their dietary prefrence, they all smell like pickle.

    139 Pocus:

    They are the female counter part of the Hocus. Meaning a Hocus Pocus couple is more likely to occur, and then they will have hocus pocus children. The females write spells, detect the forces of evil, solve mysteries, minor ones, and fly on brooms and other house hold cleaning devices, they all ways own black cats, and all ways end there spells in smote it be. However , they have been known to have the Hocus test spells with them, and in that case Hocus pocus might be involved at the end. The pocus are responsible for intending 9 tenths of the universes magic spells. Have authored more then half of the universes magic spell books, and have been the leading advocates of Sexual Education among the races. Don't want any virgins light black magic candles, and peer pressure getting the best of them virgins.

    140 Poe:

    They are the men and women who bring to you massive Japanese tea gardens, that disappear after the party is done, the more elaborate their tea garden is, the more perfectly zen and relaxing, the more potential they have to make friends or attract mates. The garden is a reflection of there soul, and they take pride in keeping their garden so. If you enter a Poe's garden, and are welcome to take a fruit from the tree, that fruit when eaten, will give you some peace of mine, can make you feel better, or simply keep you from starving. If you drink the water, it is all ways cool and refreshing. The tea is everything you want it to be, and they love hosting parties. They also tend to put there gardens out, along side battle fields, for the wounded to be tended to in their gardens. They keep these gardens in a small stone that resides around their neck. You can not steel a Garden stone from a poe, it doesn't work. They are skilled in Martial arts.

    141 Poltergeist:

    A poltergeist, is a type of Ghost, however it is more akin to a Phantom, and is the EVIL, counterpart of such. They should be approached with utter most caution, from time to time, they have been know to be cursed as Poltergeist, and in that such really do not want to harm anyone. You can all ways tell if they are cursed into being one, by the fact that they are all ways seen weeping. Phantoms who become Poltergeist on their own free will are all ways laughing.


    142 Reapers (*) :

    Reapers do that they reap. They have lists, of people they need to end and ferry souls into the realm of the afterlife. that they are to be sent, either to work with Lord Death in an office setting, go to the great vacation in the sky, or work for hades lord and master of the underworld reform school for wayward souls. Ya, so anyway, they get their blade, which chooses them at birth, at the age of 13. They always have red eyes and have powers such as the 6 point star, which keeps you in, and everything else out, and of course the kiss of death, which is exactly as that sounds. Did I mention they are what would result from a Nightmare and a monster having a kid together, ya you mash all the species together and poof you get a reaper. No matter what you breed a reaper too, you all ways get a reaper, In the event that they would breed to a Death Angel it could be either or, and if to a shadow, it can be either or, a reaper and reaper couple could have a shadow or even a reverse Reaper. Nightmares and other races affiliated with death, operate the same way. Female reapers do not go insane, as they do not and are not required to take the lives of children, males however are, and do eventually go insane due to this. After a period of time, a male reapers soul will call. Causes another reaper or some one who can hear the call, come to end them. Its an act of both love and Mercy for the soul no longer can stand the pain. Female reapers also have the scream of death. Reapers and Chromtopians are immune to this. As well as Death angles, and Shadows. ( see, Death Angel, Reverse reaper, shadow, nightmare, and list of Death's Races located under races, in the topic " Deaths Races and you")

    143 Reborn:

    Take the living Dead, have a reverse reaper strike them with their blade..... and you get a non sickly looking man or beast. They will be restored completely to what they would be in life. This means that Skellies will gain flesh and blood. All though they still won't need to eat, they will gain powers, such as minor magics, and are extremely hard to kill. You must chop off the head of a Reborn, bury the body facing south, the head facing east, and on a fool moon, drive a stake through its heart on the fallowing new moon and get the Pocus to chant 6 times the spell of misfortune over the head. Luckily you have to be a horrible sack of crap in order to want to kill a Reborn. THey are the nicest people, because they were under a nasty lich lord once, had died once all ready, and quite frankly have no time for bull crap.

    144 Rednecks:

    Dim witted, sign carrying protesters, who make everyone cringe that they exist. When they are not protesting, they are too busy being stupid or trailer trash, have a red ring from birth around their necks, and due to the other races, wanting to justifiably wipe them off the earth, have been hunted to near Extinction. Sometimes a Redneck will some how grow a brain, and stop giving everyone a blinding migraine which is there super power mind you. They turn into a Refeers ( see Refeers)

    145 Refeers:

    The Refeers were unfortunately named by rednecks, were not sure if they were too stupid to spell Reefer, or if they did that to insult the former rednecks. Were not sure, however Refeers loos that red ring around their neck, and are mellow, they tend to live in Reefs. Wanting to stay far away from those Rednecks, there population grows every year, keeping the reefs of the world from dying, they are a genuine asset to the ocean and all of humanity, as they are so good at killing Rednecks with shot guns. They also instill a sense of relaxation and tend to smell of hemp, though they don't smoke it, they are actually against mind altering drugs, claiming thats why we have red necks in the first place, the ring around there neck is green to a blue.

    146 Reverse reapers (*) :

    Read reapers please, now picture a reaper with out Red eyes, however got their blade at 14, have lists, and walk around bringing the dead, and the living dead to life. There is a limit however. For a long dead person to be brought back, they would need to be the living dead, as it won't work past a specific point in time. A reverse reaper, unless they have the help of a fluter, might not be able to bring back the dead after a weeks time. Thankfully, the wrongfully dead, do not start to decay so, finding a fluter, or a necromancer to help them out, isn't going to hurt the dead.

    147 Ruff:

    They are people who came from raul Pennsylvania, who never learned how to properly pronounce anything. A Roof is a Ruff, a wolf is a Wulf, and god help us, a CREAK is a crick some how. They are nice people, but its grating and some times confusing to figure out what the heck they are trying to say. That or you get so pissed you through a webster at them. They do have one power, besides there annoying accent and miss pronunciation of words. That would be to find Minerals, from coal to salt, from Oil to spring water, and they can dig for it too in a matter of seconds. Its to bad they dang near drive you star craving mad first.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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