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    Sign ups, some little tid bit of weird


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    Sign ups, some little tid bit of weird

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:24 pm

    Ok my fuzzies, before you sign up, by filling out my horrific form of doom, you no doubt will marvel over its horror. Some FAQ's you guys tend to ask me, rather annoyingly when I do these kinds of Rps. Don't worry I will explain this.

    1. Whats the plot of this Rp?
    Their isn't one, and no I will not intruduce a plot ever. WhY? WHY? you ask. Because the last Rp I started with out a plot, died horribly, due to a factor called, plot. The plot was a good plot, but it killed the Rp when introduced and in the worlds of the rock eater from never ending story " it was a good strong Rp, er these were good strong hands... er... its been a while."

    2. When is howl going to post?
    Er, when ever I feel, have the time, and or have a chance too. The rp is set up, so I can go days maybe even months with out having much interaction with it. Its set up to run itself, kinda like you don't need the owner or admin of a MMORPG game, giving you a tour guide and fallowing you everyware as you slay wrogs and orks.

    3. Please accept my character?
    No, you clearly didn't read my info, you clearly didn't read what I posted on the thread, and you clearly didn't attempt any effort into that sing up. The answer is no... I will not fix it or not play those are your only options.

    All right so here is your Form. I will give you a dummy mock up so you know how I want you to sign up.

    World originally from:
    Taken because:
    Special abilities
    Special characteristics:
    Picture or description:

    How to fill out

    Name: First, Middle ( only if applicable), Last
    Gender: M or F
    Past: Yes if they remember, no if they can't, N/A if its partial memory
    History: The time in which they have all ready spent in the world, you must get special permission to be in the world, for more then a few months. If your character remembers their world and life leading up to being tossed into the Cursed land, then you would put their history on their real world.
    Personality: You know what they are like, trust worthy, shady what?
    Race: Human, vampire, werewolf, wizard, hobbit, you know stuff like that, Dwarves for the win.
    World originally from:you know like Narnia, inc. XD
    Taken because: The reason or last moment for the character in their past world. Even ones with no memory of their past world, will at least have night mares of their final hour on their world.
    Special abilities: Such as, able to read maps, draw maps, internal compas, stuff like that
    Special characteristics: Scars, tattoo's, thinks that set him or her a part form the others.
    Picture or description: Self explanatory people, not going to hold your hand.

    This concludes the sign ups. Please post your sing up below, please also note, that this and any other information will up date, I will notify you all personally of this.

    Now sign up kiddies.

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