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    Sign ups

    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:49 pm

    Your character either needs or has one.... females even non battle females in the culture has a gryph.

    Sign ups.

    Name of Gryph:
    Gender of Gryph :
    Persona of Gryph:
    Pic/ Description of gryph:

    How to fill out

    Name: Gee the name of your character
    Name of Gryph: name of the gryph and no the gryphs parents name it
    Gender: Male or female
    Gender of Gryph : Same gender as your Human seriously.
    History: History of both human and gryph
    Persona:Persona of human
    other: random info of either gryph or human you want to share
    Persona of Gryph: persona of gryph
    Pic/description:what human looks like
    Pic/ Description of gryph: what gryph looks like.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know


    Re: Sign ups

    Post  Guest on Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:40 am

    Name: Casanek (Casa for short)
    Name of Gryph: Zempeji (Zeme for short)
    Gender: Male
    Gender of Gryph : Male
    History: Casa and Zeme have been together for as long as they both can remember. They've never really traveled far from their home, mainly staying in place and researching. Zeme occasionally gets Casa away long enough for some exploring, but the scholar often brings them home.
    Persona: Cautious, thinker, one track mindset, curious, introvert, scholar
    other: Casa carries a small pack of favorite books wherever he goes.
    Persona of Gryph: Adventurous, stubborn, distractable, curious, extrovert
    Pic/description: ((Excuse the overuse of magic. It was the best pic I could find))
    Pic/ Description of Gryph:

    Name: Kaminia (Kami for short)
    Name of Gryph: Pecumoji (Pecu for short)
    Gender: Female
    Gender of Gryph : Female
    History: Kami and Pecu ran away from their overly stuffy home early on and have survived on others' surplus. They are fairly nomadic and rarely stay in one place for more than a week.
    Persona: Adventurous, impulsive, independent, stubborn, introvert
    other: Pecu has a horrible sense of direction.
    Persona of Gryph: Adventurous, cautious, independent, agreeable, introvert
    Pic/ Description of gryph:

    ((Alright. I'm fairly sure this is finished. If anything needs to be fixed/added/changed, it will be edited into this form.))

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    Re: Sign ups

    Post  Guest on Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:43 pm

    Name: Heather Gleam
    Name of Gryph: Sparks
    Gender: Female
    Gender of Gryph: Male
    History: She was the only child of a blacksmith and began the trade as soon as she could walk.  Sparks helps her with deliveries, orders, customers that won't pay, and that sharp beak is good for bending thin metal.
    Persona: Practical, bright, happy, but with a touch of dreamer.
    Persona of Gryph: Loyal, laid back, happy
    Pic/description: Wavy black hair, green eyes, tanned skin
    Pic/ Description of gryph: Light brown feathers with red streaks, about 8 feet tall at the withers

    Name: Frenchy, just Frenchy
    Name of Gryph: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Gender of Gryph: Male
    History: He suppose he has parents somewhere, and maybe siblings, but he has no idea where they are.  He grew up with the gryphons and now works as a messenger for the soldiers.  He's very happy with his life.
    Persona: Steadfast, bright, punctual, always happy
    Persona of Gryph: About as opposite of an agel as you can get, a regular demon, answering only to Frenchy
    Pic/description: Hard to tell under the ever present flying cap and goggles, but presumably brown hair and brown eyes, built small and wiry
    Pic/ Description of gryph: Dark brown and black with hints of gold in the sunlight

    Name: Anabel Smith
    Name of Gryph: Kitten
    Gender: Female
    Gender of Gryph: Female
    History: Shopkeeper's daughter, not much else of interest
    Persona: Shy, sweet, but professional
    Persona of Gryph: Mischevious little thing!
    Pic/ Description of gryph: About the size of a large cat

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    Re: Sign ups

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