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    Races A - D


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    Races A - D

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:52 am

    All species marked with an * will be for Mature sections only, however all other races maybe played site wide.


    1. Abominable snowmen :

    Race Name:Abominable snowmen/ Abominable snowfolk, or Snowfolk.

    Race Specifics. : There is no evident sexual dimorphism, as both males and females have an average height between 5 foot 11 inches and 6 foot 3 inches. On rare occurrences a snow folk can be taller or shorter then this, normally as a result in a genetic mutation. Hair color is all ways white, off white, or silver. Silver being the most rare. Eye colors range from frosty blue, to light pale grey.  there is a way to tell the sexes apart and that is by looking at chests, Female snowfolk have large busts. ware as men do not. No A or B cups here, there skin is pale and flawlessly white

    Race Abilities: Snowfolk, are very highly cold tolerant, this is due to there high internal temp. They can lower a temp of a room, or surrounding area around them, to the point of freezing, however only adults can do this infinitely, younger ones either must stay close to an adult, or stay in the tundra.  In addition to this, the snowfolk, are impervious to fire magics, and ice magics,and they are gentle creature. They have an ability to cure fevers in other races, and are good at freezing drinks, all though it is harder for them to freeze bodies of water bigger then a glass. They can mimic calls of animals.

    Race culture/history/region: Snowfolk are nomadic in nature, and have a few legends, or stories, this is different from clan to clan. Each clan wares a specific totem around there neck, the tundra wolf clan, would have a small ornate tundra wolf around there neck. A females Totem necklace would all ways be brightly colored. When they married into another clan, the person who marries in, wares in addition to there birth clan totem the new clans as well.  They live up in the north mostly, as the young ones have more freedom at the age of 15 however they can regulate there temp power enough to venture into warmer climates. they like learning, and so they often travel. They live in bot poles, as well as mountain tops, as long as it stays no higher then 10 degrees F and frequently drops to a comfy Negative 20.  Males often ware fur shorts, and sandals, ware females ware light flowy skirts tube tops, and sandals. Though they have also been known to ware the shorts. They are one of the 13 oldest tribes predating Humans.

    2. Airmen:

    Race Name: Airmen, or Dairmen, depending on the faction, They are all Airmen.

    Race specifics: Airmen do not have wings, range in height females averaging the same as humans, and males averaging about the same as human males. They look similar to humans in every way, except they ten to be thinner and more lanky. However some airmen are not at all lanky, but very much rugged and broad shouldered. All air men despite the faction they were born into, will have a feather and wing, birthmark on their right upper shoulder. Though on the Dark faction of Airmen known as the Dairmen, who are bigger and more broad, this birthmark, is quite large, having it engulfing most of the arm.

    Race abilities: Airmen, are simply lighter than air, they can effect object, and other things around them to simply float if they are incontact with an airmen, they can lift small children, This is the same with the dark faction known as Dairmen, however dair men are stronger. They are intelligent and smart, and enjoy building things, even on the ground not just there cloud structures. They have an ability over the air which allows them to "fly" or build their homes. the dark faction enjoy partying, and have built up an extremely high booze Tolerance.  They also have figured out how to make the wind mimic the electric guitar and can play air guitar, drums, any instrument known to man. They can in addition to building their homes, make cloud bikes, that roar just like any harley, in the air or on the ground, and can even take passengers. Dairmen are strong enough to lift grown men and women to go enjoy in there rock concerts. This might be because of ware Dairmen like to live. They can also mimic sounds, and to a point direct lightening.

    Race culture/history/region: All airmen are not evil or mean creatures. Airmen enjoy taking small children up to there cloud homes to see the structures and to play. Gently returning the child happy, and unharmed. Airmen eat a varying diet, and offer to help build land structures for food. Air men live in calm pretty fluffy clouds. Perfect and Gentle for  children. They make accently baby sitters. They ware bright colored clothing with sleeveless tops, as they proudly show there birthmarks marking them who they are.

    The Dark faction on the other hand, the Dairmen, often take rough and tumble guys and girls up to the clouds to rock and roll and party. They like throwing parties for all manor of life, play wildly in the clouds, often riding there cloud bikes violently through the thunder claps and lightening strikes. They like wearing leather, dark clothing all most all ways have pierced ears, and sleeves are a disgrace. they like denim too, they there homes are made on massive storm clouds, ware sound stages are, ware parking lots for there cloud bikes sit, and ware there gothic style cloud houses are. They will throw you a party for food, they will baby sit your husband and anyone going through a midlife crisis. They do not like getting drunk, will not break anything, and will always settle a fight. They also heard lightening.

    Both light and dark factions get along oddly enough, mainly because Dairmen still fallow the rules, are responsible, and even though they are wild, are not known to cause property damage, unless your a " Cloud sucker" which is there way of calling you a low life.  Rock on dudes.

    If airmen are forced to stay on the ground, for more than a month not able to take to the sky in that time period at all, it will slowly make them crazy.  Eventually it will kill them though no one has ever wanted to hurt them.

    Dairmen get violent horribly Violent if they can't take to the sky.

    3. Amazonians (*) :

    Race name: Amazonian or " amazon" they accept both.

