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    Breeds *species* (45 and counting) last update 12.01.2016


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    Breeds *species* (45 and counting) last update 12.01.2016

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:54 am

    Ok Just a friendly reminder, Breed specifics for each bloody blasted Race, hold true for every single character. Meaning, please don't run with something you made up about a species. Don't assume either, please. 

    Lastly, you do not need to read every single species, Just the ones you're interested in. While RPing, if someone is playing something interesting, and your not sure what it is, You can use this lovely list, as a quick ref. 

    Repeat No one hast to read the entire thing, just species you are interested in playing. If your meat a character in the Rp, that plays a species, you can use this list to learn about said species. 

    They are all humanoid... 

    And   ( * ) = Mature section only.  and ($) = Moderation only.

    And now the typing cramp I am about to receive.....

    1. Werewolves
    about werewolves:
    Werewolves have the ability to shapeshift into wolves. They have heightened sight, sense of smell, healing, and strength, though they are not strong enough to say bend a spoon. They have little to hardly any  magic ability but are able to do so, rarely travel or even group in packs, but do like to gather with their own kind for festivals and special events. They are not ruled by the moon, anger, or just their own will or desire can cause them to shift if they choose. They can shift partially causing ears and a tail, or fully, causing them to be the massive giant wolves they are. They do not act like beasts, and they do not act like dogs/wolves/pets. They are very in tuned with what is around them and often are hired to track guard, or as workers in general because of their work ethic.  

    2. Werecats
    About werecats:
    They are actually cousins to the werewolf, save instead of shifting into a wolf, they shift into a cat, normally a small house cat, and not the big cats you see roaming enclosures at zoos. They don't act like cats, but people, and are much more artistic as well as very sly. They tend to do well for information gathering, and unlike cats and dogs, will work well with werewolves. * see werewolf as the species are very simular*

    3.Vampires (*)
    About Vampires:
    Vampires aren't allergic to the sunlight, they don't sparkle so leave your Twilight ideals at the log in page to this site, nothing will ever (insert proper form of word #3 here) sparkle except a bloody David bowie vampire, only acceptable sparkly vampire, if it's a David Bowie, and a vampire, it better be the world's sparkliest of all sparklies. * cough* They are strong, sexy, and creatures of the night. They like nighttime, only because well the night time is the best time for a vampire to hunt. They do not kill what they hunt, and they can not turn someone into a vampire, they can blood bond with someone, but that's the extent of it. Vampires can enthrall people, to mood alter extra, they are dangerous, strong, lean. They can eat any food but need blood once a day. They can be very mysterious, and blend in well into shadows. Vampires are fast and in a fight against many of the species, they would honestly come on top. Werewolves, witches, and even werecats are honestly no match. As Vampires have high magical skills. They just choose not to use it half the time, and it's not anything like the other magic users. They do have a heartbeat, and vampires are born not made.  

    4. Witches 
    about witches:
    They basically long live humans with powers. Magic isn't based on any of the movies you know that has magic, they are not like harry potter, and they do not stir at their cauldrons thank you very much. Chants or spells or potions are just made kinda like people make bath bombs or recite powerful poetry. Seriously keep things, simple people. They like every bloody species on this list POOF.

    5Grewls (*)( unplayable till later on) 
    About Grewls:
    Grewls Pronounced " GROOLS ", are a race of beings that are fierce in battle, they are skilled in fighting, arts, and medicinal practices, Tea's being their strong suits. They are prolific in most art forms, and very skilled, in ways of war, hiding large areas from people, and magic. They are the things Valhs fear. Due to conflicts of interests, and rather a hard and uncontrollably infrastructure, Female are left to raise, protect, educate, and even craft and make things, such as Tools, and weapons. Men are forbidden from making weapons and tools, as females make them far superior. Females are forbidden to make Tea blends, as Males have a better sense of taste and smell. Leaving them experts in the area, where females hold a better attention to detail and thus make superior weapons and tools. A tool or weapon made by a male is taboo, just as tea blends blended by females is taboo.

    6Vlahs (*) ( Temporarily unplayable) 
    about Vlahs:
    Valhs is pronounced " VALLs " Kinda like walls but with a v sound instead of a w. They are shadowing beings that live in the unexplored darkest parts of the Darkwoods, in the heart if you will. They are terrible beings, being able to do dark magic without consequences, believe in raising an evil god from death, and are mostly evil. Though some are not evil at all, most are. Militant in their ways, they are fierce in battle and enjoy the suffering of others. Twice as strong as most beings, faster, and anger easily, They are an enemy none wish to really tangle with, They are the stories of legends and myths.

