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    races and what nots


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    races and what nots

    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri May 06, 2016 1:23 am

    Hello their young traveler, weary are you still? You haven't even walked ten feet from yonder hill, the wisp has told you not to pass, the old man has told you not to go, and hear I am to tell you, I can not fallow you ware you will. For the world is Dying, and I am a dead man. the world is dying and I am gone from this land. Eye, the gate is just up that hill, and yes down this one is that shinny city. Plenty of drink and marry men to put your tired head at ease. But the world is dying and I am a dead man. So run the way you have come, away from this land. I see you will not stay and you wish to save this world. So here is a list of things you must know.

    Grims exist only to feed of pain, they wonder the land searching and seeking for there next victim. Dressed in long robes they look like any man, but their faces are of angles, their bodies sculpted stone, perfection seeking pleasure seeking pain. They are harmless if you know one by name. They are strong.

    Shades. Shades are the shadow men and woman, who lurk at every turn, befriend them and live and learn. Each one is different and can control one thing. Power is subjective. they like shadows can be seen through when they want, they can be shadows, or just another man, shadows all ways whisp around them.

    Vanes, well these are a weird lot. If Grims are Angles, then these are demons, sinister and seductive are their looks. They are a friendly lot however, only they looks are scary, magic is their thing, and they like to travel with young folk.

    Fea. Fea are any manner of shape shifting ghoul, sprite, or pixie. They are those who wish to sing you to their beds, or other mischievous deeds. Fea should never be toyed with, for their magic is great, and you are small.

    Vampires. They are agile fast, beings that walk amounge the rest. They are gentle souls, yet they seek blood, need blood, but never kill. ( normal howl vamp)

    Werewolves hunt every corner, shifting into their wolf self, growling and acting the beast, however they are not fea, for they once were all men, born with a curse to be wolf.

    Remember, the world is dying young traveler, the world is dying and I am a dead man.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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