    Race Specifics: Female amazons are no shorter than then 5 feet 11 inches, and can be as tall as 6 foot 9 inches. They are broad shouldered, big chested, lean, mean fighting machines, exotic in there appearance, having bronzed skin, eyes that are green, blue and hazel, as brown is genetically impossible. Hair ranging in colors of black to even a deep auburn, these amazon females are exotic beauties. With long legs.  The men however, range from 5 foot 2 inches, to five foot 9 inches. They have tan complections, but nothing to write home about, and there eye color and hair, is also nothing to write home about. In fact they are homely, lean, and all though they can be quite a homely catch, are again nothing to write home about, there facial hair is also nothing to write home about.

    Race Abilities: Amazons are strong and very Intelligent.

    Race culture/history/region: Amazons have a very interesting culture. Only Females may learn the art of war, venture out of the village, govern, hold positions of power, conduct trades, hunt, and invite non Amazons to the village. Males, cook, clean, raise children, and in addition to this they are only allowed to wield lighter shorter blades, clubs inc, and only learn in defense fighting, to protect the village while the girls are out. The guys are also aloud to build, as its viewed that men are so good at hiding everything they build is camouflaged and they are not far from the truth. Men are allowed to teach, have a say in what goes on in the household, and even garden. They are very good at teaching the next generation and play a key roll in the development of females sword play. If there father is particularly good at defense, his daughters will graduate to Female teachings with a advantage.  While his sons, will make very good husbands.  Men are quite content in the way they live, as they are genetically all unfortunately shy.  Men would rather be with there families, and watch over hearth and home, then to do all those scary things the girls do. If a female shames the village, she is sent forth into the world or expelled, she can be taken into another village, or blaze her own path and develop a new Village. Men when they are kicked out, and that is the only way they will leave, unless escorted by there wife you know to protect them. Will hide in what the guys call a cloak of shame, only their eyes are visible, as they run around trying to hide, and or find another village.

    This results in some pretty funny facts, men hide in closets, and behind there females, so no one thinks they exist.  Another thing is how a Guy gets a wife.  Females organize and have the " Flower men festival" once a year. Ware men show off there defense skills by sparing with other men, which for them isn't scary at all, as they know all amazonian males are well not scary.  The top ten, then progress and fight the top female fighter, she being the attacker, and him defending normally a square shaped fence ment to signify a home. The males will defend the structure, if they last long enough for the children a volunteer female child and normally a male relation also a child, are in the fenced area, to escape out of the fenced area,  and into another fenced area, with out the attacking female, tapping them once, or for a period of time greater then a minuet, they " win" they place the top ten males, in order of how long they lasted, the winning male or number one male, having had the children escape and continue to defend the home until time ran out, is the champion of the flower fest. The male who is champion of the flower fest, is then heavily showered in gifts and courted, the females ving for the top males affections. The other ten males are vied for but not as aggressively. The rest of men still have a chance, and have next year to catch a females eye. After a male marries, he wears a pretty ribbon around his neck, normally his wife's favorite color.

    4. Amberlots (*) :

    Race name: Amberlots, Emberlots, or Amber/amberians. They accept all of that.

    Race Specifics: Females tend to be smaller, and daintier. Men tend to be taller more broad of shoulder, and lean.  Both male and females have a tan hue'd skin, much like they were touched with amber, hair tends to be dark at birth, but as they age becomes more and more bleached out, due to the eat they live in. Though the hair bleaching stops after so long, turning the hair just several shades lighter, and in some cases browner then when they were little.  Females tend to grow there hair very long, and keep the hair mid waist, ware males tend to only allow there hair to grow past their ears. Men who are strong, and vital and powerful, will sometimes allow there hair to grow down to there shoulders.

    Race Abilities: They are able to raise  the gem stone like creatures only found in there settlements. As well as there gemstone and metal trees. These are not edible. There body temps are very low, allowing them to withstand mass quantities of heat, and when venturing out often enough bundle up. Females have earth magics, able to bend and bow, carve and cut stones and soft metals, as well as build with rocks, shaping them easy with there hands. Males do not have this ability, and instead have fire magic, magic that lights there forges, burns and melts. Thus Men are skilled in Blacksmithing, while females are skilled farmers and Silver/gold smiths.  Females, are swifter, more agile due to there size, and are slightly more intelligent due to the nature of the tasks farming such creatures brings forth. While men are showy, strong, and reliable, they can be compared to  useful peacocks. Due to there lack in ability to really farm, and do the more delicate things. Both Males and Females are heat proof to the point ware they could with out any ill effect go swimming in lava.

    Race culture/history/region: Amberlots live in Volcanoes, they by living there prevent the volcano from erupting, since Amberlots are building, hollowing out the volcano, which opens up vents, to release the pressure gently. They are known primarily from there Amber sheep, who need sheared quite often, bugs and things get trapped in the newly forming sap like wool, and harden with in a short amount of time, the sheared off bts we call amber.  They have Chickens that lay Gemstone eggs, Rabbits that poop pearls, and trees that grow fruit like they should except they are all quite laughably look exactly like the fruit it should grow except its all out of gems. Golden apples, Ruby orges taken to the extreme. There homes are built out of rocks, and yes they have to trade for food, and non rocks things They are all ways fair with there prices, and enjoy a good barter, the men go to sell the wares, guys being blacksmiths often sell there wares along side there wives, or girl friends, Single men do not go to town but continue to craft, single women do not send their wares to town either But they continue to craft  When a amberlot couple decides to go steady, and its progressing into marital bliss, They may decide to move in with one another, that is when, the guy goes to sell off all the wares they have accumulated, this resorts in the couple able to afford and purchase everything they need for a new home. Resulting in them never going into debt The couple then will soon wed.  Single men, will store there wares out beside there hut or hovel, as once a male is old enough to take a wife, the mother makes there son a shack, also known as bachelor hut, to live in. Single guys, use showy tricks, and flashy showmanship, at the community forge, as well as stock pile there wares outdoors to attract the opposite sex, much like a male peacock coo's and dances with its butt in the air.  That's why men, are often non offensively referred to has Peacocks. Eventually a female will take pity on them, and then he can do his strutting at market. Away from the sanity.

