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    Breeding Races, and God Affiliation Page


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    Breeding Races, and God Affiliation Page

    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:59 pm

    Ok, yes I understand you will have characters fall for one another, and yes I understand this results in children....

    But keep in mind, some races don't work like the others.  Also keep in mind The Gods that rule them seen below, can sometimes make an exception. Sometimes, not always are very rarely... now on to the breeding of things.

    Ok, to go through 45 breeds, and breeding is going to be a flipping nightmare, just to let you know.

    So going to start this in hopes I don't cry later.

    @= conproduce a halfing as long as their mate is exempt from Breed dominacy. 
    #= Breed dominacy meaning, they will all ways have a child of there own breed
    %= plus a fallowing breed name, means they will have either or. 
    &= Unable to breed with either Pg breeds, Moderation, or mature. May also be speciific breeds its unable to breed with. Will designate.

    Additional notes may be added after the symbols.

    Pg Breeds.  As follows breeds accordingly.

    1 werewolves @ % other were's and shifters
    2 werecats  @ % itger were;s and shifters
    3witches  @ % Druids
    4 Shades & can only cross with were's, -word #1- and witches
    5 lits @ % wisps Gravlings, Lanterners
    6 dwarves & Unable to breed to other races
    7 Elves @ 
    8 Shifters @ % were species
    9 Halfings @ up to four species may composit them.
    10 wisps @ % Whisps, Gravlings, Lanterners
    11 Selkies # Females & unable to produce crosses
    12 Fairis @
    13 were elk @ % other weres and shifters
    14 were horse @% other weres and shifters
    15 Holly heart @

    Mature breeds as fallows:

    1 Vampires @
    2 Grewls @ & Valhs
    3 Valhs @ & Grewls and sometimes Angles
    4Demons @
    5 Angles@ 
    6  Lanterners @ % Lit, wisps, Gravlings
    7 Silver Claws #
    8 Gravlings @% Lit wisps Lanterners
    9 Nymphs #
    10 Druids @ % witches
    11 Grims % all of em
    12  Sirens @
    13 Little people #
    14 forest folk # % Merfolk 
    15 Merfolk  # % forest folk 

    Moderation breeds. As follows :

    1 shadows # % Reapers
    2 Death Angles#
    3 Nightmares #
    4 Reapers#  Reaper to reaper might produce a shadow
    5 Monsters# Monster to Nightmare is a Reaper, Rare unheard of
    6 Banshees# Females Can not hybridize
    7 Denmarks# Males  Can not hybridize
    8 Dimlings# 
    9 Gods# Rarely a Demi god will result
    10 Demi gods# 
    11 Chromtopians# Females, Males offspring are a % 
    12 Elementals# 
    13 Elder#
    14 Fluters#
    15 Pathfinders#

    God Affliation.  New gods will be made and created periodically these are the only ones so far that claim Races. Wheather or not I or Darksoul plays them, is up in the air of right now.

    Each god is responsible for a " festival " and recieves those races prayers and curses ironically... Like say a Reaper was cusing then it would be Death dang it, or if he was praying " please lord Death, let me find such and such" 

    Ares God of war.

    1 Monsters
    2 Grewls 
    3 Demons
    4 Elementals 
    5 Silver Claws
    6 Grims

    Hades Lord of the underword

    1 Valhs * they are a charity case, as they actually belong to the dead evil god Bala*
    2 witches
    3 Sirens 
    4 Vampires * were a gift from Aphrodity for some sick reason* 
    5 HOly hearts * he employs them when they die for his soul freform school* 
    6 Fairies * no one else wanted to put up with them*
    7 Halfings * because aprently god is lord of the misfits* 
    8 Shades. 

    Lord Death * no explanation needed I hope.*

    1 Reapers
    2 Shadows
    3 Death Angles
    4 Banshees
    5 Nightmares
    6 Gravelings 
    7 Fluters
    8 Lanterners
    9 Whisps
    10 Lits

    Lord Midnight King of All gods

    1 Dimlings
    2 Demi gods
    3 Gods
    4 Elder
    5 Pathfinders
    6 Druids
    7 Selkies

    Lady Aurora  Goddes of light
    1 Chrome topians 
    2 Nymphs
    3 Forest folk
    4 Merfolk
    5 Little people
    6 Elves
    7 Dwarves

    Aphroditie  Goddes of love
    1 Denmarks * sorta her charity case as they once belonged to the others*
    2 Angles 
    3 Werewolves
    4were cats
    5were horse
    6were elk

    Holdiays each god has :p

     Has the festival known as " hero's Day"  its a grand time, and all who lost their lives in battle are remembered.

     Because hades gave up eons ago " Halloween" the year he just lets them all play. It caught on and the other gods let their races participate, its much like Halloween we know and love.

      Odly he came up with " Christmas" go figure, why, because death is a cuddly god thats why and was tired of being seen as scary.

    Lord midnight
     He actually holds what is known as " the Darkest night" blowing out all lights save the lights and candles of small children and yonge lovers, its said that if a couple make a candle that reflect how they feel, and they both are truely in love, Midnight won't blow out the candle. Children's candles repersent their hopes and dreams, as so there candles remain lit. Its said even the wips, and those who have lantern's light is muted and barely even seen on this night.

       Valintines day... ya you saw this coming.

    Lady Aurora 
      Festival of Flowers. " basically a party in the forest"


    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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