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    Informational page ( a must read of the ages)


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    Informational page ( a must read of the ages)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:53 pm

    The country of Trinity is split in you guessed it threes. Each nation, the Sheild, Rose, and Sword nations, do not get along and haven't for eons. A stalemate has been between the two for a while now. The stalemate was only brought on, by the economic decline of each nation all most simultaneously, while skirmishes do occur, currently full out war is impossible. There isn't the funds, the food, or the manpower for this.

    The land is composed of actually four sections, the skirmish happened over who would control the " badlands" also known as " the eternal forest" an untouched wilderness that lies to the south. As Rose is to the east, Sword to the west, and Shield to the north. With a large chunk of land between the four, knows as the waists, or valley of blood to some.

    Each nation is a bit different than the other. For instance, Rose's massive walls, with its 13 gates is a site and a beauty to behold, white marble walls, and rich culture, hold this nation to a great standard. They are the Druids, who's magic relies on the strengths of their forest and nature's grace. The race of beings that have pleged a forever bond with them, are non other than the fire breathing Dragons of old. Who's ice and fire breath dot the skies, who's roars sound to the seven winds, both " chinese" style dragons and " western style dragons" as well as " water/feathered" ones exist here.

    Ware as sheild to the north, who's colder climet, boasts pine forests, snow, and a need to have a constant fire, the Gryphons long ago pleged their loyalties by blood oath to the witches, who's magic knows know bounds save the ones they creat.

    The last one sword to the west, is very much a desert, who's rivers and Oasis's, under grown caves and under ground paradises, keep the citezens alive, Just like the other two nations they too have a massive wall that surounds, made of Sandstone and limestone, it towers above the rest, a mix between the cold and sharp of the north, and the elegance of the east. There Sworn allegiance, are the " halflings' a race that came about from Dragons and Gryphons a long time ago having children together. These beings are either Dragon or Gryphon, but how ever, have one of three characteristics, they are either Demonic * bat wings, horns, uses fire magics, foul tempered strong bruitish but can be longing and kind." Vampiric " ones that need to feed off blood but do not kill their pray, and prefer the night, faster, sleeker, and mor sharp whit than their breathren.* and last but not least, Shadow class, * shadowy masters who control the dark and shadows.* The people their are the giffed.

    Riders are all ways male to female steeds, or Female riders to male steeds. Though Riders might not have romantic insterests in there " partner" they are required to live together, and in some causes " gay partnership for riding " is sometimes allound depending on the " Love Partnership" bond they do have.

    Druids = Rose nation, they are strong magic weilders, and have an afinity with nature. Dragons are their steeds.

    Dragons can have many body types, and can breath both fire and ice, all are capable of some level of magic, and all can fly.

    Witches= Sheild nation, and are strong magic wheilders, from living in the colder climets they are fair in skin. their steeds are the cold tollerant Gryphons.
    Gryphons, are the combination of a bird and a large cat. They have the ability to fly, and can control to a degree the darker elements.

    Gifts= the Sword nation. They are gifted in art, talent, and some magic, though they are more attuned with the needs of there steeds. Steeds are the Halfings. They can look like a dragon or a Gryphon, but have Vampric, Demonic, or Shadow Class traits and abilities, * see explantion of the sowrd nation above*

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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