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    Cursed Land


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    Cursed Land

    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:46 pm

    The cursed land is a magical land, composed of many aspects you might find in many other worlds. The land is ware all the cursed, the condemned go too, for some reason or another. The land has saved those people from their last moments in their own worlds.

    The land however, can be just as cruel. As some, are healed partly, fully, or not at all. Some also might have secondary wounds when they get hear. Either way they are saved from the brink of death, by the Cursed land. These people are not evil people, not fully, they are men and women with small vices, trouble pasts, and bad luck. They are indeed cursed. Broken, and condemned.

    Many of those brought here, wish to leave, even though half of them believe, that this will return you to the fate you were to have. Meaning that bullet entering you chest would finally get to kill you. The land of the cursed is not a happy place, then again its not really a horrible place either, many like it here, mainly because they have found some sort of peace with in the lands.

    Their is no rhyme or reason as to why the land brings people to it, why it commands people to to walk and live here. No one really knows, some don't care, some want to go back, others, want to know, want to stay, want to dream.

    The only thing common of all the people it brings to it, is that they were all about to die. They all ruffly get sent to the same area, and oddly enough, their are buildings and structures here, and oddly enough, their aren't any natives. Its an odd strange place.

    Will you and your group of now fast friends, seek the mysteries that await you? Seek to return thinking your fate has changed, or even stayed the same? Will you seek to take hold of the opportunity to be some one, or will you let the curse of the land eat at your very soul?

    Oh one more thing, what do you believe happens when you die here in the cursed land? The world may never know, but some pass, and all that is left is a lonely stone in the cursed land, with words written to be your final homage or plea to a world who would soon forget you.

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