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    About the questing tavern


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    About the questing tavern

    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:48 pm

    Ok, now for the fun stuff, and yes if you haven't guessed by now, my fingers have gone numb to all feeling after all this typing, why am I tormenting myself? 


    ok moving on

    howe questing taverns work.

    There will be a tavern for PG, and a Tavern for Mature. Separate only because of the nature of some quests vs the others. Now, to use the questing tavern which you will get a lot of use out of. You will have to " RP" it out. 

    Each tavern will have the first Post as the board, so Rp can continue and this will get updated without getting lost.

    The Bartender/owner/Questmaster, is the only person who can put you on the board, and either assigns you to a quest or allow you to claim a quest.

    If you are looking to join a party, you will be placed on the board under seeking. You will be the owner of the party if people request to join. Please have a name for your party. Such as the " windigos " or something like that.

    Also note that your character you wish to use, or characters must Rp this out. 

    You will be classed under three designations. 

    Questing Party, Survival party, and Partner in Crime. 

    Questing party : A group of characters up to 10 or more players with unlimited characters goes on a predetermined quest that either the Quest master chooses for you, or you claim off the board. 

    Survival party.: A group of characters up to 10 or more players with unlimited Characters goes on and adventure, to explore the word. You basically wander around aimlessly RPing how you wish with your fellows, plotless play you come up with how you go.

    Partner in Crime: Is a Player, meaning you, seeking another player to do a One one one or three-way PRP within the world.  Partners in crime once formed will constitute as a survival party, and still, must have a party name.

    Lastly, you can just hang out in the Tavern if you wish, break off from existing parties, form new ones, be in several, or you can not join a party, and play interacting with anyone in your area, even temporarily join with groups along your journey.

    Your party doesn't have to interact with any other party but does have to interact with each other. 

    The PG16 bartender will not be severing any booze of any kind. Mature bartender will be. So no drunken bar fights in the PG Questing Tavern.

    Lastly if at any time you're confused, as the questing Master any questions. Just stay in character lol.


    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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