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Rules and various other information


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Rules and various other information

Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:26 pm

This is the site wide rules, definitions, and regulations regarding to the site. Its been broken down to make it so easy to fallow and read.

Site wide Rules
1. No godmodding, no mini modding, no powerplaying, and no undermining.
2. No racial slurs, no attacks on existing races/cultural/religious or other beliefs.
3. No false interpretation of mental disorders or portraying disorders in a bad light.
4. No seriously harming/killing another persons characters without acquiring permission to do so
5. No using a character to seek revenge or continue an argument.
6. DO NOT use pms to Rp. the PRPs are quite private, and the sie notifies you.
7. Please clean out all messages and notifications on " trash tuesday"
8. RP ownership, boils down to whoever made the info/sign up pages.
9. The Owner of the Rp is who you contact about questions regarding Rp.
10. It is Required that you log on at least once every two weeks.
11. YOu may only use the provided " species/race/breeds/power" sets located in the " species/race/breeds/power set forum.
12. You are required to give your date of birth and tell either me or Dark soul your age. Due to the nature of our Rps, and for security purposes.
13. YOU are allowed to ask to join groups as stated in that section. BUT Only once, if you are told NO ONCE, IT MEANS DON"T ASK EVER AGAIN.

Definitions of what specific things are in the order they appear in the rules:

Godmodding: Your character is an all powerful being that never gets harmed or killed, and all ways bests the other players character.

Mini modding : you constantly reprimand another player, instead of shooting one of staff a message about the players behavior.

powerplaying: you do not recognize a moderation character ( played by staff to issue punishments, see punishments below)

Undermining : doing an action like hitting the report button instead of the action in which you should do, LIKE CONTACT VIA PM a staff member of the site. Or destroying a plot or segway designed to get the rp moving.

PRP: Private Role play  a role play between one or more people that is run by you in which only invited people can play in.

Rp Etiquette

All ways give other players a chance to post.
All ways let other players know if your going away or taking a vacation from the site.


Name of character first then text  EX howl eat a carrot but then smiled and said " hey dark do you have an apple I can eat?"

The fallowing alternates are accepted.
He traveled the mires looking for an apple searching his throughts tangled.

Howl: He never did find that apple, and so he perished.


Punishments as fallows.

the fallowing offenses are on a 3 warning system.

Spamming chat in any way . 1 kicked. 2 banned for two days. 3perm chat banned
being rude ignorant and argumentative.  1 Suspension, 2, three day ban, 3 1 month ban
Not fallowing directions. 1 stern warning. 2. a 24h ban. 3 perm ban

Failure to comply to rules 12 and 13 are a life time ban from both sever and site.

( additional things maybe added. its your job to keep up wit it)

just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

and now you know

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