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    Story Line

    Dark Soul

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    Story Line

    Post  Dark Soul on Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:46 am

    Everyone knows that in order to step up to the throne, princes and princesses must marry, and not just marry, but marry someone of nobility and of the opposite gender. Despite the many balls that the king has thrown for his children to find the person they wish to rule with, there seems to be no luck, at least not in his eyes. He is unaware that his children, all of them, have indeed found someone they desire to marry, but for each of those people, there is at least one quality they have about them that makes them unfit to marry someone of royalty and take the throne at their place. Now at his wit's end, the king is thinking of forcing his children into marriage with whoever he best sees fit for each of his children. Will they be able to turn this whole thing around or will they be stuck married to someone they cannot stand?

    In case you don't understand fully...:
    All of the king's sons and daughters are either in love with someone of the same gender or in love with someone of lower class...or in love with someone with both qualities.  Please, let's keep these things varied as we go.  Don't everyone have their prince be in love with another man and don't everyone have their princess in love with someone of lower class, etc.  Keep it all varied.

    In the kingdom of Bristol, there's King Levon, his wife and queen died 2 years ago so now he's ready for his children to marry so he can step down from the throne and enjoy his remaining years in peace.  He has 4 sons and 4 daughters, the oldest is a son and daughter twin pair that are 20 years, then there's a 19 years daughter, an 18 years son, a 17 year son, a 16 year daughter twin pair (1 left), and the youngest is a son that is 15 years.  So please keep these ages in mind as you sign up and make sure no one else has signed up the age you wanted.  You are allowed to only play ONE of the twins if you want a child from a twin pair, you are not required to play both.

    Naturally, this RP cannot start until all 8 children have been created, as well as their true lovers and those that they may be set up with.

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