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    Races E - I


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    Races E - I

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:37 am

    E to I , remember * means mature section only.


    52 Earth menders:

    They are a race consisting of shorter people, but not as short as some other races, they are called Earth menders because they simply heal, areas of deforestation, they heal fields that can't support life anymore, they go about making nature able to take something back, once the races leave it for it to be done. They are rather gentle and very soft spoken.

    53 Elder (*) :

    The elder are mythical beings, that tend to live in the forest, they are what would be called Forest Guardians, as that is what they do. They are wise beyond their years, strong beyond there time, and are one of the few races, that grow herbs that can cure the most horrid of ailments, and poisons. Giving these herbs, to the races who need them for their potions. Casters, and various other races known for curing or potion making, even charm casting, and creation of magical objects, seek out these herbs. Its said that an Elder Chief can bring those back from the dead. However this is a rumor, possibly true, and they can't bring gods back. ( please note that in Pg rps ware all non mature races are used, these races won't even know these guys exist)

    54 Elementals (*) :

    Pick an Element and that person can fully control it, even become that element for a short period of time. Their powers as such, since they have no limit, can be used for Good or evil, but what ever it is, it will be grand and all consuming.

    55 Elves:

    Any elf caught mimicking a book or tv/movie equivalent is immediately put to death by the upper clans men, as that is not how an Elf acts. So yes they hate the lord of the ring movies and several different books. They are a nomadic people, in tune with nature. More akin to the  natives of america, then anything else. their features being very soft, and elegant, give them a other worldly feel. They all have a home tree, each tribe, in which they pay homage to every year. Offering it flowers, and insuring the tree grows, this lasts for a week, and known as spring fest, for other races, and is ironically the only time Elves take spouses, as tradition states they must wed under the branches of their home tree. If they are from two different tribes, they marry twice, One under her home tree, and the next year under his home tree, it is then, they they find a seed and create their own hometree, taking any orphaned Elves with them to form a new tribe, Elves do wed out side their own race.

    56 Endman (*) :

    Endman, are a tall race of only males, they have long limbs, and no faces, much like slendermen, however they can and will shift into a more appealing look, and it is then that they sport their true face. Endmen, are responsible, for the disappearances of evil children. Its why there is not so many serial killers running amok, and why the antichrist is not upon this site. The Endmen, simply take these children, dry them out till they are mummies, and grind them into dust, the dust then is used to make endstones, and the endstones, are used to make Lich staffs, and necromancer tools.

    57 Exorcists (*) :

    They are a race that consists mostly of Females, they marry Endmen all most exclusively, males are Endmen and Females are Exorcists, though males do exist, These males however were born to Exorcists who took a non Endmen as their hubby. Resulting in highly powerful Exorcist. These beings go around, and give Hellbringers hell, to the delight and cheer of all demons every ware.  Honestly a demons hero is anyone of this race. They have a familiar, often times an animal, all though on rare and odd instances, the were's and other animal type Races have found themselves being in service to one. To the shock of both, they cast a spell at 13 to summon there familiar, and what ever ends up poofing into the circle, is there familiar. One such Female Exorcist, unfortunately, summoned a Reaper, as they do have were and such in there creation blood line. Nothing got done.


    58 Fairies:

    The only way to explain this race is to simply say. People with dragon fly or butterfly wings, that like to play harmless tricks on people. They are tender and sweet, and represent everything good in the world, they tend to be shy, and all have the ability to control things that grow. which is handy if your a starving vegetarian. Well hell, if your starving its handy.

    59 Fallen Angles :

    Fallen angles are just like Angels, except , not as friendly. That and their wings are black as night, fun fact a regular Angel can fall, resulting in its wings turning black, a temper on an angel makes those black wings ever so midnight. But don't fret, Fallen Angels would rather be loners, and rase small families, with people then mess around with evil doing.

    60 Fantalings:

    Men and women who can shift into inanimate objects. Ya.

    61 Fire Dancers (*) :

    They are fire poof, dance in the flames, and tell your doom, or your fortune, they are beings who go ware they will, as if something calls to them, and there gypsy good looks, entice men and women to dance to there death, or walk and roam forever more.

    62 Fish Herders:

    People who herd fish... Like a shepherd but with fish. They raise fish, to grow healthy and strong, they ware blue, can breath water, and tend to have blue hair. They can swim very good, and they will trade fish scales for what ever they need, as their fish are rare, and not for eating. but for magic crafting using there scales.