    This dynamic works for them, they don't stay single for long, and they often enough choose wisely there life long partners, as no one wants to live with someone who is going to drive them up a wall. This ensures that children in the village are raised correctly and ready for the next generation. Plus all the cute and cuddly critters, what doesn't a girl want, hot studly guys making fools of themselves, lots of materials to craft and lots and lots fun, for its never a dull moment in the village.

    5. Angels:

    Race name: Angel, or the pure ones, though the later might get you shunned.

    Race Specifics: Angels have feather wings, that range in color and pattern, a fallen Angel's wings will always be black. The girls are drop dead gorgeous, while the guys are sinfully hot. All are movie star quality, ranging in skin tone, hair and eye colors. There wings are as large as they are powerful, which means they very from Angel to Angel.

    Race Abilities: Angels can fly, they use most magics, known to man, they can sleep and lounge on clouds, but lack the abilities of Airmen so do not get the two confused. Angels are fast fliers, and talented creatures, curious, helpful, and by nature rather cuddly and loving. This is due to there " heaven " ability. Which clams down savage beasts. Ironically Though fallen Angels may still be cuddly loving, and helpful, they lack the ability to calm things, as heaven hath forsaken them. They also lack the ability to go to either heaven or hell. Angels all have an infinity for some type of magic, Except fire. Fallen Angels however ironically have this Affinity once they have fallen. All angels can tuck there wings away in a pocket dimension and walk around with out them, which they prefer, and only bring them out when they wish to fly, or intimidate and avoid a confrontation. Otherwise they'd catch and snag on everything.

    Race culture/history/region: Angels have no idea why humans regard them in regards to there religions, made up or otherwise, and have no idea, why humans trust them so blindly or beg them for favores constantly in the name of " their god or gods" and so they stay far far far away from humans. They don't mind demons, and in fact do not care that demons exist, they are in a sense a necessary evil. Angels often get their wings some time around their tenth birthday or sometime after. This is called there wing day. Which is celebrated, they often wear a feather around there neck as there first mult is seven days after they get their wings, and the little baby feather is kept to remind an Angel of their wing day. When a love one passes, it is not uncommon for an Angel to wear a locket of hair, or have a feather from there passed love one, beside their baby feather. They like running messages to the gods, but fear most of all of dying on middle ground, as it means they will be stuck in heaven for 100 years. If they die in heaven, they are reincarnated as one of the many races that lives in middle ground, which starts the cycle. They fear, being trapped in heaven, ware they can not explore middle ground, or in some cases away from family members and loved ones. No one remembers their past lives, but on a rare occasion someone might feel a connection to one they were bound too in a past life. They are romantic to a fault, and came up with Valentine's day. But don't be fulled, they are just as bad ass on the battlefield as any god.

    6. Apollonians:

    They are a race of men and women, who are tanned, are a race of people who are very poetic in nature. Loving to court and to impress with poetry, they like to heal, and create medicine, and there isn't much they can't cure, granted if they can get to the person in time, and have the right supplies. There are things they can't cure, old age, death, infertility, the magic plague. They can cook, and are rather found of cultures, wanting to learn all there is. They can not get skin cancer, they like to sun bath, and at night will admit a dim glow in order to see. If a n Apollonian does not get sun light with in 7 days he or she will perish.

    7 Aunum (*) :

    They are a race of men and woman with the head of a jackal, carry a scythe, which they are born with. They can alter there appearance to have a human face, but all most all ways walk around as jackals, they are curious, they are sometimes cold. Can sense when someone is going to dye, and often times watch them do so, they will use their blade to sever the soul, from its host. They are a race that are proud and proper, ware Egyptian style clothing from the ancients, and speak in short and to the point mannerisms. They are overly polite to respectable figures, and can choose mates based on fighting abilities. They are Reapers of the cosmos, though they do answer to the God of death. When stars die, its because they took its spirit. ( Race by Dark Silence edited to fit the site by wolf H howling)

    8. Awe:

    They are a race of people, that have soft features, are rather extremely cuddly in all the right and best ways, and are by far the most wonderful of people. Not capable of telling lies, and being able to communicate with animals, they make very good breeder of pets, accountants, and story tellers. As though they can't tell a lie, they can tell works of fiction and are quite good at it, as well as exaggerating the truth. They make toys, and work for Santa Clause, or St Nick. Who is also an Awe. Who just simply taught reindeer to fly. They can do that you know, and that fast mind you. Why the awe are so good at training reindeer Santa can get every child around the world in a blink of an eye all in one night, he decides to take a leisurely stroll, and gdoes a bit of sight seeing, plus its a proven fact, that he eats the carrots, and the reindeer food, and they eat the milk and cookies.


