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THE WHO"S WHO OF STAFF. ( a help guide for contacting)


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THE WHO"S WHO OF STAFF. ( a help guide for contacting)

Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:51 pm

Staff of course keep the site RUNNING, Soothly safely and of course, with the skills to boot. So in order to make contacting staff about issues, problems or what have its, a lot easier here is your comprehensive guide of who does what.


Dark Soul ( site owner) : Her fallowing tasks include, Contacting inactive members, Deleting accounts, messaging users about accounts, handling issues you may have with staff members Head mod and up. She is also lord and master of The PRP section, she handles the creation of spaces for your prps to be, properly moderates the users in her section as well as those who play on her site in general.

WolfHhowling: He, does the fallowing: Deals out punishments, Maintains the maintenance of site, this includes clearing any and all errors, dead Rps, and keeping the site running smoothly. This also includes how the site looks, as well as updating and maintaining rules, Rps, and the like, He also governs the Multi Rp section, to which all questions should be directed at him, the user created section is also under his jurisdiction.


Head Mode
Dark Silence :  Human Resources Department, you have a complaint about a user, a moderator, and will take any and all complaints about Rps, to make sure they get to the corresponding person.

Chat moderators.
The lowest form of moderation. We currently do not have any chat mods, as all staff moderate chat.

Please message Dark Soul with the fallowing things.

If you are new, and in need of introduction.
If you are lost or confused about site functions.
If you are going to be away from the site for stretches of time
Account deletion
Problems with admins, or head mod.
PRP Creation
PRP questions
Rule clarification
How to sooth the savage beast that is howl when your the brunt of his ticked off mood.
How not to anger Darkness Laughing
How not to have your characters Executed in cold blood
How not to be sacrificed to some deity
How to not get permanently on any staff members hit list.

When addressing Dark Soul, you may use the fallowing: Dark, Dark soul, Darky, Dear, darky dear, THINE SUPREME RULER OF THIS GLORIOUS SITE.

Please Message wolfHhowling about the fallowing things and questions:

Multi player Rps.
User created Rps
Spelling and Grammar errors in the Rules, and various other parts of the site.
Site Log in Error
Site Error of any kind
Questions about the Character Keeper
How to enroll characters into the character keeper
Deletion of any written work on the site.
issues with not being able to read specific text.
How to shorten or fight the verdict and punishment you have received.
How to calm down Dark soul from a horrible rage.
How to cook, plant or grow anything.
How to get site notifications, if we have suddenly gone down.
how to spill your guts to a complete stranger
if you need help with anything
if you just need some one to vent too
The rules on venting world
Rps Wolf H howling clearly put up.
or if you would like to not die a horrible death by our head moderator.

When you contact wolfHhowling, please address him with the fallowing: Howl, Shadow king, Howl, Shadow king, HOwl, HOWL, WolfH, WolfHhowling, HOwling, MR HOWLING, The thing that devours souls in the night, and oh god please don't kill me.

You SHould Contact Dark Silence for the following :

How to calm down the admins
Issues and problems with users, and staff
issues with Rps
Issue in general in which you have no clue ware it should be sent.
if you wish to be a sacrifice
If your reporting a rule violation.

Please use the fallowing when contacting Dark Silence : Radar, Radar, Radar, shite I am dead, Radar, Darkness Laughing, Laughing death, and Fuzzy cute Reaper of doom. Also " Radar the all mighty with a sacrifice knife" is acceptable.

Please do not be concerned with the fact that we all have lost our dang minds.

just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

and now you know

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