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    Important info, that doesn't involve races.


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    Important info, that doesn't involve races.

    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri May 06, 2016 2:01 am

    Why, young traveler have you entered the gate, this land is dying and I am but an old man. My bones are wary and tired, the cold and chill have crept in. I am but ash, come now , go back the way you came, the world is dying and I am but an old man, I can not show you the path, but I can tell you of what lies ahead, come with me, and sit, the fire is still warm.

    The snowy forests are all ways misted, and despite the snow quite warm. Make no mistake young one, the cold is still their, it lurks and stalks its prey so best stay warm. For the wolves of the north are the cold, and they seek your bones.

    The lakes and steams forever reflect the stars, each mirror like surface like that of a world untouched. Though what lies in their depths is horrors untold, be careful young traveler and do as your told. Take with you what you need, for the lakes and rivers all mirror your soul.

    there are many doors and gates in this land, that can lead to places hidden in time... the world is draped in twilight, as you can see, but believe me, each door can hold a secret worth finding. I see you want to revive this land, but I fear this world is dying. the doors might be the key, I warn though a sharp sword you might keep with you at all times if you seek what secrets lay in wait behind those gates and doors.

    The edge of the world, some like to call those, but really they are just glass clouds you may walk on... fear the beasts the lie with in those sand filled clouds.

    Castles dot this land ruined or other wise, tread lightly in ever town, for there is a curse on everything, and i am afraid you will be bound. Each and every castle holds a secret and a curse, so young one tread lightly, the pretty kiss, could be your last breath.

    Lastly, the world is full of the unexplained, the ill tempered, and the shadows that bite. Never try to name something that doesn't have a name, it might fallow you home, and devoure your soul. Fear not the places with no name, for the once had one.

    Now go on your way, I ask that you turn back, for down the road is the rest of the land, and the trip is bleak. The world is dying and I am just an old man.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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