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    Questing Travern


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    Questing Travern

    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:41 pm

    how this place looks:

    The board


    John doe, Lily liver party : Survival party. Looks for 4 more members.

    Questing Partys:

    Jane Doe's Lucky marks. Members * stiff stack lips*  Quest claimed, Out of luck.

    Surviving Partys:

    Lily Potter's Afterlife Members * James potter, and franky* 

    Partners in Crime:

    Lora croft and butler's ever last


    Avaiable Quests (updated) 

    Missing baby.  
     Reward 20 gold piece. Quest master has Details

    Missing Questing Party.
     Reward 200 gold piece dead or alive.  Quest master has details

    Seeking Dragons scale
      Reward 1,000 Gold Piece. Rules for reward Questmaster had Details

     the Demon of Huns Forest.
     Reward 200 yen if Identified Guestmaster has details.

    Ask quest master.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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