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What You Need to Read

Dark Soul

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What You Need to Read

Post  Dark Soul on Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:32 pm

Alrighty, so then, welcome to the site.  If for some reason you didn't get my welcome PM, then this here will take you to all the things you need to read before you can begin playing.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM any admin.

Alright, so one thing you need to read is The Who's Who of Site Staff Guide.  This will help to you what each site staff member's duties are.
Next, if you ever plan on making your own RP (open, closed group, or private,) you need to read the How to make your own RP topic.
Third, regardless of if you're making your own RP or joining one, you must read the Species and Guides topic.  This tells you what species are available for use on the site and what their powers and limitations will be.
Finally, and don't think I forgot about this, you need to read the Rules and other various informations topic.

It is incredibly important you read through all four of these things!  Failure to do so could very well lead to account termination because you broke a rule without even knowing about it, and you won't have a leg to stand on as it will have been something you would've read when you first joined.

Now enjoy, my younguns!  Read and then unleash chaos unto the world!  MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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