    9. Baba yaga  (*) :

    Are a race composed of Females, that practice witchcraft, that like to pull to help or hinder, and live in dark and spooky areas of the wood. They tend to mother lost children, and take in the deformed, as baba yaga tend to have some deformity, however can be quite pretty. They can reproduce one of two ways, by being given a female child (not of one of deaths races as its not possible to do so with one of his races) that is deformed in some way, in which case the baba yaga will teach and infuse the child with a small bit of power, causing them to turn into a baby yaga, who have great and horrid power. The second is to marry and have children with a man. Though the man must be blind. As they could not fall in love with a baba yaga any other way even if she was strikingly pretty, as there power makes there eyes seem other wordly. THey also like to run bath houses.  ( see spirited away for bath house example and good entertainment.)

    10. Banshees (*) :

    They are race of spirits, both male and female, who's screams are terrifying, if you hear a banshee some one in your family is going to die, if you see the banshee and she is howling it is you who is going to die. They can phase through walls, walk unseen, and quite frankly likes to live by cemeteries. They aren't evil beings, and are quite gentle with children, rather wishing to sing them to sleep before their end is near, They are the heralds of the Reapers, who which to give those wicked a time to repent. Females often have much more terrifying horrid howling scream, but very pleasant singing voice. For an adult to hear a banshee sing, or see a banshee sing, it is not an omen for death but one of birth, due to this they like to go to places children aren't aloud such as pubs late at night to sing to men wary of there travels.

    11. Bible thumper:

    They are a race of people, that come in very many shapes colors and sizes. They all ways carry with them a book, its all ways the same book, that's mass printed by them, in its entirety however they cherry pick annoying texts paragraphs to shove down peoples throats.  They claim that its a bible, but its not, it's basically a book collected of a bunch of fables written and penned long long ago. Composed of many books, into one. There one true savior is Harry potter, and for actual Harry potter fans who know the book is a work of fiction not even the correct bible, and translated so many times its all most not recognizable, they are sacrilegious at best. Since most Religious folks, are rather pissed they exist. As well as the harry potter fans, as they are confused as to why Bible thumpers exist at all. They were once known as the Heretics, a easily excited race of people who had powers of persuasion, however one harry potter fan accidentally talked to there leader about how good the books were, and as time progressed they were coined bible thumpers. In fact, it got so annoying and eye rolling face palming cringe worthy, that humans use this races name to describe religious fanatics that cherry pick to back there ideals and beliefs when its not the case. Who care clearly crazy, its is thought to believe that bible thumpers, in the human world are halflings of actual bible thumpers. which ironically are against harry potter. Anyway you look at it, Bible thumpers are annoying. In some countries its completely acceptable to slaughter them. Because they are just blasphemy walking.

    12. Bish:

    Bish are ironically and all male race. Men are normally around 5 foot 11 inches, but can be taller but never shorter. They are born with a wide brimmed hat, this hat can be a old cow boy hat, a top hat, any hat with a wide brim.  The hat is all ways black, might have some silver adornment that is either around the center of the hat or dangling off the brim. What ever the silver object depicts delves into the personality of said Bish. They tend to be very mysterious, and do not own houses, for they live in there hats, how they choose a mate is simple, the silver charm attracts a female, the female picks up the hat, and the bish comes out of it and begins to court the female. If the hat is destroyed so to is the bish. The Bish are good at finding lost things, and picking locks, they tend to unintentionally scare or stalk a person they are interested in, for what ever reason. They don't mean it, and they aren't violent. Bish will not marry women of Deaths races as Death's races can not produce bish children. The ones that can cook tend to marry Amazonians or Apollonians, they do like awe women as they are very cuddly sort, and but can easily unintentionally give some one the willies.  They can also bring other people and things into there hat. Inside the hat is a dimension that only that bish can enter. It consists of however big rooms or how many rooms the bish pleases, as well as all of the bish's belongings, it is often done to protect a fellow bish with a injured hat, or spouse to hide them in there hat. The bish are very quiet, and walk primarily around at night. Dashingly handsome men they are too.

    13 Blitz:

    Blitz are a race that consist of people that are short in stature, are missing their pinkies on their right hand, and have an extra toe on their left foot. They are good swimmers, good long distance jumpers and runners, they do not like garlic, and thus do not eat italian food, or at howl's house. Though some have developed a taste for it, Blitz often enough live with other people, as there powers revolve around cleaning mostly, and they sleep under beds instead of in them. You never know if you have blitz living with you, as they will not use your cleaning supplies or eat your food, they hold down various jobs quite easily, and its quite impossible and stupid to fire a blitz. They are quick tidy people, if one marries outside their race, they will consider sleeping on the bed, if its a canopy bed, is up against the wall, and facing north. They also tend to have reflective eyes, and some times hiss like cats.

    14. Blotz:

    Beings that are essentially Ink demons. They are very good looking men and women, with dreamy eyes, that can control Ink. They can make it hard, they can make it write itself onto paper, they can pull it up off of paper, they can hope towns and countries by hopping into books and coming out of another book some place else, a blotz all ways knows ware a book is, and when it is. As they can use a book to transport themselves to a past time. However it prevents them from changing the fates of anyone, except one of death's races, or one of their own. They can observe all else.

    15 Bogart:

    They are a race of men and woman that are rarely seen. As they like to walk around as other people, impersonating them. They have there favorites, and are normally kind and good people that they copy. Their true forms are a bit shadowy, though they are good looking, there eyes are a bit glowy and tend to scary people, thus the " copying" of people long past, it is common practise for a bogart to get attached to a family though sensing that family's grief, if a bogart senses that one is can not get over the death of a loved one, it can copy and take that loved one's place, and no one would be the wiser, until a bogart was born. In this case, one of two things will happen, they will kill the imposing bogart sometimes themselves, or they will finally except there loved one has passed, but unfortunately the bogart if he or she is in love with this person, will not know what form to take in order to keep the one it cares about. The child will find and assimilate someone with in so many months of being born, as it is a survival tactic, and children are often read to for them to pick a character from a book. Females have a much easier time counseling what they are in a " grief" relationship, and thus its only believed by the majority that males do this, but in truth all of them despite the genders do.

