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    Races A - D


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    Races A - D

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:52 am

    All species marked with an * will be for Mature sections only, however all other races maybe played site wide.


    1. Abominable snowmen :

    Race Name:Abominable snowmen/ Abominable snowfolk, or Snowfolk.

    Race Specifics. : There is no evident sexual dimorphism, as both males and females have an average height between 5 foot 11 inches and 6 foot 3 inches. On rare occurrences a snow folk can be taller or shorter then this, normally as a result in a genetic mutation. Hair color is all ways white, off white, or silver. Silver being the most rare. Eye colors range from frosty blue, to light pale grey.  there is a way to tell the sexes apart and that is by looking at chests, Female snowfolk have large busts. ware as men do not. No A or B cups here, there skin is pale and flawlessly white

    Race Abilities: Snowfolk, are very highly cold tolerant, this is due to there high internal temp. They can lower a temp of a room, or surrounding area around them, to the point of freezing, however only adults can do this infinitely, younger ones either must stay close to an adult, or stay in the tundra.  In addition to this, the snowfolk, are impervious to fire magics, and ice magics,and they are gentle creature. They have an ability to cure fevers in other races, and are good at freezing drinks, all though it is harder for them to freeze bodies of water bigger then a glass. They can mimic calls of animals.

    Race culture/history/region: Snowfolk are nomadic in nature, and have a few legends, or stories, this is different from clan to clan. Each clan wares a specific totem around there neck, the tundra wolf clan, would have a small ornate tundra wolf around there neck. A females Totem necklace would all ways be brightly colored. When they married into another clan, the person who marries in, wares in addition to there birth clan totem the new clans as well.  They live up in the north mostly, as the young ones have more freedom at the age of 15 however they can regulate there temp power enough to venture into warmer climates. they like learning, and so they often travel. They live in bot poles, as well as mountain tops, as long as it stays no higher then 10 degrees F and frequently drops to a comfy Negative 20.  Males often ware fur shorts, and sandals, ware females ware light flowy skirts tube tops, and sandals. Though they have also been known to ware the shorts. They are one of the 13 oldest tribes predating Humans.

    2. Airmen:

    Race Name: Airmen, or Dairmen, depending on the faction, They are all Airmen.

    Race specifics: Airmen do not have wings, range in height females averaging the same as humans, and males averaging about the same as human males. They look similar to humans in every way, except they ten to be thinner and more lanky. However some airmen are not at all lanky, but very much rugged and broad shouldered. All air men despite the faction they were born into, will have a feather and wing, birthmark on their right upper shoulder. Though on the Dark faction of Airmen known as the Dairmen, who are bigger and more broad, this birthmark, is quite large, having it engulfing most of the arm.

    Race abilities: Airmen, are simply lighter than air, they can effect object, and other things around them to simply float if they are incontact with an airmen, they can lift small children, This is the same with the dark faction known as Dairmen, however dair men are stronger. They are intelligent and smart, and enjoy building things, even on the ground not just there cloud structures. They have an ability over the air which allows them to "fly" or build their homes. the dark faction enjoy partying, and have built up an extremely high booze Tolerance.  They also have figured out how to make the wind mimic the electric guitar and can play air guitar, drums, any instrument known to man. They can in addition to building their homes, make cloud bikes, that roar just like any harley, in the air or on the ground, and can even take passengers. Dairmen are strong enough to lift grown men and women to go enjoy in there rock concerts. This might be because of ware Dairmen like to live. They can also mimic sounds, and to a point direct lightening.

    Race culture/history/region: All airmen are not evil or mean creatures. Airmen enjoy taking small children up to there cloud homes to see the structures and to play. Gently returning the child happy, and unharmed. Airmen eat a varying diet, and offer to help build land structures for food. Air men live in calm pretty fluffy clouds. Perfect and Gentle for  children. They make accently baby sitters. They ware bright colored clothing with sleeveless tops, as they proudly show there birthmarks marking them who they are.

    The Dark faction on the other hand, the Dairmen, often take rough and tumble guys and girls up to the clouds to rock and roll and party. They like throwing parties for all manor of life, play wildly in the clouds, often riding there cloud bikes violently through the thunder claps and lightening strikes. They like wearing leather, dark clothing all most all ways have pierced ears, and sleeves are a disgrace. they like denim too, they there homes are made on massive storm clouds, ware sound stages are, ware parking lots for there cloud bikes sit, and ware there gothic style cloud houses are. They will throw you a party for food, they will baby sit your husband and anyone going through a midlife crisis. They do not like getting drunk, will not break anything, and will always settle a fight. They also heard lightening.

