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    The stupid pathetic Rules, and intro


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    The stupid pathetic Rules, and intro

    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu May 05, 2016 11:07 pm

    Welcome mere mortals to shadows gate. I would give you a tour of our land, but I fear the world is dying, and I am but a wisp. A shadow if you will, ah I see you wish to pass the gate, and see for yourself what lays on the other side? Such foolish people, with foolish pride. As I said once, I will say it again, the world is dying and I am but a wisp, I can not guide you in the lands you with to see. Yes, I see, another hopeful, wanting the world to return to health. You think you can breath life back into these old bones? Light the inner spark in the realm long forgot? Silly fools, I am but a wisp and the world is dying I can not guide you, but yet you feel the urge to press on. Ah, then hear my words and take them to heart, and do not listend to that foolish mind of yours. Yes, I give you 10 truths that might guide you. Only ten, for the world is dying and I am but a wisp.

    10, the tenth rule, and so you must head fast, the light death attacks. No good of it may pass. Stay clear of light, or fires edge, death brings light, and light brings death.

    9. Nothing of your realm exists in this world, for it will turn to ash, the second you summon it. Head this, and keep treasures far from shadows Gate.

    8. The 8th rule is rather sinister, but this should come to pass, never talk to the old women who wonders on the left, never walk beside or behind, it will only spell death.

    7. you should head this rule best of all, if you wish not in death to fall, the 7th step leaving from any place, might just be your last, make sure you turn to smile, or that step will be your last.

    6 The world is dying, and I am but a wisp, I can not guide you, ware you wish, you can summon me, oh tired traveler, to aid you once in an escape, but far and cruel warning, you will never escape your fate. utter those words, when ever faced, at shadows gate with anyone who doesn't seem quite right.

    5. The land is shifting, and falling apart, but not turning to dust. Do not help those, who seem in dire need, for the world is dying and you are but a wisp. It would take nothing to blow your spark out, and anything can ride of fire steed, to end your miserable blight.

    4. never count the stones, or walk ways, never forshadow the end of something you do not know. Never walk down misty paths, as the 34th stone, is covered in blood.

    3. Head this one, for your life does depend, on you learning this one my friend. If you should be caught out in the night, at the stoke of 12, make sure to walk backwards, so that non can creep behind you.

    2. Things can never be explained, once they begin to make sense, you might as well dig your own grave. For the roads all lead to no ware, the sky isn't all ways up, and the shadows know you by name.

    Now the first and for most rule, you may never ever, ever break, is if you are caught at sundown or day break, the world is dying and you are ash, the world is dying, and I am the match. The world is dying, and I am nothing more then a wisp.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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