    7Demons (*)
    About demons:
    Demons are in fact demons, However, they would like it if you would stop associating them with Religion.  Demons have been mistaken for those soul stealing freaks for far far too long, in fact, Demons call them HellBringers, since Demons have been mistaken for them for centuries, eons, since the development of Christianity and various other religions. Thus Demons, actual and real demons, hate the very existence of Hellbringers, and humans equally. Thus the reasons why they were first in line to move to Legendary were humans and the sodding Hellbrings simply don't exist. Paradise as it were, they went skipping like small children holding hand and hand through the gate, and considering they are in fact Demons, this was a sight to see. Being demons, they have an affinity for fire, meaning they can use fire, much like you can use your hand, they are strong, and have tempers that would land them into every single Anger Managment class known to man. Demons are possessive, over property, mates, lively hoods, and various random things. Very highly territorial. They are great with magics and have a friendly disposition when it comes to other races that were oppressed by humans, such as all of them really. But you can see, where they might be mistaken for a Hellbringer. Did I mention they are very very protective, can love like no other, and can be vengeful and cruel in the event that you wish to harm something they love?  Save a human date a demon. Sodding Hellbringer scum rot in your biblical hell. *cough* Female demons are rare, in fact really rare, being that they rarely survive past a specific age, they are strong, however very frail as far as demons go. They are pretty much, pampered, and all live a life of Luxury, it's a dull life. Demon females tend to go for weaker males of the same species, or weaker species males, as mating with an average or stronger demon male would most likely kill them. Giving birth to a strong healthy male might also kill them. Depending on circumstances and the like. Both male and female demons have bat-like wings, to which they can summon, at will. They are born with them but keep in mind, they are either " out" *in the plain of existence* or  " put away" * out of the pain of existence* and no the ability to make them appear and disappear is something THEY ALL CAN DO.The size of  their wings Is determined by power. weak demons small wings, strong demons huge wings. Both males and females are sexy and dark Featured.

    About Angles:
    Angels true Angels that is, would rather like to beat into people's heads, that what you guys and gals have been mistaken for them are known as heaven bringers, and not Angels. Angels have nothing to do with the humans God, and or heaven. The heaven bringers do, however, and fight and battle with hell bringer. Angels, however, have white feathered wings. Though they do come in other colors, black, and bird shades and markings. Like demons, their wings work the same way. They are actually distant cousins, as the original tribe that started both Angels and Demons were once just a single species. Angels can perform all kinds of magic, can sooth, calm, and even heal people and animals. They are even tempered mostly, not territorial and with the exception of mate, are fine with sharing. They, however, can be very aggressive in battle, and it's known that some Angels nicked named fallen, as a joke, are rather liers cheats, you know scum of the earth. Angels are not goody-goody beings of light. They are more slender and more light featured than demons.

    9Shadows ($)
    About shadows:
    Shadows are more powerful than Reapers but less powerful than Death angles. They like both those other breeds mentioned get lists from lord Death himself. They have complete and utter control over shadows, being able to summon the creatures that live there to do their bidding, They can hide in them, travel using them, kill them, by making the shadows solid objects, and live primarily when they don't want to be bothered with the rest of you slobs, in the Void. It's their home away from home, and all who enter there who isn't shadow born dies. Simple as that.

    10Nightmares ($)
    About Nightmares:
    The unholy offspring of halflings that represent everything except Valh. Sleek, all most cat like, they are one of the few species other than Death angels, shadows, and other reapers, to hear a reapers soul call, its is very horrifically painful for them. They are not obligated to end the reaper, however, as the only reason they can hear the call, is which god they are affiliated with. Some have Vampire traits depending on if vampire blood is strong in their lines, they then can drink emotions, or blood normally. Though they primarily hunt solo, it isn't rare for them to form small family pride so to speak. They sometimes will take forever mates from other species but this is rare, Nightmares predominantly hate Monsters. Did I mention on a hot scale from 1 to 10 they are a 50. Every last one of them. They are a rare breed, as Nightmares who, don't follow the rules so to speak, will be slaughtered. That is if they go on a rampage of carnage and destruction, are truly evil, or do a crime that is unforgivable.