    Both light and dark factions get along oddly enough, mainly because Dairmen still fallow the rules, are responsible, and even though they are wild, are not known to cause property damage, unless your a " Cloud sucker" which is there way of calling you a low life.  Rock on dudes.

    If airmen are forced to stay on the ground, for more than a month not able to take to the sky in that time period at all, it will slowly make them crazy.  Eventually it will kill them though no one has ever wanted to hurt them.

    Dairmen get violent horribly Violent if they can't take to the sky.

    3. Amazonians (*) :

    Race name: Amazonian or " amazon" they accept both.

    Race Specifics: Female amazons are no shorter than then 5 feet 11 inches, and can be as tall as 6 foot 9 inches. They are broad shouldered, big chested, lean, mean fighting machines, exotic in there appearance, having bronzed skin, eyes that are green, blue and hazel, as brown is genetically impossible. Hair ranging in colors of black to even a deep auburn, these amazon females are exotic beauties. With long legs.  The men however, range from 5 foot 2 inches, to five foot 9 inches. They have tan complections, but nothing to write home about, and there eye color and hair, is also nothing to write home about. In fact they are homely, lean, and all though they can be quite a homely catch, are again nothing to write home about, there facial hair is also nothing to write home about.

    Race Abilities: Amazons are strong and very Intelligent.

    Race culture/history/region: Amazons have a very interesting culture. Only Females may learn the art of war, venture out of the village, govern, hold positions of power, conduct trades, hunt, and invite non Amazons to the village. Males, cook, clean, raise children, and in addition to this they are only allowed to wield lighter shorter blades, clubs inc, and only learn in defense fighting, to protect the village while the girls are out. The guys are also aloud to build, as its viewed that men are so good at hiding everything they build is camouflaged and they are not far from the truth. Men are allowed to teach, have a say in what goes on in the household, and even garden. They are very good at teaching the next generation and play a key roll in the development of females sword play. If there father is particularly good at defense, his daughters will graduate to Female teachings with a advantage.  While his sons, will make very good husbands.  Men are quite content in the way they live, as they are genetically all unfortunately shy.  Men would rather be with there families, and watch over hearth and home, then to do all those scary things the girls do. If a female shames the village, she is sent forth into the world or expelled, she can be taken into another village, or blaze her own path and develop a new Village. Men when they are kicked out, and that is the only way they will leave, unless escorted by there wife you know to protect them. Will hide in what the guys call a cloak of shame, only their eyes are visible, as they run around trying to hide, and or find another village.

    This results in some pretty funny facts, men hide in closets, and behind there females, so no one thinks they exist.  Another thing is how a Guy gets a wife.  Females organize and have the " Flower men festival" once a year. Ware men show off there defense skills by sparing with other men, which for them isn't scary at all, as they know all amazonian males are well not scary.  The top ten, then progress and fight the top female fighter, she being the attacker, and him defending normally a square shaped fence ment to signify a home. The males will defend the structure, if they last long enough for the children a volunteer female child and normally a male relation also a child, are in the fenced area, to escape out of the fenced area,  and into another fenced area, with out the attacking female, tapping them once, or for a period of time greater then a minuet, they " win" they place the top ten males, in order of how long they lasted, the winning male or number one male, having had the children escape and continue to defend the home until time ran out, is the champion of the flower fest. The male who is champion of the flower fest, is then heavily showered in gifts and courted, the females ving for the top males affections. The other ten males are vied for but not as aggressively. The rest of men still have a chance, and have next year to catch a females eye. After a male marries, he wears a pretty ribbon around his neck, normally his wife's favorite color.

    4. Amberlots (*) :

    Race name: Amberlots, Emberlots, or Amber/amberians. They accept all of that.

    Race Specifics: Females tend to be smaller, and daintier. Men tend to be taller more broad of shoulder, and lean.  Both male and females have a tan hue'd skin, much like they were touched with amber, hair tends to be dark at birth, but as they age becomes more and more bleached out, due to the eat they live in. Though the hair bleaching stops after so long, turning the hair just several shades lighter, and in some cases browner then when they were little.  Females tend to grow there hair very long, and keep the hair mid waist, ware males tend to only allow there hair to grow past their ears. Men who are strong, and vital and powerful, will sometimes allow there hair to grow down to there shoulders.