    16 Bone snatcher (*) :

    They are ironically Male or female, who have odd abilities, such as the ability to leap buildings, in a single bound, but the fact of the mater is they like to ware armor, composed of bones. Which they steel from graves, the bones are normally from members of races who are strong and have done well in battle, members who have died of old age, are also praised for their armor. They have the ability also to talk to the dead that have passed, and have a good understanding with bogart's who wish to know if they are doing the right thing for there living loved one. Bone snatchers will only steel one bone, and honor the person that it is taken from, though its creepy. No one really minds to horribly.

    17. Boogiemen:

    They are a race composed of mostly men though the odd female does exist. They tend to play with children who can not sleep at night, or children who keep having nightmares that happen each night, the boogie will learn the name of the child, and take him or her into its dream world, ware the boogie will feed and get rid of the child's fears and bad dreams, as well as protect and play. Boogies are loving creatures, who also like to tend to the balance of things, and protect mothers, they often frequent around single mothers as they feel the urge to help and protect them most, it is a common practice for a boogie to marry a women that is single and with a child, the relationship is often enough very tender and sweet and one that is cherished. Female boogies tend to go after single guys with small children, they rarely if ever marry or breed with their own kind. They are tall, figures who are strong, control shadows, work and use illusions that the more children believe in him and the more names he has, the stronger and more real those illusions become. They will fight to the death anything that wishes to harm its children, going so far as to end itself to keep the children safe.

    18 Bree (*):

    The bree are a sad race, they live a life of misfortune and bad luck, until there 13th year, They have then until the clock strike twelve on there 14th birthday to find one of Death's races, and acquire a tear. If they do not, then they will live a life of misery until the next time 13 shows up into there age, which is 113. meaning they can only attempt this task, once in 100 years span, 13 year olds know if they wish to not live their entire lives in misery and pain that they must collect that tear. As no happiness is there's with out it. Once they get the tear, they will be able to live a normal life, provided the tear is with them at all times, if they loos the tear in any way, they have 24 hours to find another, before they must wait to the next 13 to show up. In some cases a elderly bree on there death will give a child there vial with tear, this works and can be done, but Bree live horribly long lives and so this is very rare when a bree has enough time to pass down its hard won tear. The bree are very good at healing matters of the heart, and make great grief therapists as well as therapists, however suicide attempts are high in the bree.


    19. Candle watchers (*) :

    They are a race of people, men and women, who have dark and dull colored eyes, there hair is all ways shaggy, though they are not dangerous during the day, and do make good spouses for the other races, and even do clean up nicely. They are simply a terror to behold at night. The only way to keep you and your person safe, from their quick reflexes and killer instincts, is to keep a candle burning in the window. You see this Race sleep walks, and when they sleep walk, they can't control there inner demonic nature.  The Candles doesn't matter what kind, as long as its not in a lantern, burning, will keep them standing there. YOu can try to wake a Candle watcher in the middle of the night, but that might require the help of explosives. They sleep so deeply loud extremely loud sounds or the scream of a loved one will wake them. Unfortunately they have the ability to devour sound. There powers do run wild at night, making it darker, eating sound, all that good stuff, inspiring true fear. So the likely hood of a scream from a loved one even reaching their ears is nearly impossible unless they are watching a candle. Those who are not of the race, who marry into it, all ways have ways to light candles and keep them burning all though the night.

    20 Casters:

    They are the bane of magic users every ware, they have the ability to trap spells, then, use those spells to infuse into an item, or use themselves, some casters have entire jars full of casted spells that they pick out a spell which in a casters position is a glowing orb of light. They can be a hinderance, as the infante use items they some times create, cause more problems then good. However they are useful for people looking to caste spells quickly. They tend to own shops, male or female, and tend to be quite excitable when they collect a new spell. Ware in hell they find all the jars to do that, no one knows, and they tend to be a slippery lot, as if they sense your displeasure in them, you can never find them. They tend to get into trouble a lot. They aways are seen with a pair of reading glasses, tucked in there collar, its what they use to read the glowing orbs, and its is born with each Castor.

    21. Celestials:

    they are simply a race, with out most perfect breeding, everything about them is perfect and glowy and just so. But not really, they are down to earth, like to tell stilly and often times dark jokes, like to eat, all though they like to eat are never over weight. They however have this odd sense that they need to be perfect for people to listen to them. At meetings and the like, they become all glowy and prim and proper, wisdom is what they have, but they like common sense or sense when it comes to why the other races are so idiotic. They ware a star, the shape and color is all ways different, around their throats. These stars emit a bit of light, and are no bigger then a child's fist. If they were to loos their star, they turn to stone, till it is brought back to them.