    63 Flogging Floz:

    Nightcrawler from the Xmen is a very lost Flogging Floz.  Ya I just gave you an excuse to watch X men related things didn't I.

    64 Flower children:

    Beings no toller then a 12 year old child, they tend to the flowers, are born among the flowers, and can grow and shrink at will. They are happy people, with sad hearts, and wonderful friend ships, they love to walk and spread their favorite flowers, to bloom and grow and make the world happy again.

    65 Fluters (*) :

    They are men and woman, who can see the souls that have yet not been Ferried to the other side. They play their flute, to call the dead and damned to them, helping them to cross over, as a reaper can not force a soul to cross. These Fluters, tend to have one red eye, and hold wicked magic as they are sworn to get their charges to cross over, it helps the reapers, they then will pick up the souls and ferry them across. Its the Fluters job to get those stubborn ones to agree to do so. Fluters can also call people to the plain of living for a short span of time, or to reverse death. Fluters can only reverse death, if Lord Death touches their flute. This rarely and never happens, but it is a possibility.

    66 Forest folk (*) :

    Not to be confused with  any of the other forest races, these little gems, are normally trees, bushes, plants in general, that have gained some sort of power, the process is unknown, but the result is a man or woman, who by all acounts, live in the forest tending it, they can have children like all the other breeds, as its rare for a Forest folk to be born from a plant these days. They can converse with their specific plant and are seen helping out their forest Nymphs.  They have a darkness however, as they are known to steal the souls of those who dare commit the sin of setting foot in what is forbiden.

    67 Franken:

    ITS A LIVE!  A Franken is a being normally human, or once was, that was put together from a lot of other peoples body parts. They though made from dead flesh, are not rotting, and was not rotting. They do not smell, don't go looking for brains, and they are not Zombies. Franken, are smart beings, who can have children. They however are mad scientist, despite them being a smash up of people they are good. Not to mention poor Frankenstein's monster Lue as we call him, was the first Franken, and started the franken Race. Today a version of the race name is used to omit F bomb sweares.

    68 Frit:

    They are demons of Fried and fast food, the frit, though not fat, or unhealthy sure make fattening unhealthy food, they however, will make sure you eat a balanced diet. in fact they are excellent Nutritionists. They can make any fried or fast food on planet earth in second, and often smell like warm apple pie.


    69 Gara spirit:

    Gara spirits are not spirits at all, but a nomadic desert dwelling people who can control sand. They are all ways wearing a sun stone on there person. They also, have the odd habit of standing on one foot if waiting for someone or talking to some one for long hours in the street.

    70 Geeks:

    They are experts in one topic or field, and often enough get overly excited about some one coming to them for advice, oddly enough this race, reproduces just like any other race, but the rest of them don't want to know or care to know how the male gets pregnant but the female gives birth. Life's little mysteries, no one wants to solve.

    71 Gemed:

    These are a race of people governed by the gem stone that chooses them at birth, Garnet, Moonstone, Diamond, and Amethyst. Garnets have no choice but to be loyal, no choice but to up hold honor, and no choice but to become a knight. Moonstones have no other choice but to be healers, and plagued with visions of what will come. Diamonds are cursed with untouchable beauty and must obey the other gemmed. The Amethyst have no choice but to be scholars and teachers, they are all bound by there gems to do so.

    72 Ghosts:

    Throw everything you know about ghosts out the window. Ghosts are not Ghosts, as you think they are, firstly they have not and never were Dead, are born into this world, but do phase through walls, move objects, rattle chains do all the ghostly things " ghosts" do. But never was dead to start with. They are fun to be around and like children, and are good with their own.

    73 Giants:

    Men and women over 7 feet tall.  That's pretty much it, really tall humans, who are really strong. That's a Giant, nothing special about that is there.

    74 Glee:

    beings of men and women, who for some reason break out into song and dance numbers, who would think everyone's favorite musicals, was actually mimicking real life for these poor slobs. They can however sing and Dance there way out of just about anything. They have been known to sooth the savage beast and get odd looks.

    75 Glitches:

    Beings that seemingly twitch, or glitch out of reality or just twiches a lot. Normally of the organic Robot nature, they have developed an incurable hereditary twitchy glitch. It comes with some cool things however, as they can for some reason easily absorb lightening, go swimming in lava, and some how are fire proof, all because they twitchy glitch.

