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    Light Type Mons ( Mondex continued) *12 mons*


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    Light Type Mons ( Mondex continued) *12 mons*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:07 pm

    All light type mons in detail, no its light reading calm yourself.

    1: Evolution: Light lv 3
    Copy, can take the form of any mon, and use the abilities of level 1-3 mons when taking there form.
    A Hippogryph.

    2: Rex: Light lv 2
    King's Roar, Calls other mons to fight for them.
    A T rex, baby's are small with brown stripes, teens are larger with blue stripes, and adults have green stripes and large enough for two people to ride.

    3: Cold Lily: Light lv2
    Light beam, Creats a beam of light, that freezes what it touches.
    A lily with arms and legs, eyes and a face, the pedals are cold to the touch.

    4: Zip Zap: Light lv 5
    Electric shock. Causes a lightening bolt to strike you.
    Looks like a sparky ball of electricity. Its ok to touch.

    5: Solar Flair : Light lv 6
    Sun Flair, a beam of light that lights on fire what ever it touches, the beam comes form the birds mouth.
    A bird a large burd, with a little sun floating over its head.

    6: Pickle Slasher: Light lv 3
    Has no ability other then to steal your pickles. Though its great at finding loos change.
    Looks like well this  Dancing pickle

    7: Basher card: Light lv4
    Blind, the ability to temorarily blind its attacker, so it can run. or bite its attacker.
    Its a playing card, with eyes a mouth, arms and legs stick figure arms and legs.

    8: Olm : light Lv 4
    The Mighty Olm. Is a move that calms down and causes other mons to meditate.
    Olm, looks like a Peace sign, one eye is black, the other is white, and its mouth, is well your really not going to find it. It has stick figure arms and legs, but normally floats as it meditates saying its own name.

    9: Led Zeppelin: Light Lv6
    Solo. Is an attack, that well Rocks your ever loving world, and you probably won't be able to get back up for a few hours.
    Looks like a winged guitar pick, has feet, eyes and a mouth.

    10: Iggy : Light lv6
    Time warp. You will forever be trapped in its Time Prison. Unless you a freed from the Iggy's curse.
    They are a hour glass with wings, a demon's tail, a halo, and no eyes or mouth can be seen but it speaks and sees all.

    11: Google : Light Lv 3
    Search, a move that will find anything it wan'ts to know, including your mons weak spot.
    A walking talking rainbow colored G. With Stick figure arms and legs, and Eyes on stalks, like a crab. it also scuttles side ways.

    12: Inny out: Light Lv 1 *nonstater*
    No attack, but they do make great mons, as they can coax normally shy mons out in the open.
    They are little fuzzy bunny rabbits, with little spines coming out of its back.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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