    11Death angles($)
    About Death Angles:
    Death Angles are the unholy offspring of a Valh and an Angel. They too have lists, with those who death wishes to end, are required much like shadows and other reapers to answer a reapers soul, though they like shadows, will allow and much rather prefer other reapers to do the answering. Of course, if Lord death tells them to step in, they will. They like Angles have wings, though always black, and a disposition and an affinity for an element. However, this is what is known as their Dark phase also the true phase. When a Death Angel is pushed to his or her breaking point, and near or close to death, they can go supernova, and their wings, hair and eye color will change to whatever is the opposite of their dark phase. There personality changes to something quite horrific, and their affinity swaps as well, A Gentle Death Angle with an affinity for fire, would have a Cruel Light phase with an affinity to ice. Each of them has their own way or catalyst for turning back to what they truly are, which is their dark phase. They are rare, and rarely seen

    About Reapers:
    Reapers do that they reap. They have lists, of people they need to end and ferry souls into the realm of the afterlife. that they are to be sent, either to work with Lord Death in an office setting, go to the great vacation in the sky, or work for hades lord and master of the underworld reform school for wayward souls. Ya, so anyway, they get their blade, which chooses them at birth, at the age of 13. They always have red eyes and have powers such as the 6 point star, which keeps you in, and everything else out, and of course the kiss of death, which is exactly as that sounds. Did I mention they are what would result from a Nightmare and a monster having a kid together, ya you mash all the species together and poof you get a reaper. All breeding Rules and god affiliations will be on another topic page, ya me.  Female reapers do not go insane, as they do not and are not required to take the lives of children, males however are, and do eventually go insane due to this. After a period of time, a male reapers soul will call. Causes another reaper or some one who can hear the call, come to end them. Its an act of both love and Mercy for the soul no longer can stand the pain.  Female reapers also have the scream of death. Reapers and Chromtopians are imune to this. As well as Death angles, and Shadows.

    about monsters:
    They are the unholy offspring of two halflings that represent everything except Grewls. This ironically makes whatever they are strong blooded in unstable, causing them to more or less go mad, and become a destructive force that never stops till someone kills them, they are brutish, much like wolves, and are singular creatures. Some though are weaker and thus don't go bonkers. Those ones are the lucky few.

    14 Shades
    about Shades:
    Shades for starters shouldn't be mistaken for Shadows or any other shadowy type breed. They are tall, and basically your average kinda guy. They can read shadows, much like a soothsayer would tea leaves. This way they can predict danger, or track people, they often enough, only come out during the night, as their eyes are horribly sensitive, and sunglasses don't exist in this world. They can do ironically very minor and faint light magic, people speculate they have a weak ability in this,so not to hurt their own eyes, trying to light a path to not trip, though the moon for them suffices. They are often lucky, but not in departments that would warrant celebration.  

    15 Lits
    About lits:
    Lits are a race of people, who can " flit" also known as flash, from place to place. The smoke they admit, when doing so, tells someone if danger is near or not. A lits smoke is soft, and bright colors such as white, blue green, inc, then nothing is in harm's way, however, if a lits smoke is black brown or sinister shades, danger is afoot. Lits have the ability to read old languages. detect via poofing if something is safe, and often like to flirt and charm ladies, and the females of this species, love nothing more than to kiss unsuspecting people.

    16 lanterners (*)
    about Lanterners:
    First of all, they are all most always male, and from the age of 5 carry with them a lantern. This lantern is a reflection of the Lanterner's soul. They obtain them by simply going to sleep one night, and waking it to being by their bedside. They are often seen mindlessly roaming at night, though children unless orphaned never are seen. They linger at graveyards and walk dark paths. They tend to pumpkin patches, and other plants in gardens their lanterns will open. Each one being a key of sorts. If the flame goes out in a lanterner's lantern, Evil is close by. IT will relight and the Lanterner then will be seen once more, when evil leaves. They are often seen guiding those in dangerous positions to safety. Their one defense is to burn those with their phantom flames, which is what lights the lantern they hold.

