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How to Navigate through the Site

Dark Soul

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How to Navigate through the Site

Post  Dark Soul on Mon May 16, 2016 11:58 pm

Alright, this is a common question/concern I get with new people. They don't know how to navigate through the site. It's actually not all that hard. It'll take practice, but in the end, not that hard.

This here is the top of the home page. I know, pretty basic. Beneath the banners, you'll see the chat box, but that'll be brought up in another topic about the chat box.

Here is the main menu for the site. It will always be on every page you go to, in the exact same place, which is right underneath the main banner for the site.

Alright, so as you scroll down, you'll see these blocks of links. The different blocks are different categories. You'll see each one has a title, these will help you get a basic idea of what all the topics in said category will be about.

The links within each category box are the main topics. Click on them to get to wherever you want to go. For the next examples, we're going to be click on the "Introduce Yourself" topic.

At the topic of each page (except for when you are posting a reply or reading through something like an RP or whatever) after you click on a topic, you'll always see these things called "Global Announcements." These are very important. They contain information that all of our members need to be aware of, such as rules, RP etiquette, etc.

Going from left to right (or what's circled in the top picture to what's circled in the bottom picture,) you have these lovely bits of information for the topics that they are connected to. You have "Replies," "Author of the Topic," "Views," and "Last Post by..." If you need to be explained what each of these things should probably just get a dictionary...

Underneath the Global Announcements, you'll have the actual sub-topics of the topics. On this site, you can have sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-topics. XD It's like Russian Nesting Dolls. You click on one, and then it'll take you to a page where you'll need to click on another, and then another, and so on. Trust me, it gets easier to figure out as you go. Anyways...once you get to final spot for all of this, you'll see regular announcements (if applicable for the topic,) stickies (if applicable for the topic,) and then the actual topics where you can go to post. The order will always be Global Announcements, the Announcements, then Stickies, and then the actual topics.

And here you have your keys that tell you what each topic is. The main key is always down at the bottom of each page, just connect it to the icon you see next to the topic that peaks your interest. These icons can indicate if the topic is some sort of announcement or sticky, if it's just a standard topic, if it's a popular topic, if it's locked, etc.

And now we're back on the home page, the bottom of it to be precise. This is where you'll see all of our site statistics. What is circled in this image is some links to a few statistics that show you what topics have been popular, who's made the most posts in such and such time frame, etc.

This all tells you about the members. Who's on now and who's been on in the last 12 hours. The line below the one that tells you who's been on in the last 12 hours is the key so you can see what each username color means in terms of position. We have several positions on this site. Test Mousey is a very special position that only Howl controls.

This portion of the box at the bottom of the home page tells you who has a birthday today and who has a birthday coming up in the next 3 days.

This portion of the box tells you if there's an event marked on the calendar for the site that's coming up. In this pic, you'll see it says that the site is temporarily closing...this was so I could prepare for the gran reopening of the site, to make it all nice and pretty, but without getting distracted by RPs that I'm in.

This portion of the box I really like. It tells you how many members we have total on this site, who was the last one to sign up, and then my personal favorite...what was the most number of people we had on the site all at once and when (this statistic includes guests as well.) We like to see if we're able to break this record whenever we go on an advertising run. XD This portion of the box will also tell you the total number of posts we have on the site. Don't be scared by the large's mostly just PRPs.

And then last but not least, this part tells you who, if anyone, is in the chat box near the top of the home page.

Well, that's it for general site navigation, I will have more specifics about how to post replies and how to send PMs and join the chat box in other topics! Enjoy the site!

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