    Race Abilities: They are able to raise  the gem stone like creatures only found in there settlements. As well as there gemstone and metal trees. These are not edible. There body temps are very low, allowing them to withstand mass quantities of heat, and when venturing out often enough bundle up. Females have earth magics, able to bend and bow, carve and cut stones and soft metals, as well as build with rocks, shaping them easy with there hands. Males do not have this ability, and instead have fire magic, magic that lights there forges, burns and melts. Thus Men are skilled in Blacksmithing, while females are skilled farmers and Silver/gold smiths.  Females, are swifter, more agile due to there size, and are slightly more intelligent due to the nature of the tasks farming such creatures brings forth. While men are showy, strong, and reliable, they can be compared to  useful peacocks. Due to there lack in ability to really farm, and do the more delicate things. Both Males and Females are heat proof to the point ware they could with out any ill effect go swimming in lava.

    Race culture/history/region: Amberlots live in Volcanoes, they by living there prevent the volcano from erupting, since Amberlots are building, hollowing out the volcano, which opens up vents, to release the pressure gently. They are known primarily from there Amber sheep, who need sheared quite often, bugs and things get trapped in the newly forming sap like wool, and harden with in a short amount of time, the sheared off bts we call amber.  They have Chickens that lay Gemstone eggs, Rabbits that poop pearls, and trees that grow fruit like they should except they are all quite laughably look exactly like the fruit it should grow except its all out of gems. Golden apples, Ruby orges taken to the extreme. There homes are built out of rocks, and yes they have to trade for food, and non rocks things They are all ways fair with there prices, and enjoy a good barter, the men go to sell the wares, guys being blacksmiths often sell there wares along side there wives, or girl friends, Single men do not go to town but continue to craft, single women do not send their wares to town either But they continue to craft  When a amberlot couple decides to go steady, and its progressing into marital bliss, They may decide to move in with one another, that is when, the guy goes to sell off all the wares they have accumulated, this resorts in the couple able to afford and purchase everything they need for a new home. Resulting in them never going into debt The couple then will soon wed.  Single men, will store there wares out beside there hut or hovel, as once a male is old enough to take a wife, the mother makes there son a shack, also known as bachelor hut, to live in. Single guys, use showy tricks, and flashy showmanship, at the community forge, as well as stock pile there wares outdoors to attract the opposite sex, much like a male peacock coo's and dances with its butt in the air.  That's why men, are often non offensively referred to has Peacocks. Eventually a female will take pity on them, and then he can do his strutting at market. Away from the sanity.

    This dynamic works for them, they don't stay single for long, and they often enough choose wisely there life long partners, as no one wants to live with someone who is going to drive them up a wall. This ensures that children in the village are raised correctly and ready for the next generation. Plus all the cute and cuddly critters, what doesn't a girl want, hot studly guys making fools of themselves, lots of materials to craft and lots and lots fun, for its never a dull moment in the village.

    5. Angels:

    Race name: Angel, or the pure ones, though the later might get you shunned.

    Race Specifics: Angels have feather wings, that range in color and pattern, a fallen Angel's wings will always be black. The girls are drop dead gorgeous, while the guys are sinfully hot. All are movie star quality, ranging in skin tone, hair and eye colors. There wings are as large as they are powerful, which means they very from Angel to Angel.

    Race Abilities:  Angels can fly, they use most magics, known to man, they can sleep and lounge on clouds, but lack the abilities of Airmen so do not get the two confused. Angels are fast fliers, and talented creatures, curious, helpful, and by nature rather cuddly and loving. This is due to there " heaven " ability. Which clams down savage beasts. Ironically Though fallen Angels may still be cuddly loving, and helpful, they lack the ability to calm things, as heaven hath forsaken them. They also lack the ability to go to either heaven or hell. Angels all have an infinity for some type of magic, Except fire. Fallen Angels however ironically have this Affinity once they have fallen. All angels can tuck there wings away in a pocket dimension and walk around with out them, which they prefer, and only bring them out when they wish to fly, or intimidate and avoid a confrontation. Otherwise they'd catch and snag on everything.

