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    Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:12 pm

    For starters, all players must read the ENTIRE RULES SET.
    Things marked with an ASTRIX (*) are for the Mature section of the Rp. THOSE WHO WISH TO NOT PLAY IN THOSE SECTIONS PLEASE READ THOSE RULES ANYWAY! Why you ask, so you can message me  with the fallowing information.   Who posted the post, where it was posted, and what rule did it break. I or one of our moderators will fix it. Do not report post, as its sent not to us, but our host, and that opens a can of worms....

    Some astrix rules my override other rules, and ALL RULES UNLESS OVERIDED APPLY.

    Rules : 

    1.  Just because I put it in a  information section, Doesn't mean you have the right to play it. * marked breeds, inc, only apply and only can be played in Mature sections and by age restricted members, things marked with a $ sign are for Moderation and higher only. 

    2. At any given time, I may add, remove, revise, or consider, a rule, breed, area, inc. Its your job, to stay on top of things.

    3. Please note, that all character exhibiting a mental disorder, an illness, or a walk of life, color or creed, can not be played stereotypically. 3 complaints ( you will be warned for the first two ) about a character's behavior or typing and the character will just be murdered in RP. 

    4. Just because a character looks good in the sign ups, does not mean it will fly in Rp, depending on how you play it. Information on breeds are there for a reason, use it to the best of your ability. For instance, WERECATS, don't act like cats. Thus each character after acceptance in the sing-ups has 10 posts and 7 days of a trial period, in which character is actually played. that said a character can still be disapproved on.

    5.  ALL Characters, will be required to be played in the Trail forum for 10 posts minimum. Up to 7 days. In the " trail" or " starting topic" before unleashed into the rest of the world. Think of it as if your living through the tutorial in a vidio game.

    6. All characters have to be a GENDER. Male or female, can't be both, none , or something you made up.  This throws Rp play, mucks things up, and disregards specific rules.

    7. No Technology doesn't work, and YES, women are second class citizens in some RACES, or just not existent. No, it does have everything to do with the fact, that's how their cultures or breed functions. For instance, Demons * not confused with biblical sense* females are inferior.  Ware in your Magic Race, whiches rule over wizards. No one is being honestly Oppressed, degraded, or mistreated. You will just have to read the breeds, to see what I mean. 

    8. No there is no longer a king, or ruling family over the Entire, Land of Legendary. Ya, there are going to be wars, people vying for power... but no, the Rp is designed that there never will be a king, or queen or any ruling faction over legend. 

    * 9. Gore is permitted, but don't go into horrid detail.

    10. Gore can be hinted at.

    11. No sex.... not... no rape, no sex, you can hint at or imply or use black outs... 

    *12  this, of course, like rule 9 does for rule 10 overrides rule 11. But please no over the top detail, leave things to the imagination, please.

    13. Astrix breeds my never be played in PG16 topics, however, all breeds can be played in Mature topics.

    14. Godmodding, my character one ups yours, forshadowing, trying to plot out plots, tying to get me to spill what I am plotting or what other people are plotting, is not legal in this Rp, or any ware on this CITE.  Meaning no pre planning nothing, except children.

    15. If you can not handle, Any of these rules, please stick to PRPing with some one.

    16. YOu must sign up TWO Characters. TWO. One male one female. Don't care what breed.  If you intend on playing in Mature and Pg16 sections of the RP, YOU MUST HAVE TWO UNIVERSAL CHARACTERS! Can be played both in Mature and Pg16. They must also be male and female. YOur Mature only breed characters will not count towards this total if you plan on playing both sections.

    17. if you think moderation is picking on you, is unfair, inc, please Pm me, and I will explain why your getting on our nerves so badly.

    18. No, Rare breeds are ment to be rare, and through out time, in RP play, they are too be repopulated, or go extict what ever floats my boat. That means you CAN NOT SIGN THEM UP WITH OUT PRIOR PERMISSION. ALSO WHEN CAP HAPPENS THATS IT.

    19. The Rp is designed to be played with out my presence. This doesn't mean that you can burry me in 4 pages of posts. Tomorrow is another day guys.

    20. Additional rules maybe through out information, HEAD ALL OF THEM!

    21, you do not need to read astrix breeds if you are not going to play Mature section. All players are required to read the $ breeds as you should know what were moderating with. Moderating characters will be played like normal characters, this doesn't mean you can get away with murder, and it doesn't mean you should cower in fear when one is present.... When one wants to kill you, yes, start praying for mercy.

    22. You will have a " discussion " area, as well as a Question area, and a Suggestion area, you don't voice your opinions there, questions, and or concerns, or suggestions and your just not going to payed attention too. 

    Thats the entire, rules set, for the entire Rp.  Please keep in mind, that I do hold the right to be a horrible human being and denie you game play. Please keep in mind, that I can be an angle or a demon you choose what I am.


    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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