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    Pride Positions

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    Pride Positions

    Post  Dark Soul on Tue May 17, 2016 12:19 pm

    Position Title - Position Description

    King - The King and ultimate ruler of the pride
    Queens - The mates of the King and sub-rulers.  The first mate of the king always takes rank over the others he claimed as mates after her.
    Prince - While the King and his Queens may have multiple sons, only one will earn the title of prince, and he is to take over the pride after his father.
    Royal Guards - If the King has any other sons, they will usually go into this position.  These are the main warriors and guards for the King, his Queens, and his cubs.
    Fighters - Standard fighters, these guys will lead into battle behind the King and the Royal Guards.
    Guards - Guards of the whole pride.
    Hunters - Hunters for the whole pride.
    Fillers - Mostly females.  But this is also considered the training position.  All cubs, once they hit a year of age, will be in this position until they are 2 years old and then they will be put into the position they were training for.
    Cubs - Must I describe these?

    Position Title (Number Taken/Total Available) - Name of Lion (Name of Player)

    King (1/1) - Fasmusa (Dark Soul)
    Queens (2/~) - Basari (Dark Soul), Sasha (Death'sRider)
    Prince (0/1) -
    Royal Guards (0/3) -
    Fighters (1/5) - Drake (Death'sRider)
    Guards (0/9) -
    Hunters (1/9) - Serafina (Dark Soul)
    Fillers (0/~) -
    Cubs (0/~) -

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