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    Introduction and Rules.


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    Introduction and Rules.

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:55 pm

    The island Mythos, is the last link between the realm of Humans, and the forgotten passage to the land of legend.
      It is said, that all that becomes lost, comes here, and all that was once apart of a time forgot, be it by blood, or birth, can see its existence.

    For it is a sin, punished by death, to step foot or glimpse of Mythos, for only the Myths may walk here.

    The lost city of Atlantis, who's majesty is unearthly and all most heavenly, resides here, guarding the gate, to the other side.

    Things live hear, things that could not live in either world, and the island itself, roams the oceans seeking something or nothing at all.

    Planes and boats some times crash on it, and there is nothing that can be done. For they are now lost from the land of humans, and have fallen in the land in between.

    Those who are of blood long forgot, my walk here, with out the shadow of death, but should their feet falter, should they wish to go back.... the chaos will consume them, or awaken there long forgotten past.

    Can you hear Mytho's call? Can you feel it in your blood? Can you see the echo's of your ancestor's long past walk forward through the gate?

    or are you just trying to survive?


    1. No this Rp has no rhyme or reason, your characters shall live or die on the island, its as simple as that.

    2. If I have an Issue with your character, its because well, the issue will hinder game play or annoy the ever loving bloody blasted hell out of me.  Such as Negative Nancy and Marry Sues. Kill me.

    3. No god modding, its easily done, and honestly quite non fun to be around.

    4. No one liners, your big boys and girls, give me big boy and girl posts, giving your characters a one liner, is not creative, its not inspiring anyone, and is hurting the Rp. How does it hurt the Rp? Lets see, your character didn't do much in that line, its not detailed, its not making your character grow, move forward, and it sure as rain, doesn't help anyone else. A one liner, breeds one liners, and one liners breed less creative, and less creative, breeds RP death.  Creative posts create creative reply's. No its not creative to have one liners, its lazy, and an insult, a personal insult to anyone who worked hard on making an Rp interesting.

    5. Your characters are all human. However its implied that you might have " blood" from myths running in your veins, the island awakens this ancestral blood, they do not know what is going on. I will go into detail about this later.

    6. This is a big boy and Girl Rp, if you need some one to hold your hand, show you how to fill out a form you honestly should be use to filling out by now.  This Rp is not the Rp for you. Simple as that.

    7. In the event that you would like to join, but RP time has passed, that is fine, another plane boat or what have you can crash on the island at any time, and then its your job to track the pre existing survives down.

    8. In the event I stop posting, or interacting with an Rp, it means I am doing something else, sick, or sitting back and moderating. Continue posting, we will inform you, when a stop has been put on Rping. The Rps, ware I do not play a major roll Rp wise in, will never have stops.

    questions and concerns, Pm me, I do not bite you know.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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