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    Just things and I guess me being deep


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    Just things and I guess me being deep

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:35 pm

    I have just gotten to this point in my existence that I just, I am tired. Not physically, not even mentally, but spiritually. Tired, as if little by little people have taken a piece of my poor soul, and lept off a cliff.

    I guess how I have started to see myself, how I have started to view myself in the latest unfolding of stupidity, Is well.

    I am a man kneeling from pain on the precipice of a cliff, my still beating heart in my hand, tears streaming down my face. My Chest a large hole where my heart should be instead of being in my hand. The heart barely fluttering, and on my back one large and tattered feather wing, bloody and bruised, an ugly and sad sight to behold, and the other wing, pinned, with a sword. So that even if I wanted to rise, I could not. The thorns of a solitary rose bush entwined with my out stretched hand so that I could not put the heart back into my chest even if I wished. Doomed to wait for another person to walk up to the cliff, another person, to take another piece of me, with them over the edge, and for some reason I call to them every single time, to attempt to lure them back, to call to them in attempt to save a life, but instead they take a piece of me and leap off.

    That's how I see myself, a fallen angel for ever pinned, for ever dang to do the thing that hurts him the most. Condemned to feel to try to help all those who meat him there on the cliff, condemned to forever be there, and what of my other hand you ask?

    I feel as if it is bound to hold a lantern that calls all souls to me, in order to cause more pain. More suffering for myself. Yet how many souls have I saved? How many souls who have been called to me? how many have I saved? That don't keep seeing the edge of the cliff and wanting to leap off of it, just to see how it would feel. Why?

    Why do I condemn myself.


    I sometimes wonder some times think its true, that this is all just a gimps of my personal hell my hell's eternal smile. Its sick and twisted nature, and its hurt filled expression.

    Is it to hard to ask, that when I bare my soul, one of you would give me a little piece of yourself, or to take the sword, from my wing, so that I can fly away.

    Isn't it ironic I am afraid of heights, but have wings, Eye I never could fly. Even before the sword was thrust into my wing, I could not fly, even before when I could roam the world, my heart was in my hand barely fluttering, and even before, I was bound to hold that lantern. Even before I could feel the bit of the roses thorns. Even before the tears ran down my cheeks.

    Yes, this is my personal hell, and you all must be demons come to rip at me little by little. I would welcome you with a cup of tea, but Its seems two people I have hear with me, are wanting to rip out a chunk of my soul, and I don't want them too.... and I am shielding myself so that they don't.

    Is that why they are staying?


    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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