    Race culture/history/region: Angels have no idea why humans regard them in regards to there religions, made up or otherwise, and have no idea, why humans trust them so blindly or beg them for favores constantly in the name of " their god or gods" and so they stay far far far away from humans. They don't mind demons, and in fact do not care that demons exist, they are in a sense a necessary evil. Angels often get their wings some time around their tenth birthday or sometime after. This is called there wing day. Which is celebrated, they often wear a feather around there neck as there first mult is seven days after they get their wings, and the little baby feather is kept to remind an Angel of their wing day.  When a love one passes, it is not uncommon for an Angel to wear a locket of hair, or have a feather from there passed love one, beside their baby feather.  They like running messages to the gods, but fear most of all of dying on middle ground, as it means they will be stuck in heaven for 100 years. If they die in heaven, they are reincarnated as one of the many races that lives in middle ground, which starts the cycle. They fear, being trapped in heaven, ware they can not explore middle ground, or in some cases away from family members and loved ones. No one remembers their past lives, but on a rare occasion someone might feel a connection to one they were bound too in a past life.  They are romantic to a fault, and came up with Valentine's day. But don't be fulled, they are just as bad ass on the battlefield as any god.

    6. Apollolites:

    Race name:  Apollo solace, Sun walkers

    Race Specifics: They are a race of tall sender beings, who range in skin tone from slightly tan to well bronzed. They have gorgeous colored eyes, in shades of blue, and often have sun kissed hair. They have the marking of the sun, on there shoulder.

    Race Abilities: They are very skilled in healing, poetry, and pottery. They posses magics, and will faintly glow at night. However at the age of 26 they go completely blind and begin to fallow the sun. In a zombie like state, its said that if you can restore the eye site of a Sun walker, even for a second, that they can grant you one wish, if your wish is selfless and you say wish to have the Apollolites eyes restored completely forever, they will forever be loyal to you. Granted they can grand many other things as long as its with in there morals. They are able to find there way no matter what, and are very skilled and learned in many aspects of life.

    Race culture/history/region: Due to the fact that they go completely blind at 26,, and start to fallow the sun much like a zombie, they have children at a younger age, 16 and so. A 10 year old Apollolite can take complete care of its self, a nomadic race to start with. Often if a Apollolite has too younge of children before they go blind, they entrust the children to some one else. Its often and quite common for Apollolites to be raised up in house holds of other races, the ones who have families ware one is not an Apollolite are the lucky ones, as the children will get to stay with there sited parent, this is also the case, when children are born to a couple who have a five year or more gap between them.  It is common to see blind members of there race walking aimlessly with others of there kind. They will walk aimlessly at night having nothing to fallow, and will even gather, food, normally fruits and berries, as they can smell them, or grasses, and are often given food by passers by, as despite them being blind and technically a sun zombie, at night the setting of the sun, allows them to do various tasks, minor ones. Its even thought to be able to retain a small mount of there minds at night. Often you can see them with tears running down there faces, as they can remember in the light of the moon there families faces.

    Despite all this, they have a sunny personality, warm and affectionate and live to the fullest they can, as they know that once they go blind, there life might as well be over. It is possible to restore even for a moment the eye sight of an Apololite but warned, if you wish there eye site to return, you could be doing more harm then good if they have a family as they will be forced by there strong loyalty to be loyal to you and fallow you. ( p.s. Not a stalker or annoying fallowing, but more of a live with you, take care of you kinda motherly fatherly kinda thing, due your dirty work, don’t abuse these cuties way)

    7 Aunum (*) :

    Race name: Aunum, or cosmos Reaper

    Race Specifics: they have the head of a Jackal. Normally are tall and muscular. They can alter there appearance to have a human face but mostly walk around as half jackal beings. They like to dress as ancient Egyptians, but find modern or exotic clothing for what ever the reason to be also a favorite.

    Race Abilities: They unlike regular reapers are born with there scythe, can judge a soul at a glance, and can sense when someone is going to die. Though they do answer to lord death, they are the reapers of the cosmos, and so if a star dies, its because they took the stars soul. They sever the soul from the host body, this being said, it is not a ever lasting state of death. The condition can be reversed quite easily if it hasn’t been sanctioned by the lord and god of death.

    Race culture/history/region; They are a proud and proper race, that are curious by default. They oddly choose mates by fighting abilities, as they believe in strong offspring, however they tend to be respectful of lesser beings. Polite, and some times scary, they can’t help either. Unlike most beings they have a sense of right and wrong, that's profound and defined, and yet still an open and honest mind and spirit. They mummify there dead, and the ancient burial grounds of there people are still in the sand of the desert.

