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    How to be an Admin

    Dark Soul

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    How to be an Admin

    Post  Dark Soul on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:28 pm

    This I'm very picky on.  The reason being is that anyone I make Admin (short for Administrator, so think school principle or something like that) has the ability to change anything and everything for this site, even delete it if they figure out my password.  So these rules will be a little more strict.

    • You must be on daily. (Or come very close to it, to where you might miss one or two days every couple of weeks and nothing more, exceptions to family vacations and such are made. Those are important and you can't control where there is and isn't wifi so you can connect.)
    • You must be active in chat daily. (same as above.)
    • You must show me you can handle responsibility and not abuse it.
    • You must be active in several (meaning at least 3) Public RPs! on this site!
      • At least two of them must be hosted by drosenth, wolfHhowling, or myself.

    • You must have good grammar and spelling both in chat and in RPs, as well as good communication skills (meaning that people can understand what you're telling them, and if they don't, you take the time to explain what you're telling them.)
      • Do not give me crap about Howl. He is one of those people where, thanks to his keyboard a dyslexia, he got the double whammy, but once you've talked to him long enough, you can usually figure out what he means.

    • You must show an active interest in RPs, maintaining them, and maintaining all other responsibilities below that of an Admin.
    • You must be qualified for all other special groups (including age restriction and PRP.)
    • You must have your age (including year of birth) posted in your profile (because I do have my own personal age restriction for this position.)  If you aren't comfortable with that, then you clearly are not comfortable enough to maintain this site. No, an "age range" does not count. I must know the exact year.
    • You must be willing to keep contact with me through personal email or Facebook (even texting on phones if I come to trust you enough and you come to trust me enough.)  
      • Yes, there is a major reason for this. whenever I go to visit my grandma, she literally lives in the middle of no where, like, next neighbor is about a mile away nowhere, so as you can imagine, I get very little cell service and she has no internet. So I need my admins to be able to keep me updated through whatever means necessary to ensure that I am aware of anything going on that needs my attention when I return.

    • At one time or another, you were/are a site mod on this site.
    • Don't ask me to become an Admin.  I will watch everyone, and determine by number of players that are active when we need more and who are the best candidates for the position.
    • Do not whine or complain when someone other than you gets chosen, no matter what reasoning you have (seniority doesn't matter.  I've known some role players for several years now and some of them still act very childish and irresponsible, so don't give me any seniority crap.)
    • If I decide you are a good candidate for the position, I will PM you and ask you.

    If you do not fit any one of these qualities (meaning you must fit ALL qualities) and I ask you to be an Admin, you must tell me no, you are unsuitable for the position as of this moment.  If you say yes and I later find out you are unsuitable for it for whatever reason, you may temporarily lose your RP privileges (including but not limited to age restricted RPs and PRPs), along with a demotion to a normal member (meaning you will not be a Site Mod or Chat Mod), and, depending on how far things went, possible banning from the site in general.

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