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Why is My Email Address Needed?

Dark Soul

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Why is My Email Address Needed?

Post  Dark Soul on Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:01 pm

Good question! This serves a number of purposes!

Please make sure that your email address is REAL! If it is not real, then you cannot activate your account! The purpose of this step in the account creation process is to ensure that we aren't getting any false/robot accounts and that everyone who joins is an actual person with the intentions of getting on to play.

Also, if you have to leave for a period of time (3 or more days) and forget to notify Dark Soul or post in the topic for leaves and absences, then your email will be the only way you can save your account. This is because every time Dark goes to deactivate accounts that haven't been active (which is the step before account deletion,) she always sends an email to the owner of the account explaining why their account is at risk of being deactivated or has been deactivated. You can save your account by simply replying to that email and tell her why you haven't been on (this goes to Darky's personal email for the site, not her PMs on the site, same for the email you'll get.) If she decides that the explanation is reasonable enough, she will make note to not deactivate or delete your account.

If the site has to go down for a time for any reason at all (as far as what the admins are controlling at least,) then this is the method that will be used to contact all players to notify them of when and why the site will go down. Do note that if the host site (the servers of forumotion) go down, that is beyond our control and we will not be able to send out emails in advance unless they notify us in advance first. But we will send out emails for when the site is back up regardless of what the cause was for it going down to begin with.

Still don't want your personal email clogged up with stuff from this site (though we will rarely send you anything except for when any of the above mentioned criteria are met)? Create another email address and you can use that one for games and stuff. You won't be weird or anything doing that. Most people these days will have multiple email addresses with each one serving a different purpose. Remember to still check that email on occasion just to make sure you're up to date on any issues that may involve your account or the site.

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