    ( Race by Dark Silence edited to fit the site by wolf H howling)

    8. Awe:

    Race name: Awe, or Santa’s helpers, Santa’s elves, and they will tolerate, Kringles

    Race Specifics: They are a race of short stature, soft features, thin or chubby. No taller then five feet, and no smaller then three feet, the race of the awe, are the worlds most cuddly delightfully warm and cheerily dressed folk you will ever have met!

    Race Abilities: They like to make things, such as toys, like to breed and train animals, well the most famous of them all is Santa who’s King of all the awe! He’s managed to teach Reindeer to fly! The awe are very clever, very swift, and sharp in wit. They posses what is known as Christmas or Yule magic. Don’t worry, the possess the ability to make your lamp oil burn for several days and nights. They love to delight children in all corners of the globe, and have the ability to make it snow! In Florida! They can’t LIE, they can tell stories though and elaborate on the truth, but to say a Lie, is a big no no. They simply can’t do it.

    Race culture/history/region: Though the Awe can been running amok in there cheery little ways, during the month of December, I assure you the Awe practice Kindness month, has nothing to do with a religion! From December 1st to January 8th they are celebrating there cute little selves! Heck even the Easter bunny gets things during this month!

    Fun fact for all you adorable kiddies out there Santa is so good at raising and training Reindeer, they can fly faster then the speed of light! Pull several tones worth of weight, and they still have time to go sight seeing! Can you imagine that, also its a known fact Santa eats those carrots you leave out, and the milk and cookies goes to the deer! How else do you think they have the energy to fly that fast around the world!

    The awe would really like to address people in Ceneral america, please top lacing the cookies with peeper. The deer, have explosive flight bursts and while its fun for a few houses, it gets rather bothersome after a while.


    9. Baba yaga  (*) :

    Race name: Baba Yaga, or hag, they take no offense to either oddly enough.

    Race Specifics: Baba yaga, are all ways female. They have some small or even large deformity, and there eyes are striking and otherworldly. They can be strikingly pretty, but the eyes of one all ways scare and startle man and beast to the core as if they were horrid.

    Race Abilities: They are horrifically powerful, and can use great and horrible magic. They can reporduce in two ways, by marring a man though the man will have to be blind as its impossible to love a Baba yaga otherwise. The other way is by adopting a thrown out child that also has a deformity of the female gender. They infuse some of there magic, into the child and teach them, this results in the girl her self turning into a Baba yaga.

    Race culture/history/region
    They often live in modest cottages in the deep and dark woods, places ware people would throw out children that were deformed hoping horrid creatures would devour the babe. They are not evil, but neither will they help or hinder. As they tend to help, and they tend to hinder, it depends on there mood. All though she only adopts female deformed children, and is quite motherly to them, she will raise a male child, if only to be her companion, and maid so to speak. Oddly enough they have been known to weep for the children who wonder from them, having long lives the tears of the baba yaga’s often form the rich forest and dense swamps they favor.

     ( see spirited away for bath house example and good entertainment.)

    10. Banshees (*) :

    Race name: Banshee, they accept no other name

    Race Specifics: They are a specter of sorts, can be male or female, and are said to be quite lovely to see.

    Race Abilities: Banshees are known for their wails, there howls, but they have delightful singing voices, but their duty calls for one thing. To warn of ones death, if you hear a banshee a loved one is going to die, if you see a banshee you are going to die. However the banshee must be wailing when you see her. They can sing children soft lullaby until they pass, They can sing to adults with out foretelling an omen and actually take peoples troubles and worries away. Normal ghostly powers, such as being invisible, walking through walls, doing ghostie things.

    Race culture/history/region: They are gentle things, and sweet and tender souls, the thought of death makes them wail so. They like to sing to adults, but won’t to children as that is how they lull the babies and small ones to a peaceful sleep before the reapers come. They are death’s heralds, and often enough warn you four days before your passing, plenty of time to go to a doctor don’t you think or not take unnecessarily risks. They often are seen dancing, and playing with the Fea folk, as they are fea, just as they are. Fairies are not effected by them.

    11. Bible thumper:

    Race name: Bible Thumper, Crack pot, weird religious freak. All apply.

    Race Specifics: They can be all shapes sized looks even. They do have a gleam in there eye like they might be rabid, and can be generally nice people so long as you avoid talking to them past the weather.

