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    The people you find.


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    The people you find.

    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:32 am

    I realized having your character from another world, and then having worlds these characters could come from, opened a huge can of worms.
    For instance, one person might want to make a character from a world your character came from from. For what ever reason, and you might get really really ticked off if the world you came up with suddenly has this other character, and its like, everything this character says about the other world is totally NOT cannon. This also can open up into some evil aspects that I now can foresee in total horror and I just don't have the time nor the energy to police everyone's sign ups.

    So here are some things:

    When using the world we live in now, please do not use a time frame of person in after the 1950s.

    Other things starting with:

    your character can either not remember at all ware they came from. This means not at all, and they will never get this memory back.

    They can partly remember, and will remain so with just fragments tossed in as a bone, but this can only be used for the world you live in right now, if you plan on updating their memory till they remember fully.

    The fully remeber ware they came from. This is used mostly for fictional worlds only. Though the other two also can be applied for a fictional world as well.

    Please note for the fallowing worlds, you can not play characters that are actually in said movie, book, inc.

    Worlds that Can be used for fictional Use * ask for a world and I can add it here if aproved*:

    lord of the rings
    Atlantis * Disney version with milo, includes second movie as well*
    Dragon Heart
    Treasure planet
    World of Warcraft
    Dragon Age * all games*
    Jurassic Park ( this includes 1,2,3 the first one preferred)
    Jurassic world ( Preferred)
    Never ending story
    Dungeons and Dragons
    Harry potter * movies preferred as some of you don't read)
    Alice in wonder land.

    ( if you don't know what their worlds are called as I used move titles mostly, <-- that should help)

    Worlds you may never as for because the answer is NO:

    50 shadows of grey
    Planes ( and anything else along said lines)
    Vampire knight
    sword art online
    Percy Jackson
    Any Rp on here.
    Marvel/Dc anything.
    Sponge bob
    Mario anything
    and more to come as they are brought up or thought about.

    Races to avoid at all costs, the reason aslo included for the fallowing:

    No Elves * we rp'd with one person who omg, her whole take on elves wasn't what we were going for, they were peace loving, forest dwellers who were atuned to nature. She just kept playing her character as a horrible snob, high born lived in castle, was rude snappy and mean. It scared us for life.*

    No non humanoid Characters. It doesn't fit with the rp.

    No Bug men of any kind. Just were not trying to creepy anyone out here.

    No Cyborgs. Sorry, metal other then whats found on and used to make clothing or swords can not be transported by the Cursed land. Meaning ya, swords and shorter versions of swords, would pass through, No Guns, robotic body parts, cars, bikes, planes, trains, some boats, cell phones, phasers, lazers, vaperizers, well you get the idea by now. If your not sure, what will be able to enter the cursed land, ask me first.

    Anything that Sparkles. Nope nope nope, no sparkly Vampires here. It just gets horrifically on my nerves.

    some species please play with caution as if it turns out they become a problem I will remove them.

    humans * nah, I am pretty sure humans will be ok, but just in case*

    ok now go have fun.

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