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SITE RULES ( issued January 21 2017)


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SITE RULES ( issued January 21 2017)

Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:44 pm

Since list form worked well with the news. List form will be conducted for all Rule formats.  Revision and or Editing of news will warrant a mass notice that it has been revised. As well as the date of revision.

1. Forummotion Rules ( aka our host summed up):

Basically, no pornography, keep language down a bit (Site will censor non-approved words automatically)  If the RP you are in is not age restricted ( Meaning it doesn't have an Astrix by its title, and all site members can see it) then keep graphics down to PG-16 and try to avoid swearing of any sort (Crap and Hell are approved)  If you are in the age restricted RPs, swear what you will, non-approved words will be censored out, and try not to go above R on graphics (so minor sexual scenes, but please don't get low budget porn vids in written form)
No art theft, no copy-writing, none of that crap.  
Basically, Forumotion's rules are pretty standard.

2. Conduct on the forum.

Do not sign up in rps you have no intention of playing, do not sign up if you plan on only playing for the day, and don't sign up if you're about to leave on vacation.

Inform us of any " busy" times, " vacations" or try to warn us about sudden " poofs" from the site, this makes sure your account isn't later flagged for termination.

Do not kill off a character unless the owner of character approves of it first. This can be conducted via pms, or chat.  If an Amind or mod kills off your character, it is a moderation action and a punishment action. Unless you asked for characters termination by said staff.

Do not God mod, or power play. God modding where you act as if you own the RP, and Power play where your character is unstoppable is both a no no. Keep in mind, that your character is only as weak as you make it. Characters played by staff do not correspond with this rule, due to them being moderation tools, and or plot points.

Characters who have mental illness or LGBT community characters must be played in a nonoffensive and accurate manner. Termination of these characters when it is felt it is a poor representation or a mockery will be immediate.

Respecting and reading all information given is required for the proper conduct of a Rp and or the entire site. Some rules will admit specific content, for Rps for specific demographics, rules of RPS are absolute, and should be followed.

One liners is Prohibited, as it is a mockery of creative thinking. We would rather have you wait to think of at least three sentences for each character. You can not get anything from a one-liner.  EX Spot ran to the gate and barked.  Ok, but why, hello, additional information needed... CLUELESS. Can't compute will Robinson... Abort Rp mission Abort. That's what goes off in my head when I see one liners.

The name of your character must be present, preferably in this Context  Spot was not a dog but a human, who turned into a dog, he laughed and said smiling " Spot, my parents named me spot." smiling he drank from his glass of milk.  OR... Sport: He had no clue what to do, his milk was so good, he wanted to pant and wag his tail, but the cute girl he was talking too, made him think otherwise, after all, he didn't want to shift and scare her just yet.

Do not pester or beg for character Acceptance on the forums, its your job to see if it was approved or not.

3. Chat conduct.

Do not post Images, links, or begin to rp in chat. This will sometimes cause issues and then we have to clear chat.

Do not insult, degrade, or mini mod players. Staff will moderate the chat, you do not. Staff know what is and isn't appropriate for the chat. You have a general idea.

Topics of Religion and or Political views will be cut short if a discussion breaks out that is either augmenting or deemed just utterly stupid.

Cursing is fine in chat, because chat will be censored automatically.

Keep Chat pg16


Do not post in anyone's topics if you are not staff, and or a member of that private play.

Do not read other people's PRPS without permission of the owner of the PRP topic.

Three ways can have up to 6 players including yourself before it will be considered a Closed Multi and put on the forum.

Do not use PMS as a means to PRP, its pointless the site notifies you and you end up bogging us down. -_- Don't do it.

Do listen to everything the owner of the site says should be conducted. Do not play topics inc, that are outside of both parties involved's comfort zone.

While all form of PRPS is not moderated regularly or at all, we do wish if you are having issues with another player, or an issue regarding a PRP please contact a staff member.  Preferably Dark Soul as that is her Jurisdiction.

5. Revisions on a later date/ punishments

We hold the right to revise this at any time, add, or subtract rules, will notify you of this change, and we expect you to keep up with it. Failure to comply will lead to a two-week suspension or until the rules are read.

Chat conduct rules, General rules, or any rules on the forum if broken can result in the player being kicked from the chat, banned from the chat for a week, or suspended for a week. Further and constant rule breaking will result in site ban for one week, any additional upset will result in forever ban, and or possible deletion.

Disrespect of any staff member or member will result in a Two-week suspension, combative behavior, getting upset, and or freaking over it, will result in a two-week suspension.  A suspension will occur if we are investigating an " Ilegal action" such as minor hacking.


Dark Soul: The site owner, Queen of the PRPS and 3-ways. ( message her about PRP questions in general, though any admin will be happy and can produce you a forum for you or your partners to play in)

Wolf H howling: Co-admin, Ruler of shadows, Lord, and master of the side of the site that all code, and keeper of everything the bleep else. ( message at your own amusement or risk IDK which)

Darkness laughing: Head Minion of the Dark master and the Shadow king, also your complaint officer. All complaints, go directly to her.

Moderation at this time is our HR department Razz

7. The final RULE SET you must learn.


Clarification for those of you that might need it... You the user of this site, must and formost have some sort of enjoyment from the words and or typing of words in reading and replying to them in an RP format. AKA Have FUN lol


just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

and now you know

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