    Race Abilities: The powers to brainwash others over a period of time, this makes them convert and they loos there previous race, it is possible to brake the brain washing but it involves a reaper who has nothing better to do then to break brainwashed morons. They will revert to there former race after being freed. However a the sun walkers, because it is there fate and in there dna to go blind they still will, and that will all ways set them free. So that race of being is normally left alone along with all of death’s races.

    Race culture/history/region:
    A long time ago some one made a work of fiction that collectively stitched together every work of fiction that stuck a cord with someone, this book, got mixed with a real bible some how, and it ended up being translated with every other page the bible and the other pages the collection of works. This somehow started the bible Thumper race. They have translated this so many times, it isn’t even the real goofed up manuscript, and to top things off they cherry pick what lines of text they want from it. So you see, there religion has harry potter the boy wizard being crucified for our sins, by the Hercules, for being the saltin and apposing Aladdin to marry princess Tinkerbell. They are known as hertics, and go door to door trying to spread there word. When everyone knows they are idiots, and that most of the houses known of the real works or the goof up that happened long ago, slam the door in their face and cringe at the “ harry bless yous”.

    In every law known to man, its completely and totally moral to slaughter them. Unless a reaper decides they are board enough to show them the light.

    12. Bish:

    Race name: Bish  Simply Bish how they got this name no one knows.

    Race Specifics: The Bish are an all Male race, that are normally 5 foot 11 inches, they can be taller then this but never shorter. They all ways ware a large brim hat, that has some silver charm that is around the center, or dangling from the brim. Its always a Large brimmed hat, and it is all ways black. The silver ornament all ways represents a personality trait the bish has. For instance, a romantic Bish might have a silver rose around the center of his hat or dangling from his brim. They are very dashing and handsome and can be seen walking around at night.

    Race Abilities: Bish live in their hats, can hide there hat so only the silver charm shows, and can even melt into shadows. They can bring other things and people into there hats, their wives, girls, other Bish, children, belongings, are all in their hats. They do this to protect people. They are skilled fighters, being able to open small portals into shadows, they are skilled at picking locks. Finding lost things, they also are mysterious and tend to stalk people they don’t mean it and don’t mean any harm. They are skilled with blades.

    Race culture/history/region:
    Bish prefer females who are tender and kind, and suit there personality, so to choose a mate, they hide in there hat, with only the charm showing, if a female picks it up the charm, the bish will pop out and proceed to court the lucky lady. They will not marry into any of Deaths races, because they can not produce children with them. All males will be born Bish while females will take after mommy’s race. Bish love cuddly things, soft things, fuzzy things, are great with people and children. They can be timid and shy, and utterly adorable. They like to marry races who don’t have very many men, or are a female only gender race. Though they will marry others. They some times keep pets, though they tend to be the cutest fluffiest cuddly pets you can find.

    Its said that the Bish came about, when a rainbow had there 8ths kid with a portal keeper, each one of there children was one of the colors of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet Indigo, each had there own unque box. However when the 8th was born, he hid in a hat! A black hat born with him at that! The first Bish was a cute kid they said, and went on to have more cute little Bish, now you can all blame a rainbow and a portal for having 8 kids, and giving you all these cute and cuddly bish to snuggle.

    If a Bish's hat is destroyed the bish will die, if a bish dies, the hat fades out of existence, leaving only its silver charm behind.

    13 Blitz:

    Race name: Blitz, Grammar Natzi, Clean Natzi, or Natzi works.

    Race Specifics: They are of average height, to short, however they have cat like eyes. Are normally blond with blue eyes, but brown hair and eyes and other features are also plausible.

    Race Abilities: They are quick, and very clean. They are very, nit picky, they pick a profession and stick with it there entire lives, there powers of annoyance are related, a Blitz who works in a library would be a Grammar Natzi even to little kids just learning to read and write. They have been known to start a war, and are great spies. They will be able to talk themselves out of sticky situations and are great, at manipulation.

    Race culture/history/region
    Its said that Hitler had a cat and that that cat was a Blitz, who controlled his mind. Needless to say they too are hateful spiteful creatures. They are picky, and will complain about food, ware there bed is, and are often enough quite annoying.

    Fun fact, if you put a pretty collar on a Blitz, you have officially tamed them. They then become a cute and fuzzy cat like creature, who lazes around and is affectionate. Stray Blitz are evil, tame blitz is the humanoid equivalence of a house cat mixed with the loyalties of a dog.