    22 Changling (*) :

    Is a child that was switched out by the fairy folk. They grow up to being adults before they find out or there parents find out they are in fact a changling. Why they are called that no one honestly knows, but the fairies do not do this to be mean, they will swap out a sick child, to nurse, and give you a healthy baby in return. (see fairies) However the child does not " change" but keeps what ever race it was, it isn't until either the sick child becomes well again, or the spell breaks when the changling is 18 years of age, that it is found out. By then that child has picked up on, and even can perform some tasks there race is not known for. (this can be easily abused even in mature, you will be limited and moderated severely to keep from abusing this)

    23. Chrometopian (*) :

    This is one of the few sexually dimorphic races, as males are considered Gargoyles, and females well, lets dive in. The males, look just like normal humans, except, the can turn into an animal, large huge beasts, the color and feel of stone, they have the ability to stay stone still, and even sleep like that. When younger, they have rock like appearances, which stick out in there home town of Chrometopi which is a richly gem based city of crystal, lost with in time. When they reach an age ware they discover their inner truth and there inner honor, that is it when there stone from Cracks, and falls off, leaving a gleaming glittering Jewel underneath. Dragons the highest class of male, Can even breath ice and flame, and fly in there dragon forms. They can talk to actual dragons as could any gargoyle to its patron animal. Females on the other hand, are slender tend to be much shorter then the males, and have a scream so powerful it explodes heads, however males are immune and so to are all of deaths races. The Females also have the ability to harmonize with the crystals around them, and gems, creating harmonious tones, that can heal, help nature grow and even summon elements to do their bidding. The highest class of female, would know how to summon and use skillfully fire and ice.

    24. Cloo:

    Aliens from another planet, they are pretty much human, except there race is completely stuck in the 80s They come from the planet hard rock, and love leather. What more do you want from them. They are relatively new race, having only been discovered to exist recently. They also are very good at fixing guitars, there powers are 80s movie and tv show special effects. They are relitivly harmless, they are a silly race.

    25 Con:

    The con are a all male and female race of people, shocker right. The Con, are a race of people who stand very tall dark hair and eyes. They tend to live in dense jungles, and like to play. However they do not get along with the Cloo, as they are hippies, from planet hard rock, and tend to protest about trees, even if no one is honestly cutting them down in vast areas.

    26 Cosmic Fairies:

    Not to be confused with actual Fairies, Cosmic Fairies are space demons, that can grant wishes. They are limited two three wishes, and can use minor cosmic powers such as produce light, call forth a clear night sky and fly. They are harmless, and are attracted by glittery things, and the like to eat glitter.

    27 Crusaders:

    They are a race of beings, that ware armor, colors are white and red, tend to walk around in middle ages get ups, love to do war reenactments, and like to cause and or start rumors and controversies. They like nothing more to go to war, over the stupidest things, and claim that a higher power told them to do it. When in fact all higher powers are facepalming to the max. They tend to act better then you, and act noble, when in reality they are not. However they are tolerated just because they are good at putting on plays treat everything like a calculated war, and tend to be very good at solving puzzles because of this.

    28 Cryomen:

    They are a race of men, that of course need to breed with other races, however they are an odd lot, cor temp is always low, and can go into a freezing state much like in a science fiction movie. They can also freeze others for long periods of time.

    29 Cyborg:

    Half man half machine, or half woman half machine. only no more then 45% of them can be machine. Organic Robots or organic Cyborgs are a thing, as well meaning they are mostly or an Organic and genetic material and would have more organic bots/ cyborgs and could have children with other races. So either or applies.


    30. Dalek:

    Doctor who fans I am sorry to say these Daleks are not the same as the ones that going around saying estimate in your fandom.  The Dalek, though from space, are the mechanics of the world. The fix things that are broken, repair both Organic and non organic cyborgs/bots and the odd clock. They have a grey cast to their skin, and can easily phase through walls, and can see an object and how it moved and worked before it got into the state it has gotten into. They some times can see past events that even caused the issue making them perfect mechanics, they are very possesive of their tools. They make them themselves and this is one of the few species ware females are far more fast and efficient at the task at hand. Dalek love to watch doctor who episodes, so they are fans, and eat garlic bread while they watch.

    31. Dance biters:

    How this race got their name they don't even know, it pertains to nothing they can think of, in fact the name of their race is one of the wonders of the world, and one of an ancient mystery.  They do have short tempers, but are really easy to get long with, tend to be about average height, and live primarily in rivers and streams. They look like normal people, except for the fact, that they will have a blue tinted ring around there necks, which forms right after birth. They can breath water, as well as air, and can live nicely on land, they can create rare pearls and other aquatic gems, and have perfect singing voices, Males once a year produce the rarest of all sapphires with a special song, they do not give these sapphires to people lightly as they have special magic qualities that allow who ever wares it, to breath water, and see in it as if on land. The stones are prized for jewelry, but the Males primarily give them to there loved ones. The older and all ready pair bonded Male, will gladly sell these stones, or give these stones to trusted friends, who can with no hard feelings sell the stones.