    76 Gloomies:

    A race of beings, that bring Gloom ware every they go, seriously they have pet black clouds that fallow them, and they suck the life out of parties, they work wonders, around hyper children, your kid has ADHD make him befriend a gloomy... he'll want to take his nap I assure you. The sad part is, they are so nice, friendly and sweet, they just drain energy and make you so just blah.

    77 Glooms:

    They are a race of people who are a lot like the Gloomies, except...Glooms glow, and inspire a sense of creeped out fear. They dress in black, and generally seem to be the most peaceful.

    78 Glums:

    They are so glum, and so depressing. They make a depressed person realize there life isn't so bad, in fact there specialty is suicide prevention. So glum, they will talk to you for hours, and give great hugs. Adopt a glum to day, they are quite homeless and glumly wonder around, please collar your pet glum, as they will feel unneeded and unwanted and wander away. They are quite pretty and quite handsome but so heart breakingly sad, you just want to cuddle them. They are the only humanoid race, that have an Adoption program ware you can adopt one of them, and keep them as a member of your house hold. Ya, poor little glums.

    79 Gnolls:

    Live in caves, mostly, look as if they are miss placed, and some how, from a different time period. If Cavemen were depicted as hot romance novel covered men and women, you would have a Gnoll. But were still trying to figure out, how they can have running water and the like in a cave.... odd much right.

    80 Gnomes:

    Google images of Garden Gnomes, then you will have gnomes. Except Gnomes, like to pretend they are statues, and then jump out and scare you, but really they are harmless and good at keeping your yard safe from pests and the like. Most homes have a gnome living with them.

    81 Goblins:

    A race of all men, They will reproduce with any race, and make more goblins just fine. Except one issue, they don't like to come out, because every goblin male, looks like David bowie from the labyrinth.... Loki from insert  Marvel movie here, or Fabio. Girls fight over them terribly they make excellent sons and husbands, its just girls scare them as they are often chased by them, wanting to snoo snoo them no doubt.

    82 Gods ( moderation only) :

    think you know what the bloody hell a god is. If not, here is your dunce hat, go sit in the corner of shame. Mods, talk to me before you sign up a god, as some of the gods, are pre taken, and no they do not fallow greek myth exactly. Third of all, each race or races will be assigned to a god. This god handles these breeds affairs payers inc. Will be fully explained on the " god Affiliation" page.

    83 Golem :

    Men and women created out of well dirt and other stuff like it. By magic, they are bound to there creator and can be granted true life, if they do three great tasks.

    84 Gravelings (*) :

    Human-like creatures, that hang out in graves tending them, digging them, and also protecting them. Gravelings without a cemetery of their own to tend will wonder, this is ok. As unmarked graves, graves of hero's and random graves along roadsides and such all need tending too as well. Gravelings are always seen with a Lantern and a Shovel. The shovel is soul bound to them, and the lantern is as well, being able to dangle off the handle of their shovel. A Graveling when they turn 13 will craft both their lantern and their shovel, they are strong and very scary. I do not recommend crossing one's path. They use their shovel for digging graves, protecting graves, and also attacking. I would watch, crazed Gravelings always make an odd creepy soul shattering sound, right before they kill you. Fun fact, not Crazed evil demented Gravelings, will defend the living from their evil crazed demented species members, going so far, as to bury them alive for breaking the secede pact of lantern and shovel.

    85 Gree:

    These guys, are from the dead lands, they tend to walk as if drunk, ware spooky looking attirer, and hum the death march. Why, no one is quite sure, but be warned for they can be very scary, very indeed, on dark roads, when they hum, and walk behind the living.

    86 Grewls (*) :

    Grewls Pronounced " GROOLS ", are a race of beings that are fierce in battle, they are skilled in fighting, arts, and medicinal practices, Tea's being their strong suits. They are prolific in most art forms, and very skilled, in ways of war, hiding large areas from people, and magic. They are the things Valhs fear. Due to conflicts of interests, and rather a hard and uncontrollably infrastructure, Female are left to raise, protect, educate, and even craft and make things, such as Tools, and weapons. Men are forbidden from making weapons and tools, as females make them far superior. Females are forbidden to make Tea blends, as Males have a better sense of taste and smell. Leaving them experts in the area, where females hold a better attention to detail and thus make superior weapons and tools. A tool or weapon made by a male is taboo, just as tea blends blended by females is taboo.