    17Silver Claws (*)
    About silver Claws:
    Silver Claws can not step foot outside in the sunlight, that will turn them into a flaming pile of ash. Silver claws are rare, and are the same species as Black claws, which is what a silver claw is called normally, They have claws up to 2 feet in length wich they can fully retract, are strong, can do magic, can hide in shadows, go through walls and aren't foiled by holy objects. A black Claw, when born has silver tipped claws, these tips are lost when they make their first " kill of an innocent" another word if it's considered a murder. If by their 18th birthday, they have not lost the silver tips, they will never loose them. They will simply have them when their adult claws grow in, however, if they have been killing evil, and protecting innocent lives, they will not loose the silver tips, but their adult claws will be completely silver and they will be able to walk in sunlight then. Silver tipped black claws, can walk in candlelight, fire light, and twilight, even shadows. But not daylight.  Completely black claws, can not handle anything that isn't moon or starlight.  

    About Dwarves:
    Dwarves are simply short people, who like to make hammers, helmets, swords, knives, jewelry, and like to mine. Going on adventures is fun for them, and they can be competitive, they are not stalky, and are very fast and swift on their feet. Dwarves can do magic, but it's limited to earth based magics, and well every single species can poof so that too.

    About Elves:
    This is going to end up giving me a bloody headache, I just know it. They are tall, slender beings, who are kind, gentle, wise, and tend to the forest, eager to help, do good, and go on adventures, skilled in medicine, and like to make or play instruments.

    20banshees ($)
    About banshees:
    I don't trust anyone of you with a phantom predominantly female race of beings that scream to alert the death of a person. I don't.. want and can't, however, banshees are great warning moderation tools, since they are cool, mostly female, and if you hear them scream, it's most likely someone in your family or group is going to die, and if you see it scream, you're going to die. But, if you see one, and they aren't screaming and whaling, sure invite them to tea, date one, no one cares, but for the record, if they are there and show an interest in you, it might mean your party group or yourself is destined for possible disaster. Awesome right.

    About shifters:
    Shifters are beings who can shift shape, into an animal, up to three animals to be exact. Each shifter is born with the ability to shift shape to a preset of animals, meaning your born with the ability to shapeshift into a snowy owl with one green eye, a wolf with a black pelt and a star on its head in white, and a black house cat with one white paw and yellow eyes. That is what that specific shifter will shift into till they day he or she dies. So once your shifter shifts into three animals, those are its three animals forever and all ways. You will have to list all three animals if they have three, in their sign ups, as they will be those three animals, those same three forever, and all ways. No shifting into whatever you feel like whenever you feel like, pick three and you're done.

    about halflings:
    This one should be a no-brainer, it's what comes about when a mommy of one species loves a daddy of another species, and they have kids. Except specific breeds bred with specific breeds don't make halflings, and this will all be explained on the " breeding Characters and God Affiliation" topic. Halflings will exhibit either to favor mom's or dad's genes or be a weak combo of the two.

    23Gravlings (*)
    about Gravling's:
    Human-like creatures, that hang out in graves tending them, digging them, and also protecting them. Gravlings without a cemetery of their own to tend will wonder, this is ok. As unmarked graves, graves of hero's and random graves along roadsides and such all need tending too as well. Gravlings are always seen with a Lantern and a Shovel. The shovel is soul bound to them, and the lantern is as well, being able to dangle off the handle of their shovel. A Gravling when they turn 13 will craft both their lantern and their shovel, they are strong and very scary. I do not recommend crossing one's path. They use their shovel for digging graves, protecting graves, and also attacking. I would watch, crazed Gravlings always make an odd creepy soul shattering sound, right before they kill you. Fun fact, not Crazed evil demented Gravlings, will defend the living from their evil crazed demented species members, going so far, as to bury them alive for breaking the secede pact of lantern and shovel.

    About whisps:
    Male and female willow wisps, can travel as small blue flames, they often guide people to their destinies. These people understand and yet don't the paths they partake in. They like music, spicy food, and tend to enjoy other's companies. Though a wisp has very little power, it can temporarily borrow, a power from someone close to them. * note that whips in the Pg sections can't borrow on pg powers, and they can not in any section barrow moderation species powers*

    25Denmarks ($)
    About Denmarks:
    Denmarks are all male, all of them are cursed, and hold great magic, they are basically the patron saint of Children, as they protect them, taking them from bad parents to rais as their own, or giving these children to good people who can't have children, Demarks are unable to have children till they have found the one thing they are missing. Which is defined by the Red curse mark on their right hand, those who have broken their curse *partly* will have a black curse mark on the right hand. Denmarks are rare, and often enough commit suicide, death always has pity for these poor unfortunate souls, for they were tricked into a pack with an evil god, and always lets them be reborn into a gentler race.