    32. Dark Druid:

    Dark druids have forgotten there teachings, have become power hungry dark magic wielding and terrible beings. The exact opposite of a normal Druid. They are male and female, and tend to breed more Dark druids, it is not possible to convert a dark druid back to being a normal one, but it is possible to convert a Druid into a dark druid, at the price of his or her soul.  (see druids)

    33 Dark Staffers (*) :

    A race of beings, that are creepy, overseers of the worlds. They are a race of beings, so powerful, so horrid, so beyond your very imagination they are grouped into two three, Females are known either as Dark soul or Dark Silence, The first of these is the owner, they own an establishment, over see its progress and makes the final call. The Dark Silence females, tend to rule HR, departments are good at deli and often enough geek out with the rest of us, but has a dark and twisted humor. THe males are all Howl's and they do the grunt work.  Oddly enough these Horrid and powerful Race, and there " earned ranks " either by birth or merit. Own Coffee shops, that ironically sell very little coffee. However they do sell everything and anything sacrifice related, chocolate related and booze related, they sell tea, and one coffee item...... but its a coffee shop, shhhh. For their powers are  complete deletion, banning people from existence, and rewriting entire worlds and people, and the fabric of existence.  (this is like this due to the fact this will have to be watched like a hawk)

    34 Dark claws (*) :

    Dark Claws can not step foot outside in the sunlight, that will turn them into a flaming pile of ash. Silver claws are rare, and are the same species as Dark claws, which is what a silver claw is called normally, They have claws up to 2 feet in length which they can fully retract, are strong, can do magic, can hide in shadows, go through walls and aren't foiled by holy objects. A black Claw, when born has silver tipped claws, these tips are lost when they make their first " kill of an innocent" another word if it's considered a murder. If by their 18th birthday, they have not lost the silver tips, they will never loose them. They will simply have them when their adult claws grow in, however, if they have been killing evil, and protecting innocent lives, they will not loose the silver tips, but their adult claws will be completely silver thus making them an entirely new species, (see silver claws)  Silver tipped black claws, can walk in candlelight, fire light, and twilight, even shadows. But not daylight.  Completely black claws, can not handle anything that isn't moon or starlight.  

    35. Death Angels (*) :

    Death Angles are the unholy offspring of a Valh and an Angel. They too have lists, with those who death wishes to end, are required much like shadows and other reapers to answer a reapers soul, though they like shadows, will allow and much rather prefer other reapers to do the answering. Of course, if Lord death tells them to step in, they will. They like Angles have wings, though always black, and a disposition and an affinity for an element, and unlike normal angels are unable to use the other elements. However, this is what is known as their Dark phase also the true phase. When a Death Angel is pushed to his or her breaking point, and near or close to death, they can go supernova, and their wings, hair and eye color will change to whatever is the opposite of their dark phase. There personality changes to something quite horrific, and their affinity swaps as well, A Gentle Death Angle with an affinity for fire, would have a Cruel Light phase with an affinity to ice. Each of them has their own way or catalyst for turning back to what they truly are, which is their dark phase. They are rare, and rarely seen

    36. Deen:

    The deen are rather odd beings, firstly they, are not honestly sane people, are quite eccentric, and some how manages to end up the leader of an establishment or group, unless a Dark Staffer is in charge. (see dark staffers) but they are observed to have odd powers, mainly to be able to get an entire army to some how freeze, shut up, and listen to them. They are great motivational speakers, and great teachers of collage courses know when to fold em and when to hold em, and also how to manage hormonal pree adults, and beer drinking slackers.

    37 Demi Gods (*) :

    they are the offspring of a God and one other race. They do not hybridize. They are also very extremely Rare. (see gods)

    38 Demons:

    Demons are in fact demons, However, they would like it if you would stop associating them with Religion.  Demons have been mistaken for those soul stealing freaks for far far too long, in fact, Demons call them HellBringers, since Demons have been mistaken for them for centuries, eons, since the development of Christianity and various other religions. Thus Demons, actual and real demons, hate the very existence of Hellbringers, and humans equally. Being demons, they have an affinity for fire, meaning they can use fire, much like you can use your hand, they are strong, and have tempers that would land them into every single Anger Management class known to man. Demons are possessive, over property, mates, livelihoods, and various random things. Very highly territorial. They are great with magics and have a friendly disposition when it comes to other races that were oppressed by humans, such as all of them really. But you can see, where they might be mistaken for a Hellbringer. Did I mention they are very very protective, can love like no other, and can be vengeful and cruel in the event that you wish to harm something they love?  Save a human date a demon. Sodding Hellbringer scum rot in your biblical hell. *cough* Female demons are rare, in fact really rare, being that they rarely survive past a specific age, they are strong, however very frail as far as demons go. They are pretty much, pampered, and all live a life of Luxury, it's a dull life.Both male and female demons have bat-like wings, to which they can summon, at will. They are born with them but keep in mind, they are either " out" *in the plain of existence* or  " put away" * out of the pain of existence* and no the ability to make them appear and disappear is something THEY ALL CAN DO.The size of  their wings Is determined by power. weak demons small wings, strong demons huge wings. Both males and females are sexy and dark Featured.

    39 Den:

    The Den do not like it when you mistaken them for a Denmark. As they are completely two different races, They have a sexial dimorphasism that is quite unique to their species. The males, have claws, but only on the pointer, middle, and ring fingers of the right hand. These claws can retract much like a silver claw/Dark claw, and can for the most part be as strong. However they are the same color is normal fingernails. The men also tend to be scared, as they use those claws for fighting, the scars are caused by wounds that are never fatal, as Den know how to hold back even when fighting for a mate. The Females, lack these claws, but instead, have very dainty features, jewel like eyes, and normally blue or green tipped hair, which is natrual. The females tend to ware bright colors, while the males tend to ware very dull and brown. When mated, the males will don much more colorful clothing afterwards. Signifying that he is now taken.

    40 Denmarks (*) :

    Denmarks are all male, all of them are cursed, and hold great magic, they are basically the patron saint of Children, as they protect them, taking them from bad parents to rais as their own, or giving these children to good people who can't have children, Demarks are unable to have children till they have found the one thing they are missing. Which is defined by the Red curse mark on their right hand, those who have broken their curse *partly* will have a black curse mark on the right hand. Denmarks are rare, and often enough commit suicide, death always has pity for these poor unfortunate souls, for they were tricked into a pack with an evil god, and always lets them be reborn into a gentler race.