    14. Blotz:

    Race name: Blotz, Ink Demons, also called Ink monsters, they prefer Ink demons or blotz

    Race Specifics: They are handsome, pretty and graceful beings, with dreamy all most unearthly eyes that seem to stare into the hearts and souls of beings. They each have a quill birth mark some place on their body it differs from being to being.

    Race Abilities: They can control Ink, this includes turning it into weapons sharp and hard as any metal, can make ink write itself on a page. They can book dive, using this to move from one area to another quickly. They can time travel using this method, if the book was written in a time period they would like to be. They can alter the fates of others, provided they have permission to do so from Death, or a agent of lord death, they can alter there own futures and even save themselves from death. They carry a book with them, this book is essentially them. There hopes hearts desires and dreams, and one place is described in this book, and one time. So that they can go back to this place and time at a moments notice. They can use this book to also reset time for themselves.

    Race culture/history/region:
    Ink demons like to think of themselves as noble creatures, fighting the good fight and writing wrongs of people’s past. They have been known to fix time on more then one occasion for some one who has past, on behalf of Death, or another god, and do not mind being told what to do by the gods. They like to work in Libraries and book stores, and all ways have the most wonderful book recommendations. Currently the Blotz mission and task which has proven to be horrid, is to bring back from the ends of time the races that were lost. This includes the races that had gone extinct due to a gods folly. Good luck Blotz and keep fighting the good fight.

    15 Bogart:

    Race name: Bogart or mimic

    Race Specifics: The Bogart or Mimic, is essentially a Hermaphrodite, in the sense that they are neither male nor female, but can produce both as a male or a female, they are if your wondering related to sea slugs, but with out the violence, they simply choose the opposite gender of there intended mate. They in their true forms, simply just can’t be seen, except for their glowing eyes, as so you often see them walking around as other races, people, so on. They are quite good at taking the shape and form of any dead person, and do so often. They do have there favorite forms, and thus it does tend to make it easier to recognize a Bogart. They all have a smell to them, a faint floral sent, of flowers at a funeral. Now all this being said some not all Bogart identify with a sex. Some choose a gender, if there mom or dad was not a Bogart. As there non Bogart parents will saddle them with a non gender neutral name.

    Race Abilities: They have great night vision, can copy both living and dead people, right down to their vocal cords, However when coping a were of sorts, they have to copy the wares other forms. This is ware the Bogart tends to slip a bit, as a Bogart will all ways shift five seconds slower due to them needing to copy something, verses actually turning into it, though if your not watching for it, you won’t pick it up. Bogart are attracted to Grief, if someone can not accept that their loved one has died, or left them, they will simply take the form of that loved one. They make wonderful grief counselors. They are also strong, good at coping abilities, and are very pleasant to be around.

    Race culture/history/region:
    Bogart will do anything to protect what has earned there affections. Children are read too as they are encouraged to pick a character from a book. A baby will take on a shape with in three days of it being born, and normally it takes on a form of a baby its adult Bogart would tell stories about. This is a survival tactic because they know a Bogart with out a copy is scary looking.

    Male Bogarts, ones that prefer or were saddled with a mans name, tend to assimilate lost loved ones the most. The tragic part of this, is a Bogart is attracted to the grief and misery, the attachment, if you happen to loos the bond with that person, or come to terms with your longing and grief. Then the Bogart will simply walk off into the night. However, if the poor Bogart has fallen for you, its rather tragic, as it will not know what form to take to keep you, and it will frantically try and find the form that you like. Going so far as to don a new face every single day until you show interest in one. As the poor dears can’t handle having there little heart shattered to a million tiny adorable peaces of utter cute putty.
     Ones that prefer to be Female, or were saddled with a girly name, have a better understanding of grief, and instead will take the forms of various people, in hopes that they can get you to forget about the pain and move forward, to say your last goodbye to hug grandpa one last time. They really are the best at counselor duties, they will even go so far as to bake grandma’s cookies to an utter perfect detail, on your birthday. They have such tender hearts.

    That all being said, its dangerous for a “ male” Bogart, as if they are found out its normally due to a baby being born. As a baby Bogart, the child in these cases are more then likely killed, and even the adult Bogart. Its sad, because if you kill a Bogart who have no evil in there little hearts, that are Innocent cute little babies, its said the world weeps, the moon rises red, and the sun doesn’t shine for three days.

