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Lexie's help guide * characters*


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Lexie's help guide * characters*

Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:01 pm

How to identify a proper character, and just a straight out nope.

Characters can be put into two categories... Situational which I call " threshold" and nonsituational which I will call " Non-Threshold", and these groups determine how a character acts, and if your character doesn't fall into either group, It's not a character it's a jumble of nope.

Threshold characters, are situational, meaning they can only act and do specific things, based on the responses and actions of characters around them and their environment. These characters can seem, lackluster, and dull in the improper environment, and or character responses, or lack of. They are seemingly not as natural or entertaining all the time.

Non-threshold Characters, are situational characters, meaning their actions, their responses, do not need to be in response or correspondence with other characters or even environment. These characters stand out and tend to be more natural more appealing. But they are harder to produce in a writing work such as an RP. As they are put over the threshold of the Rp, as they and themselves is a basis for content. They make up by just existing the lack of enviroment, and the lack of well responce content.

Example. Characters, Zeb, Tim, and blah. These three characters will respersent instances.

EX. Threshold characters.

Zeb sighed he was utterly bored, and as time ticked on, it got closer, though slowly till the school bell rang. He and his pals were in studdy hall, and jotting down a note, he passed it to TIm.

Time read the note, snorted, and then Poked Blah.

Blah's responce was to glare at tim.

Zeb continued to stare at the clock.

Conclusion to this Example, Zeb had a strong first intro. Tim, reacted to this positivly but Blah who is the (insert F word here) up character, Failed to produce a post with enough content, to further quality, Thus Zeb is forced to fallow suit, condeming the entire Rp and the characters into RP Hell.

Ex Non Threshold Character. Zeb will be this character.

Zeb who was 6 foot 3, built like a foot ball player, was crammed into his desk, he didn't really play foot ball, he was actually on the schools chess team being of a smart and limble mind. His hair was rulely and unkept, though dark, and his eyes were a nice shade of blue. He jotted down a note, in his fancy scroll that was really to pretty to be his, and passed it to tim.

Tim read the note, snorted shaking his head, drumming a tune on his desk with a pencil, and decided to poke Blah.

Blah sat and glared at Tim.

Zeb could count the seconds, watching the tiny little hand on the clock tick them away. He started to see if he could count his heart beats, and taking out of his bag which layed by his right knee, which had a hole torn into it, a note book, and began to idly sketch a monster, not caring if Tim wrote him back, or if blah even existed, as blah ruined everything for everyone, and Tim was a bit of an Air head, but at least would respond in due time. he didn't bother passing a note to blah, and he joined into Tim's drumming.

Conclusion of Example, Zeb clearly is not the run of the mill character, Time being a Threshold, responded to Zebs proper post.. Blah being the lame (insert F word here) up, responded like they all ways do... but this does not hinder Zeb, as he's a non situational. Tim then can respond and continue to do so, in Proper fassion, due to Zebs good content. Time can be forced into a " Non threshold " possition however it would feel forced, and be hard to maintain, due to his " natrual " all ready established " threshold"

Now that we got this cleared a Improper character will be Blah in this fallowing example.

Zeb finally squeezed himself out from his desk, stretched, and gathered his things, to leave, finally free of stupid studdy hall, and the toils of the day. that is when the entire school was swallowed into a hell ish nightmare.

Time began to panic, a clear notion from the now dark spooky room, and how it now seemed their were creatures out in the hall. Shutting the door quickly he sat back down and Looked to Zeb for direction.

Blah was too worried and upset about their now broken pencil and the fact that they had lost their cell phone some place out in the hall and exclaimed they wanted to get it. They visably shook were pale due to the goins on of the room.

Conclusion: The reason Blah makes a in proper character, is A, non of blahs actions, is in line with the other two, and non of Blah's concerns are in line with the other two. Who are in the same room, and in the same situation, a deadly one, that Blah is clearly aware of, as the context shows that. That character might as well be on a diffrent planet.

The diffrence between a Main character a Sidekick, and an annoying waist of space.

Main character is the main focus, or a character of interest. Meaning they have some skill tallent or past that makes this, special.