    26 Dimlings ( $)
    About Dimlings:
    Dimlings are shadowy people, that are innocent in nature, they can learn anything and everything, they only need to see it once. They are a favored breed, and it is actually a sin to on purpose hurt such gentle sweet creatures.
    27Nymphs (*)
    About Nymphs:
    They are beings that tend to specific things, such as Oaks or water inc. They have the ability to communicate and control this Element or thing that they are the Nymph of. They are predominantly Female, though males do exist.

    28 Selkies
    About Selkies:
    Selkies are all ways Female, they using a special white coat, which they are born with, can turn into a Seal. if they are separated from the coat they can die. They can predict storms and have the ability to hold their breath longer than most. They can also find sailors lost as sea or rescue drowning men, they seem to be drawn to do so.

    29Druids (*)
    About Druids:
    Druids are not like witches, they do not, cast spells like they do, nor do they make magic like they do. They are stronger, more in tune with nature, and they normally use artifacts with magical abilities, and wonder around, making these Magic items, to be sold to people. They refuse to hurt hearth and home, which is the earth, all though they do consume meat, do cut down trees and do see the value of specific dang. However, Druids under the circumstance can foretell the stars.

    30Gods ($)
    About Gods:
    I think you know what the bloody hell a god is. If not, here is your dunce hat, go sit in the corner of shame. Mods, talk to me before you sign up a god, as some of the gods, are pre taken, and no they do not fallow greek myth exactly. Third of all, each race or races will be assigned to a god. This god andles these breeds afairs payers inc. Will be fully explained on the " god Afilation" page.

    31Demi Gods($)
    About Demi gods:
    In the case of this Rp, they are the offspring of a God and one other race. They do not hybridize. They are also very exteremly Rare.

    32 Chrometopians ($)
    About Chrometopians:
    Once they were the masters of a great crystal citiy in the dark woods, and now they are but a hanful of beings scattered across the waists and other such lands of Legend. Female have a deadly scream, are skilled in magic, and lord over everything domestic, no better person can be found to gaurd children. Though both Reapers, Shadows, Death Angles, and fellow Chromtopians are imune to their deathly scream. Males however have been called Gargoyles for centuries, able to shift shape into the form of an animal, the color of stone. Depending on the form you take, and stone you are, determines your rank among the males. Dragons for instance were high rank. Males are " impervious" to magic, and hard to kill. They take on the ability of the form they take, a wolf Gargoyle would have the senses of a wolf, a Dragon Gargoyle would have the senses, the flying ability, and the ability to breath fire of the dragon.  

    About Grims:
    Grims are a sad lot, they tend to be handsom men, but like the breeds name suggests, they fallow those doomed for misery. Rarely does a grim find happness, and when a grim does, they are forever bound to that person. If that person should die, they turn to stone. A grim reminder of how happness is fleeting, and ones life can be ended short. They are quick, have good sens of smell, can do low basic magic, and are good company. Most are skilled in domestics. The rare and occasional female grim. Is rare indeed, she feeds of the Grim and hoplessness of other creatures, and can be seen mostly tending forever fed the stone statues of what once were her kin.

    34 Elementals ($)
    About Elementals:
    Pick an Element and that person can fully control it, even become that element for a short period of time. Their powers as such, since they have no limit, can be used for Good or evil, but what ever it is, it will be grand and all consuming.

    35 Sirens (*)
    About Sirens:
    Pretty women, who can sing a sailor to his doom, fortune, love, out of harms way... Really they sing to do a lot of things. They no longer honestly sing anyone to their doom, but do occasionally in accordance to protect some one, will. However their song is easily ignored and sometimes horrifically easily broken. Most make a living being singers in up scale taverns as it keeps bar fights from breaking out.

    36 Fairies
    About Fairies:
    The only way to explain this race is to simply say. People with dragon fly or butterfly wings, that like to play harmless tricks on people. They are tender and sweet, and repersent everything good in the world, they tend to be shy, and all have the ability to control things that grow. which is handy if your a starving vegitarian. Well hell, if your starving its handy.

    37 little people (*)
    About Little people:
    They are about the same hieght as a dwarf. though they can some how end up to be tall or average height. This is rare though, and generally is a result of having some other race way way way way back in their family history. They tend to collect and fix things, are great collectors of gold and jewles but are eager to share the wealth, rainbows, are normally there way to avertise their shops, and pots is the only way the keep their gold. They orginate from Ireland and are besoted and utterly obsessed with Celtic Knots, and other Celtic items. They do miss Ireland and as such, Legend does have a little peace of the mother land for them. They like to visit and bury their dead there.

