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RP Polls

Post  Dark Soul on Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:52 pm

Unending Fear:
15 years ago, the human race started to die out. Realizing that Darwinism was the cause and that the human race was not climbing up the ladder fast enough, scientists from all around the world gathered together to come up with a solution...and they did. But it was less than pleasant. In order to even begin the process to save the humans, many had to be caught and forced to go to the labs where the experiments would begin, because no one liked the idea of what would happen to them. When first taken to the labs, all new arrivals would stay together for a couple of years in the same lab, just to be monitored for any health issues. After the first years had passed, they'd then be taken to different sections of the lab. No two sections ever interacted with each other, at least not within the lab, and no one knew what really happened once pulled from the health monitoring lab. But what happens in those sections...was the movement to advance in life. This, of course, started by a section at a time, and the scientists decided to start with the two most unstable serums. One section would be injected with a serum that would turn them into a werespider type creature and another section got a serum that would turn them into a werewasp type creature. The few in these two sections who survived the initial horrid side effects that resulted in death for most, rioted against the scientists. None of the scientists survived. everyone that wasn't put in one of those two sections managed to escape during the riots, or at least, most did. Some were killed by the wasps and spiders, others captured to be turned or kept as live food. The spiders and wasps were gifted with a very special ability, their venom can not only be deadly, but it can also turn a human into one of their kind. Now most humans live in small villages with little to no technology to avoid attention from the wasps or spiders that might raid them. The larger towns and cities, which are now very few and far between, have managed to build up their defenses so they can spare the technology. But that doesn't mean that anyone ever feels safe from these predators that could come at any moment, and no one knows what hand fate will deal them if that happens.

We are Young and Free:
This is pretty basic. Just young people ranging from 16-24 trying to scrape by. But they do live in a small town, though it is large in land mass. Most in this town actually own at least a small farm of some sort. Others will probably work for a business that creates something that can be used on these farms and ranches. BUt either way, everyone manages to make it by and somehow, even a 16 year old can make it by without an adult around.

Into the Ocean:
Dolphins are a magnificent species. They can be so gentle and kind one minute, and then complete bullies willing to kill anyone who is too weak to do the pod any good. Well, over the years, human civilizations fell and water surrounded the entire planet again with very few land masses now. Most dolphins in the world have now joined one of 5 kingdoms (North, South, East, West, and Central.) Some are still rogues, and the rogues have life better off in some situations as compared to any dolphin that may live in the Central Kingdom (where this RP focuses on.) In the Central Kingdom, all dolphins must claim a mate by the age of 5 (we're going to say dolphins only live up to be about 20 years.) If any dolphin in the Central Kingdom fails to do so, then they are banished, and, even if a dolphin that has grown up in a protected kingdom, somehow survive the harsh and wild ocean to find one of the other 4 kingdoms, banishment, for any reason, does not reflect well in the eyes of the kings and queens, and will most likely be unable to find another civilized home and end up being killed by some wild creature in the wild ocean.

Highway Witches and Wheels of Fire:
Not all biker gangs are mean. In fact, most will be very kind and friendly to people. However, the Highway Witches and the Wheels of Fire gangs do not get along in the slightest. If one crosses the path of another, it almost always ends in blood. The Highway Witches are a gang of witches, warlocks, and wizards. The Wheels of Fire members are demons. The only thing that separates the turfs of these two gangs is a large, wide, deep river. A long and wide bridge is the only way to get across the gang territories. In the middle of this bridge is a bar, simply called The Bridge. This is the only place where members from the different gangs will usually be civil. Maybe it's the booze, maybe it's a spell the owner cast on the place. No one knows, but for some reason, inside the bar, your worst enemy can become your best friend for the night. But now the Highway Witches are ready to induct a new leader, the daughter of their current leader. There are whispers, however, that her father has been meeting with the young leader of the Wheels of Fire, and no one knows why. The result from these secret meetings though, could end in total bloodshed or complete peace.

The Lost:
20 years ago, hundreds of people just disappeared without a trace. No one knows where they went, why, or how. Police and government buildings were overwhelmed by the number of missing persons reports. After 3 years of searching and finding absolutely no evidence of these missing people, the government hung its head sadly to declare that the search must be ended to focus on correcting the chaos and anarchy that ensued during the madness of the searching times. But now, one morning, all of these missing people returned, with no memories of where they were. What's even stranger is that not only are they unaware of the fact that they've been missing for 20 years, but they haven't aged a day either. Is this some sort of strange phenomenon or the start of something much darker?

Forbidden Love:
Everyone knows that in order to step up to the throne, princes and princesses must marry, and not just marry, but marry someone of nobility and of the opposite gender. Despite the many balls that the king has throne for his children to find the person they wish to rule with, there seems to be no luck, at least not in his eyes. He is unaware that his children, all of them, have indeed foudn someone they desire to marry, but for each of those people, there is at least one quality they have about them that makes them unfit to marry someone of royalty and take the throne at their place. Now at his wit's end, the king is thinking of forcing his children into marriage with whoever he best sees fit for each of his children. Will they be able to turn this whole thing around or will they be stuck married to someone they cannot stand?

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
"And tenement halls"
And whispered in the sounds of silence
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