Sidekick is a best friend, that is often seen together with the " Fucus" character or character of interest main if you will, and often adds to that character by causing companion ship, strife, or simply helping the other character out.

and anoying waist of space, Verbally confirms and points out, things you can just learn in context. Such as, Zeb, " I am really good with a bow." Blah " ya they really are good with a bow." Gee. because if we do't beleive Zeb clearly were not going to believe Blah either... having another character validate another character is pointless. Unless you are confirming a plot point, in which one character hast to vouch for the other, such as in a area ware the main is being accused of a crime. Inc... properly done Zeb " I didn't steal a dang thing, how could you accusme me?" Tim " really, he was with me all day, and you do remember how he walked miles just to return something of yours he barrowed and promised to bring it back, its just not his character."


And now Drum roll, Personality traits.

The Recluse.
Recluses are so, because they are with drawn and dislike people, offten avoiding them to the extent of even going hungry. THey do not seek company, do not bother with other people, and when in a group, often of not their own doing, they talk little, and are all ways concocting a way to sneak off away from the crowd or people, they often have a place or area, ware they do not, and will not leave for long periods of time, writing reading, sharpening swords its a bloody mystery to all what a recluse is doing.

Zeb as a recluse. Zeb sat in his cave, toying with his gagets, whistling away, happy as a jay bird, till suddenly someone walked in mainly blah to get him to socialize, this made Zeb Angry and grumpy going as far as to growl at the person " I have work" fallowed by a few thousand protests, till finally not standing the other person picked up the bow and arrow he had and told them to leave or he would shoot.

The Quiet and or Reserved Character
They like people, they enjoy specific people, often in a tight family circle, do not begrudge hanging out, or going to parties, they just have little to say, and think before they speak. They are content to read, and do quiet activities, and aren't easy to Anger, or goad into a non calm manor. These people are often prone to one day taking to much of a negative force and snapping, leting out fearce anger, which often holds more meaning, because they are often more quiet and reserved.

Tim, as the " Queit and or reserved character.

Time sat in the library reading his book. Smiling to himself over the pages, when bla walked in and disturbed him from his book, asking about a party later, Tim thought about this idly a moment, and decided he had no other plans, and the book could wait, cheerfully agreeing to go he asked dear Blah what time and what was the occasion, giving a laugh when blah said to just have some fun.

Agressive Character.
often a character that shouts, doesn't back down, and is harsh or even easy to temper at any given time. Such as ingnoring threats to back off, Ignoring people's attemps to calm them down, and flying off the handle at things normal people wouldn't be, such as miss placing their keys, Still yelling over a " missing " loved one when they have been " reassured countless times, they are fine." Highly agressive characters often Obess over things that aren't to their liking, not letting things go, and keep on the same path, never evolving from it ever.

Blah is your agreesive character

Blah growled " I don't care, they are my ownly dang pet! I want my pet NOW.. not later, my doggy could be scared or lonely... " and even after Time told her her doggy was fine, but not ware as to not spoil the suprise blach continued " I want to go and look for them now."

The Obsesive Character
Some one who just can't let some thing GO

Blah still

After 7 posts, five characters re assuring, and 9 flipping hours... Blah is still on about her dang dog.

The Overly Competitive Character
A character who takes everythign as a direct challenge to them. Such as some one who heres that so and so is a better such and such, inc, and then they have to go and prove they are actually better, or wish to put so and so in their place, for stating they have a specific skill.

Blah thinks they are better at the bow then Zeb even though blah has never seen Zeb shoot, and thinks of themselves as Zebs equall when infact their station isn't even in the right ball park.

The shy character.
Shy is hard to explain

Zeb will be shy for you.

Zeb blushed and lowered his gaze, then slowly backed away still blushing a bright red befor chickening out on asking the girl out, he smiled and kicked himself for not trying, but he just couldn't work up the courage to talk to such a pretty girl, he instead eat his lunch again, trying to be the smallest thing in the room. Though thoughts of trying again to talk to the girl, was all ready making his palms sweat again.

And when you pair all the " Blah" instances together, you get " Abrasive", " never grating" and " Inhuman". ( coughs darla coughs)

just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

and now you know

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