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    RP Rules

    Dark Soul

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    RP Rules

    Post  Dark Soul on Sun May 01, 2016 4:19 pm

    • Since this RP is public and viewable to younger players, that does mean that we'll need to keep cursing and graphic details down to a PG-13 level (yes, this includes with images as well.)
    • Anyone may play any godly character they desire so long as that god has not yet been taken.
    • Stick to only the bare basics of the god if you are creating one that exists in the myths. Make it your own but still cannon to the basic myths of the god. However, you may also just create a totally new god if you so desire so long as the rank you want for that god has not yet been taken.
    • If you desire to play a camp counselor, your character must be a demi-god over the age of 18.
    • If you are signing up a camper character, your character must be somewhere between the ages of 5 and 18. If your character is older than 18, then they must be a camp counselor. (This includes humans that come to the camp because they can see through the mist.)
    • Feel free to give your demi-god characters up to TWO powers, so long as they are related to their godly-parent's powers (so if your demi-god's parent is a god of water, saying that your character has fire powers wouldn't really make sense.)
    • Remember, the camp is a year-round thing now, and most campers prefer to stay year-round because they're safe there. (Plus there's also not much point to have characters taht will only be played every now and again when it's summer.)
    • Please PM me if you have thought up of a new plot twist or prophecy that you think would be pretty fun to do.
    • Keep things interesting. Create some minor drama. Anything bigger than one character cheating on their lover needs to be brought to my attention beforehand.
    • About once a month or so, 3-6 campers will be sent on quests to scout for humans that can see through the mist. I will post a topic about this in the play. Check it frequently to get the chance for your character(s) to go on these quests.
    • Romance is a given. Beyond smacking someone's butt, keep the actual play of the romance down. You can do it via PM if you so desire to play it out.
    • Have fun.
    • I give myself the right to add, change, and delete any and all rules as I see fit. Don't give me a reason to have to change anything.

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