    41 Devil Bards (*) :

    These are a odd and nasty race. Demonic bards, you know the guys who sings songs and tells stories traveling, ya those. Except Demonic, If you refuse to listen to 22 disturbing songs, of horrific deeds , and refuse to here the story of the hero they wish to tell, they simply kill you. Devil bards dress in a simple tunic, those some have taken the tux and other male dress, though the seem to not be comfortable in tees and pants. They all ways have a rose pinned to their Collar, and ware a hat with a red, white and black feather attached to it. It is wise to listen through their horrific songs, and enjoy the story in which they tell, as the story is all ways good, and helps chase away the feelings of their songs, your reward for enduring is simply 100 gold coins. Females all ways ware a black dress that touches the ground.

    42 Dijon:

    The Dijon pronounced Di gen, and they are quite picky about this, are desert demon spirits, that like to travel in dust devils, grant three wishes, if you answer a riddle right, tend to be mistaken for Genies, and tend to like to play tricks, so best get those wishes correct and be careful you could get exactly what you wish for. Blue Dijon tend to be carefree and tend to enjoy the company of people, are more or less nice looking and will be polite. Green Dijon will only grant wishes pertaining to nature, or there own whim, but will also help you deal with other dijon. Red ones should just be left alone.
    They can be either gender, and personalities range.

    43 Dimlings (*) :

    Dimlings are shadowy people, that are innocent in nature, they can learn anything and everything, they only need to see it once. They are a favored breed, and it is actually a sin to on purpose hurt such gentle sweet creatures.

    44 Dollmen (*) :

    Men and women who have mastered the art of doll making, however, they posses the ability to make these dolls, or marionettes come to life. Yes, an entire race of puppeteers but unlike the creepy pasta version, its safe to say, they use there more then creepy talents for the greater good, and evil Dollmen is enough to make grown men pee themselves however. Beware those who control puppets, dolls, and marionettes for at least you become one.

    45 Dragonborn:

    Its what you get when you cross a human or other race, except deaths races, with a dragon. They have the abilities, such as fire and ice affinities, and all the lovely senses one possesses, the love of treasure, and for the love of and sake of dragons, magic. Both men and women of this Race, are extremely good lovers.

    46 Dream Catcher:

    Ever wonder how some people get bad dreams, and other people good, ever wonder ware those dreams come from. Science would like to pump you with a big bunch of science stuff, but lets get real, They come from the dream catcher race, a race of people bred into existence by the sand man himself.  They ware a Dream catcher, normally a small one, either in their hair or around their neck, depending on the gender. There catcher is unique to them, and the source of there powers. When small they begin to craft there Catcher, a Dream Catcher  can go through up to 6 catchers in there life time, depending on how their hearts have changed. They use these special Catchers we silly humans call Dream catchers, to create dreams, and choose which has what dream, dark dreams, come from troubled Dream Catchers, bad Dreams come from hurt dream catchers, and those in love, and are happy produce the good dreams.

    47 Dream eaters (*) :

    The bane of all Dream catchers everywhere, for if you have ever not had a dream at all, its because this Race has EATEN IT. Mean of them don't you think as they were a gift from such a sweet race, Dream eaters, also can warp the fabric of time and space. Though they might have had lessons in the mirror world, they don't use it very often. They tend to have, a black tear drop, fixed around their neck or in there hair depending on gender.

    48 Druids:

    Druids are not like witches, wizards, or dark druids, and any other magical race I forgot about, they do not, cast spells like they do, nor do they make magic like they do. They are stronger, more in tune with nature, and they normally use artifacts with magical abilities, and wonder around, making these Magic items, to be sold to people. They tend to be much stronger magic times then the casters. They refuse to hurt hearth and home, which is the earth, all though they do consume meat, do cut down trees and do see the value of specific things. However, Druids under the circumstance can foretell the stars. They if they loos their way, become dark Druids. ( see dark druids)

    49 Dryad:

    Dryads are spirits of nature, people who dwell in the trees, help them grow, tend to them, and help change the seasons as time goes on. They have territories, females beling larger then males, and males have much more sweet flowers, and fruit, in there territories attempting to attract a mate, or wife, What ever his little plant hearts wishes. Females live much more carefree lives, and its not unheard of a Dryad to enjoy the company of the other races, so long as they are mindful, and respect the trees they use from his or her woods.

    50 Dwarves:

    Dwarves are simply short people, who like to make hammers, helmets, swords, knives, jewelry, and like to mine. Going on adventures is fun for them, and they can be competitive, they are not stalky, and are very fast and swift on their feet. Dwarves can do magic, but it's limited to earth based magics, and well every single species can poof so that too.

    51 Dwebs:

    Dwebs are demons who live in scientific labs, or lab like environments, such as potion masters work areas, and the like. they can blink in and out of existence, tend to be mischievous, and like to steal kisses from cute "lab" workers. They normally don't take other races as mates, but it happens if your smart enough or potion mastery enough to get there goat, if you catch one, in the act of mischief, they will be your servant until they can either win your heart and you end up a cute couple, or you die. They have a very very long life span, they can wait. They are also the most patient of beings. So really they will wait.

    Somethings to mention,  all races can " poof " to another location, however in the cases of some races, this might be different and thus not called a " poof"

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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