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Invite people!

Dark Soul

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Invite people!

Post  Dark Soul on Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:05 am

Alright! Everyone loves to get promoted into a higher rank! Everyone also loves to have more people to RP with! Well, neither of those can happen until we have more people on the site in general. If we have more people on the site, we can make more RPs, including member-made RPs. If we have more people and RPs to monitor, we can have more mods and admins. So help us gain more players! Go to everyone you think might be even just a little interested in this site and tell them about it! Our doors are always open! Just send them this link:
And this link to our Discord chat:
Help us grow! Help us expand! We want to see more people, we want to see more promotions, and we want to have more fun! So don't say "I joined, I did my part." No! Don't stop there! Keep going by inviting your own friends!

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In the words that it was forming
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