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    Celestial Type Mons ( Mondex continued) *11 mons*


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    Celestial Type Mons ( Mondex continued) *11 mons*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:13 pm

    All Celestial type Mons in detail calm down you know how much reading isn involved now.

    1: Vampire Sphinx: Celstial lv6
    Star cage, creates a prison out of space itself. If you excape it will be because you have befriended the correct mon.
    A cat with an Egypt head dress, and vampire fangs.

    2: Star beam: Celestial lv 4
    Star crash. Causes metorites to fall from the heavens.
    Is a star, with wings,

    3: Lunar Blush: celestial lv 6
    Moon cascade. The ability to enter ones dreams, and torment them or save them. Causes wake foes to sleep.
    It is a cressent moon, with a face, stick figure arms and legs.

    4: Final Fantasy: Celestial lv 5
    Sword play. The attacker is confused and is attacking a near by tree, rock or other inanimate object. makes it hard to knock out ya. This mon is actually really weak suprisingly to any Dark type mon, which goes against the grain of things.
    Looks like a flying top hat.

    5: Fantazara : Celestial lv 5
    B dazzle, makes things blury with sparkles of light. While it punches you in the gut and runs.
    Its seriously a walking cactus with boxing gloves. Pixie wings, and cowboy boots.

    6: Sputnik : Celestial lv3
    Orbit. Makes everything around it, weightless.
    Looks like a dish. with arms legs and a antenna XD

    7: Draco: Celestial Lv 5
    Light breath. Basically its breaths fire, but white hot, meaning its really light behaving as fire.
    A huge fire breathing dragon.

    8: Drake: celestial Lv2
    Light sparks. The same as Light breath, but much more weaker and creats sparks.
    A small, dragon, with tiny feather like wings.

    9: Drago: Celestial Lv5
    Light blast. Same as Light Breath, but its more of an explosion.
    A medium sized Dragon, with two horns on its head, that curve sky ward.

    10: Bogling: Celestial lv 2
    Light swallow. It swallows light, meaning as long as you have a mon that is say a Bat, you can still knock the -word #1- out of it.
    A blob of mud, with crass on top and a seedling, And adult has a large tree growing out of top, it does have eyes and a mouth, but thats in the mud. The tree in adult form will flower and bare edible fruit, they do not use it to reproduce so its safe to eat.

    11: PBJ : Celestial Lv 5
    Hunger pains. Zaps the energy right out of its oponent.
    Looks like a PBand J sandwich, with stick figure arms and legs, and eyes and mouth.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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