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Hi, I'm des.


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Hi, I'm des.

Post  Razor on Wed May 31, 2017 11:20 am

My name's des. I think it looks nicer with a lowercase d. My alias is Razor. It was Sonic for a long time, short for OUA Sonic Screwdriver.*  Call me Razor, Res, or des.
I started role-playing at age eleven. I'm seventeen, currently.

*I typed it that way so it doesn't show up in search results

I will RP as anyone. I am anxious about gay male relationships because of poor representation from past RP partners. I like to RP as my own age, 17. All of my characters have been human or their species physically resembled humans. (For the most part. Aliens, fairies, etc.)

I love hosting RPs, but it's a lot of work on your own. I miss joining RPs and just... Having fun with group role-plays.

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