    38 Elder ($)
    About  Elder:
    The elder are mythical beings, that tend to live in the forest, they are what would be called Forest Guardians, as that is what they do. They are wise beyond their years, strong beyond there time, and are one of the few races, that grow herbs that can cure the most horrid of ailments, and poisons. Its said that an Elder Chief can bring those back from the dead. However this is a rumore, possibly true, and they can't bring gods back.

    39 Forest folk (*)
    About forest folk:
    Not to be confused with Elders, Nymphs, Elves, or any of the other foresty species, these little gems, are normally trees, bushes, plants in general, that have gained some sort of power, the process is unknown, but the result is a man or woman, who by all acounts, live in the forest tending it, they can have children like all the other breeds, as its rare for a Forest folk to be born from a plant these days. They can converse with their specific plant and are seen helping out their forest Nymphs.  They have a darkness however, as they are known to steal the souls of those who dare commit the sin of setting foot in what is forbiden.

    40 Merfolk (*)
    About Merfolk:
    I am pretty sure, you all know what a Merman and a Mermaid look like, if not please go watch the little mermaid 200 times then get back to me. Because that is essentually the Merfolk, except they can walk on land when ever they choose, its encouraged to see the world above, and Merfolk pride themselves into learning at younge ages, to shift their tail into legs, and learn to use them. They can breath both air and water much like a human or a fish, and can swim like no other sea critter. They however do require liquid, so desert travel would be the death of them if they weren't with a water Nymph that could summon water for him or her constantly.

    41 WereElk 
    about WereElk:
    If you read werewolves, and wre cats, then you will know its just like one of them, except they turn into elk, both males and females of the species have Antlers year round when they shift. Year round. Some of which can shift into an Irish Elk, which is the largest towering over moose, in the "deer" breeds.

    42 Werehorse
    About werehorses:
    Read werewolves or werecats, and replace all the words partiang to cats and wolves with horse, ta da, they however can only shift into the same horse every single time. Meaning if your guy is wereClydsdale he's going to be a were Clydsdale forever.

    43 Holly Hearts 
    Holly Hearts:
    Overly excitable, happily, and a bloody morning person. They seem to be so peppy that Christmas time they single handidly decorate the entire world of Legend themselves. Thus Holly Hearts. They are actually their own species, and get on everyone nerves. Most of the time, as well who likes morning people. They have the abilities of most of the breeds * pg breeds* just muted and weaker, honestly if they weren't so peppy and gifted in magic and other stupid departments, they would be considered human. They are the one species that is predominatly hired to sentence people to death, or proceed as judges. Why because nothing is uneving than having some one order you to pay 3000 gold coins, and two weeks in jail, with a giggle a flirt, a wide grin, and being overly peppy. They start planning christmas decorations in Febuary.

    44 Fluters($)
    About Fluters:
    They are men and woman, who can see the souls that have yet not been Feried to the other side. They play their flute, to call the dead and dang to them, helping them to cross over, as a reaper can not force a soul to cross. These Fluters, tend to have one red eye, and hold wicked magic as they are sworn to get their charges to cross over, it helps the reapers, they then will pick up the souls and feiry them across. Its the Fluters job to get those stubron ones to agree to do so. Fluters can also call people to the plain of living for a short span of time, or to reverse death. Fluters can only reverse death, if Lord Death touches their flute.

    45 Pathfinders ($)
    About pathfinders.:
    Pahtfinders, find souls that are lost, find things that were lost, and also blaze new paths and trails for those who seek glory. Pathfinders are simple, however they do not exist in this plain, unless they wish too. They are one of the only beings that can open portals to other realms. They are swrong to the god of Portals to only obey him in these matters.

    If you think this was a lot of reading, you weren't the one typing it. Nessisary because this gives 15 species to each the Pg16 section the Moderation, and the lovely Mature. So Pg16 will only have to worry about 15 species. Mature will only have 30 and well Mods have a 45 run free for all. Lol

    again, I probably won't be able to type for a long while after this.... and you don't honestly have to read every single one, just the ones you A can play, and B want to learn about. Again this list is here for reference if later on, you get curious about a species or character.

    This is subjected to being updated peroidically.

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