    87 Grims (*) :

    Grims are a sad lot, they tend to be handsome men, but like the breeds name suggests, they fallow those doomed for misery. Rarely does a grim find happiness, and when a grim does, they are forever bound to that person. If that person should die, they turn to stone. A grim reminder of how happiness is fleeting, and one's life can be ended short. They are quick, have good sense of smell, can do low basic magic, and are good company. Most are skilled in domestics. The rare and occasional female grim. Is rare indeed, she feeds of the Grim and hopelessness of other creatures, and can be seen mostly tending forever fed by the stone statues of what once were her kin.

    88 Gusters:

    They are a fun sort, as they ware surfing gear, and craft special boards because they are just tubular and surf the waves, and by waves, I mean the gust of wind, they can also create strong Gales of wind, and can propel large vessels and prevent tsunamis


    89 Hag:

    Hags are all female, and are what you get when you cross a Ghost with a witch! ( see ghost, and see Witch ) They have the powers of both, and cackle but no they are not hold grizzled or even mean. They reproduce just like any other female only race, and also you know they pop up from time to time because Ghosts and witches go figure.

    90 Halfings:

    Race X race = Halfing. Unless its one of deaths races, and then it will all ways be a pure one of deaths races. There are exceptions, and there are things that wouldn't crossbreed at all, and there are races that are more dominate then others, before your characters have kids, please ask me what the kids could be. Some halflings are consider their own race, keep this in mind.

    91 Hill billie:

    A race of people so country country folk are amazed, they also talk a bit funny and like to be farmers.... thats pretty much it. Except for the fact they turn into four foot hob goblins at night and break into barns and the like terrorizing you and the children. Ya stay out of the country, play Rock and roll and you won't have this issue.

    92 Historians:

    Masters of history, they see the past, and document it, they are of the highest quality of librarian. With skills, wicked fighting skills, they remember the library of Alexandria and how it was burned, and thus they will defend their books, their histories to the death, unguard you heathen scum!

    93 Hocus:

    They are male, they make potions, light candles, make crop circles, and tend craft flying brooms for the non magical in that department Races. They also don't like salt, and can't cross salt lines, step into cross circles, and tend to really despise grave yards to the point of avoidance. The female counterpart are known as the Pocus, ( see pocus)

    94 Holly hearts:

    Overly excitable, happily, and a bloody morning person. They seem to be so peppy that Christmas time they single handedly decorate the entire world themselves. Thus Holly Hearts. They are actually their own species, and get on everyone's nerves. Most of the time, as well who likes morning people. They have the abilities of most of the breeds * pg breeds* just muted and weaker, honestly if they weren't so peppy and gifted in magic and other stupid departments, they would be considered human. They are the one species that are not hired to sentence people to death, or proceed as judges. Why because nothing is unnerving than having someone order you to pay 3000 gold coins, and two weeks in jail, with a giggle a flirt, a wide grin, and being overly peppy. They start planning christmas decorations in February. The Awe specially go out of their way to make sure they get coal for christmas despite being good people. *shudders were with the awe* (see awe )

    95 Howlans:

    Men and women, with the ears of a wolf, the tail of a lion, and the wings of a bird of prey. They tend to be very social, and do not like it if you stare at their tail, but are ok with you staring at their wings, or ears, for some reason. They fight with honor, in battle till their death.

    96 Howlers:

    Howlers are dark shadowy figures that are beast like that well howl, they have moon like eyes, and tend to howl a creepy howl, though they are frightening, they are harmless, and there true form is actually their day form, that of a man or woman, who wares a cross around their throat, which they are born with, and they tend to walk with a limp.

    97 Humans:

    YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING.............. if your not.... what are you doing with access to planet earths internet? were probably too primitive get off thanks.


    98 Ice windigos:

    Tall women or men, they tend to have a form, that of a windigo, if it was accustomed to the winter. In this form, they look like depraved Deer, with ice hanging from its horns, thin all most skin on bones, and sharp teeth dripping blood. They only use this form to fight off attackers, they are peace loving species otherwise. In there normal form, they are just your average human being. With a black mark on there neck. They reproduce like any race, but warned, never feed an ice windigo turnips. You will never see them again in the span of 20 years, and when they show up again, you best be wary turnips are no good for ice windigos and it can make them go nuts even crazy.

    99 Inugami:

    Paper dolls infused with magic, to make the being or word on them come to life. IN the case of the Inugami, they are a race of people who can make these paper dolls, and share some other worldly aspects with them, as they are drawing spirits to reside in the dolls, from another pain of existence.

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