    16 Bone snatcher (*) :

    Race name: Bone takers, but Bone snatcher is the term most used.

    Race Specifics: They are a creepy race of beings, as they are tall, forever tanned, long dark haired race of beings. They do have pointed teeth. They have eyes that are creepy to look at ranging from browns, golds, reds, and even shades of blues and greens, either the cause it is hard to look at. The eyes will often glow orange at night, or near to red. They often enough, will walk on two legs, but have taken a liking to walk on all fours, in a creepy manor. It is easy to tell if they are a Bone snatcher, as they will ware the bones of the dead, and because you get the feeling of utter dread.

    Race Abilities: Besides excellent night vision, that constant creepy feeling you will have sliding up your spine, and the fact that you all most all ways picture them leaping on you and devouring you alive. Which thankfully never happens, they have the ability to snatch or steal bones, from graves, with out disturbing the ground, they can also steel the bones out of a living body, with out killing the owner of the bone. They thankfully don’t do this, at least with out some reason. They have claws, that retract like a cats, and have magic that is both exciting and amazing to see as it is also creepy. They are fast, smart, and are inhumanly strong. They can converse with the dead.... and talk with evil spirits.

    Race Culture/history/region: Bone snatchers, generally stalk grave yards, and live in thick ancient woods, or rocky outcroppings. Whether or not they are evil, is up to interpretation, many people have been unfortunately stalked by such beings. This all being said, not much is known about them, as they keep very private lives. What people do know, is they can pose as normal beings, and thanks to the invention of sunglasses you’d be non the wiser. Its true, that they can exhibit friendly behavior, and they can even do small favors but never fully trust one, as in heavily populated areas, that have these beings it isn’t uncommon to find formally alive gents, and gals, to be now dead and devoid of all bones. They are very respectful of the dead, and will not take many bones, they will honor the dead, by giving them trinkets and things. Bogarts do not fear bone snatchers, probably because bogart bones are useless to a bone snatcher. The two races have a workable relationship, as one will trade information with another. Bone snatchers are often caught, burring the dead, though in odd positions, and with missing bones.

    No one minds them taking bones from the dead.

    17. Boogiemen:

    Race name: Boogie, Boogie boo, Boogiemen

    Race Specifics: Men, they are all men, though the rare female does exist. They are a tall race, that seems to be dark or shadowy to tired eyes. They like to ware darker clothing, tend to be reclusive, and tend to have dark black hair. They have warm and friendly faces, and can look like a normal person. However they have soft all most hypnotic voices.

    Race Abilities: They have the ability to enter your dreams, if you give them your real name, they protect children from nightmares, both physically and through their dreams, inspire them, and keep them safe. They are nightmare eaters, when you no longer need your boogieman, you simply forget the times you shared, however the boogie will never forget you. Boogiemen will die, if there collection of names have passed on. They can control shadows, melt into them, and easily track and find children, with ease. They can spell break just by being in the presence of evil, they can with stand horrific amounts of damage, and purfiy large areas. Boogies are one of the few races that magic does not effect but they can use magic. They are mostly nocturnal, but will hold down a job easily at any children care facility the more names a boogie has the better. A boogie, can also usher the souls of children, and free the souls of children from evil spirits. Reapers often have the child's boogie usher their soul to lord death. As the child’s very best friend, is all ways there boogie. If all the names of boogie, passes, and the boogie is going to die, it does one last thing for all those names. It goes berserk and will slaughter all and any who harmed those names, whipping them off the face of the earth, for no wrath is greater then that of a boogie.

    Race Culture/history/region: Boogies, are friendly, very trust worthy, and make wonderful house mates, husbands ( or in the case of the rare female great wife and mommy) and they are sweet beings. Romantic in nature, they go to the extremes to tenderly court their mates. They, play with children, and are normally loved by adults as well as children. Adults might see a boogie as a black and horrible mass, when its gone full boogie to protect children or people who’s its held onto there names. Ware as the children see the truth behind the boogieman. Its true that a boogie will keep someones name forever. Cases of such are a child who has grown up, who had horrid nightmares, and a traumatic child hood, will often find themselves in horrible situations. To only find that their child hood boogie, had come to rescue them even though they had forgotten him. They will all ways come, even if you have forgotten them, even if you have grown up, and don’t believe in them. For a boogie is loyal to the bitter end, and a boogie’s heart is said to be solid gold. They will even end themselves to save a life that they swore to protect.

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