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    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:48 pm

    Yes, I am inner cheering right now myself. Lol. 

    Ok, for starters here is a few things that you might want to think about and consider.

    Remember, once you are approved you have to go play in the " training grounds" till you are accepted and  then you can go join the Rp. YOu can't use the questing tavern, until then. PRP peeps only wishing to do a PRP in this, please let me know, as your characters will be able to be passed faster at least in theory.

    Second I would like to say, don't pester me, your character will move from sign ups, once it has fully passed the training zone, it will then be placed in your " accepted Characters" topic. Which will be created once you show interesting in joining.

    Remember you must have a male and female character to play, there is not limit to how many you may have.  

    Those in mature wishing to play both mature and Pg sections, Keep in mind you have to have Two characters Playable in PG16 to be able to play that, as well as two characters able to be played in Mature. * if you stick with pg characters, you will be able to use the same two for both sections* 

    Ok, now for my lazy peeps, just copy and paist the fallowing form. then fill it out.

    Mature or PG:
    Relations you signed up:

    For this limited time only I will be actually showing you how to fill this out.

    Name: First and last
    Gender: Male or female
    Species: Pick a Race there are 45 of them good luck.
    Mature or PG: Whats this character going to be played in. * note this is to catch those who don't pay attention*
    Personality: Whats your characters personality?
    Likes: His or her likes
    Dislikes: Her or his Dislikes
    Relations you signed up: If you signed up a brother cousin, twice removed spouces uncle niece nefews's honest to goodness grandpa
    Other: This is ware you would put unique tid bits, like what your shift looks like if they are w ware, and what 3 animals and what they look like if its a shifter
    Discription/pickture:  What your character looks like. DO NOT USE PICTURES OF REAL LIFE PEOPLE.

    Enjoy my pretties


    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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