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    The rules in which you will live and die by. *well for dis Rp*


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    The rules in which you will live and die by. *well for dis Rp*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:04 pm

    You really should pay attention to these. Like any Rp the rules are vital.

    1 thou shall not, in any way size or form. Post one liners. PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT. Put one liners in, get one liners out, and I am not the king of one liner Rp's don't crown me as such. That is one thrown, not even Ned Stark would die over.

    2 Thou shall Respect moderation. One can not simply walk into an Rp, do what he /her pleases, and expect to not to have his/her actions moderated. It keeps everyone safe and sound inc. One simply does not walk into Mordor, with Sean bean, with out moderation, and a creepy thing called Gullem. Don't make me get HER.

    3. Thou shall, not play any Anti social, lone by thee little self character, this is an anti sparkly Vampire section and would rather like it if you wouldn't play Bella swan. You do not want to play a Jacob, Edward, or any other character from that series. Just saying Jacob is too ah clingy, Edward has some self hate issues, Rose just needs to get over her self, Emit needs some sort of character development, Jasper needs to stop being so "have a dark past non of you can under stand." and yes your all going to kill me now, but his mate, omg, so forget able. The dad of bella, is oblivious. I should just say, if it smells like a twilight character, DON"T PLAY IT.

    4 Though shall, respect others, be polite, and if you have a problem, please contact moderation/administration. We will issue a warning, and go independence day on their little poor excuse for a mother ship.

    5. Though shall, power play and plot respectfully. You do not want to be a Superman, he all ways wins, never looses, has no weakness other then a green rock. Can do supper human bull crap, blah blah blah. Be batman, in the end Batman wins, however he's got to work for it, he's gotten broken bone, hes been shot at and hurt, Batman is still human, he isn't any better then anyone else in his world, hes just a little smarter, and has better teck, and friend support. Its what a normal human with millions could do.

    6 Thou shall not use any form of Text speak, unless, its in ( ) as I consider this as not part of the rp. Please keep it to the bear necessities. * starts singing the bear necessities*

    7 Thou shall let me know when your taking a hiatus. Trust me, this will just make my life like a box of chocolates ok. Run with it, Run forest run.

    8 Thou shall not foreshadow, mind read, or clue in your characters whats going on as its going on. It just runes the whole thing other wise. Its as if some one told you the end of the percy Jackson series before you picked up the first book or watched the movies. LAME.

    9 Thou shall understand that its ok, to get into an Rp session with one person and put page after page of posts with one person. Just remember, not to go more then 4 pages. Its a good idea to jot down before you leave the page number your last post was on. Unless the four pages of posts partains to the topic, its safe to say you won't have to read no 4 pages of post. Just wake up and smell the humus, be considerate.

    10 Thou shall have fun, or get out. I don't want anyone to not be having fun, to rp in this Rp, if your not having fun, their is not point, if their is no point why bother doing it. Remember half a heart only works for dragons. And look ware it got poor Draco.

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