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    Dark type Mon ( Mondexy continued) *16 mons*


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    Dark type Mon ( Mondexy continued) *16 mons*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:30 pm

    All dark type mon in detail, its light reading chill.

    1: Omen: dark  lv 5
    Bad Omen, bad omen gives bad luck to the target. The luck can be minor to majorly horrific, like your own attack hurting you instead. Did I mention they hate doing to polka and they hate playing hide and go seek.
    Omen are giant black birds, there eyes are black. They are made from shadows and when a baby their apperance is very whispy. teens they are the size of a large eagle, and are more in control of how solid they are, adults have glowing gold eyes, and are large enough to let a human ride them. They came be completely solid or nothing but a whisp of black shadow, on whim when they are adults.

    2: Hex fox: Dark lv3
    Dark Hex, Dark hex, causes the target, to seriously be hurt. Able to make cuts, into the flesh of mons and people alike. not to mention Omen's are much much much more friendly then they are, and omens are gumpy guts.
    A black yellow eyed, tailed fox. They have one tail when a baby, two tails when a teen and three when they are an adult.

    3: Darkcry: Dark lv 6
    Cry of Misery. The ability to make another mon, feel scared, and can cause nightmares.
    A hooded dark figure. Adults may stand as tall as a man, its often enough that this mon gets mistaken for a human. Hmm I wonder if any half Darkcry half humn mons exist. You will never know I guess, they are elusive as all hell too.

    4: Vlad spike: dark lv4
    Vampire song, causes another mon to go into a five minuet trance. So they can feed or exacape.
    They are the worlds cutest vampire bat.

    5: Death Cry: Dark lv 4
    Horror Blow. Makes you face your most horrific nightmares.
    Its a black cat, with little small black wings, and golden yellow eyes. Rumor has it, that if it crosses your path, it can summon an Omen.

    6: Ghostling: Dark lv 5
    Howl of the Banshee. Kills all attacks from level 4, 3 and 2 mons granted if they are not week against the other's element.
    They are a happy go lucky ghost , kind like the ones you see in really old cartoons Razz

    7: Darkmon: Dark lv6
    Scream of the Trombone. Causes anyone's ears to bleed, and the urge to break down and dance to the death. Lasts for 5 minuets.
    A creature that take the form of a faceless dark figure, normally a woman. IT honestly, likes navy blue clothing, and likes to make Rping websites. Gender is all ways female, and they do not breed, more of just " poof" into the world.

    8: Howlmon: Dark lv6
    Marching band bliz, causes everyone to move in slow motion. Hope to hell no one is humming, because if your not in time a bone in your body breaks. Lasts for a nice good 5 minuets
    A tall dark faceless figure, that wares a Trench coat, and a wide brimmed hat. Complete with boots, everything is black.  They will only breed with warm rose. Gender is all ways Male.  Likes to code things in Rp cites.

    9: Death beetle: Dark lv 5
    Smell of death, makes a smell that stinks so bad, you pass out.
    A black little cute beetle XD

    10: Oath: Dark lv 6
    Knightly Pride,  Creates a sonic blast of dark energy and threatens to rip the fabric of time to shreads, lucky for you it doesn't, but I pitty anything that gets hit by it.
    Oath, is a being that is a suit of Knightly Armour and could possibly a cousin of the samurai type mons.

    11: Bogart: Dark Lv 6
    Copy cat, takes the form of any and all other mons.
    No one knows what a bogart looks like.  As they all ways take the form of another mon, they like taking the form of an Oath or Omen the most, walking about, you can tell a bogart appart from teh real thing, by the Red ruby that hangs from its throat.

    12: Grateful Dead : Dark lv2
    Doesn't have an attack, but some how knows when other Dark type mons are near by.
    They are honestly shy, and hide.
    A large tie dyed mouse.

    13: Mogling : Dark lv1 * non starter easy tame*
    Bash Copy, is able to copy the attack of any other mon. Though its a black version.
    Is friendly just throw a stick! Feed em a treat, pat both heads, and slip a collar on both heads, ta da, tamed Mogling.
    A Two headed Dog.

    14: Netflix : Dark lv4 *easy tame*
    Mind Bind, the ability to control a lesser level mon to do its biding.
    Show it money and it will tame with in four seconds.
    A walking talking letter N. Complete with Netflix colors weeee.

    15: Dark Claw: Dark Lv5 * weird tame *
    Slash. It takes the nice black claws and cuts you to ribbons.
    Very untrusting.
    Its a humanoid creature, with a long trench coat, white eyes, small mouth, and has 9 inch claws that grow out of its finger tips. They do not have claws on there thumbs.

    16: Vishy vamps: Dark Lv 4
    Ghastly Ghoul, creates minions to do its bidding out of nothing, lasts for four minuets.
    A vampire fish, that lives in a dark cloud of shadowy water bubble, that floats about happily. The bubble floats in the air, on its own accord and goes ware the Vishy vamp wills it to go.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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