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    Why, just why


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    Why, just why

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun May 14, 2017 7:07 pm

    It might take you forever to find this, to read this, but I hope you know that when you do find this, it probably will be at your lowest moment. I really don't care if its before during or after this lowest pit that you yourself have dug. I don't honestly care that if when you do find this it actually sinks in.

    I can't help you. I can't help you if you don't want to put forth the effort.
    I can't help you, i just can't if you don't want to break the habit.
    I can't help you, even if I cut my own wrists, if you don't try.
    I can't help you, if you ok with the place your in.
    I can't help you, I can't help you if no matter what I say or do, your to stubborn.
    I can't help you, if you recognize your flaws, and want nothing do with fixing it.
    I can't help you, if all you do is back away from what needs to be done.
    I can't help you, when your subborn streak is holding you back.
    I can't help you, unless you yourself actually crave actually want to do that. to achieve.

    I can't help you. If your not willing to help yourself.

    I can't build you up, if you won't listen
    I can't hold you up, if your forcing yourself to sit down.
    I can't show you, if keep your eyes (insert F word here) shut.

    and all of that.
    I can't help you, more then I can help the phases of the moon.

    No matter how I shout, no matter how I slit my wrists, to show you, that you too can bleed, to show you, the path you took, isn't a straight line, and that you can get off of it.
    No matter how much I beg or plead, logic and reason, are lost on you. You have this sense to dig in your heals. thats all you do. If it means change for the better, dig those heals in. If it means making  a better more efiecient you, dig those heals in.

    GO RIGHT ON AHEAD.... DIg those heals in.... dig them in

    because all the years talking to you, I have found two truths to be true.

    There is a perfect person, that reflects are true self in us all, and then their is the ugly person in us all.

    You are that ugly person, because you in your stubbornness, your unwillingnesses to work, your desire to undermine everything that is good in yourlife, or progress. That makes you ugly.

    The other truth that's true... I can't get blood out of stone. I can't keep slitting my own wrists, hoping you can feel something in yourself to better yourself. I can't keep tying the knot around my own throat, so you won't hang yourself.. I can't keep killing myself, bleeding, dangling by the neck swinging to and fro, for nothing.
    And for all my work, I get nothing.

    So if I haven't really talked to you lately.
    Haven't given you any words of encouragement.
    Haven't attempted to really show you how to do anything.

    Its because the last part of me, is gone. I am tired of being the martyr, I shouldn't have to be anything more than a friend.

    Love and encouragements.


    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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