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    Air type mons ( mondex continued) * 16 mons*


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    Air type mons ( mondex continued) * 16 mons*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:15 pm

    All Air type mons explained. Light reading calm down.

    1: Dash : Air lv1 ( Starter)
    Starter shield * see Zero bird for information on it*
    Gust, it creats a gust of wind, to blow people and mons away.
    A dash looks like a little Owl. with a bow tie. :

    2: Star spree: Air lv 2
    Wind ride, it excapes on a gust of wind, and can carry 4 times its weight.
    They are a Start balloon with a happy face on it. lol

    3: Harsh: Air lv 2
    Cold blast, causes cold wind, that can instantly freeze water, and cause snowy patches.
    The Harsh, is a small bird, with a mean look, but are rather sweet when befriended.

    4: Royal note: Air lv 3
    Crescendo, creats a loud blast of sound that has a sound wave that pushes targets backward.
    A whole note, with a small crown. It Has eyes and a mouth, and because its a " musical" mon, it floats.

    5: Tune runner: Air lv 4
    Perfect Pitch, a sound that causes any mon in its singing distance to be temporarily unable to use any shield ability, or can cause mons and people to forget what they just saw.
    Is a Tuning fork, its got arms, legs, eyes and a mouth, and is also great at tuning pianos.

    6: Flutterfly: Air lv 4
    Sleepy Neep. An attack that causes dust to blow from its wings into the tragets face, giving them nice sweet dreams.
    A Cute little butterfly. That wares shoes and white gloves.

    7: Beesparks: Air lv3
    Honey blast. This produces the honey you love to eat, eating the honey, can cause you to go into a sticky sugar coma. Eat in moderation, they make way to much honey though. So they enjoy the Hexagons living with them.
    Looks like an Extra fuzzy bumble bee, the tops of the Antenna though spark XD

    8: Bloom Thief: Air lv6
    Sonic Boom.  Creates a boom so loud, you go def temprorarily, so mons are unable to hear their masters, and worse yet, they can't move, or talk, as all there senses have been temporarily turned off.
    Looks like a walking talking boob box.

    9: Spike ball: Air lv 5
    Spike thrash. Cases a small tornado.
    Looks like a ball of spikes, but have eyes and mouth, they float due to there power over air.

    10: barker : Air lv 3
    Bark. A loud annoying bark, that causes mons, to forget what they were doing.
    They are a small fuzzy ball of fuz, with paws, a tail, and ears. Of course they have a nose, eyes and mouth, but hey all that fuzz.

    11: Thor: Air Lv6
    Thor, causes well thunder storms. They angerier it gets, the more the storm thunders and rages.
    Looks like a Winged Hammer with eyes and a mouth.

    12: Bono Major. :Air Lv5
    Baton strike. Causes the air around you, to mess with your senses.
    They are all male. and honestly mean.
    They are a walking talking banjo. complete with mouth and eyes.

    13: Mono Minor : air Lv5
    Baton swish, nulls Air attacks, more effective on Baton strike moves.
    They are all female and the mates of Bono Major.
    They are a walking talking Electic Guitar, complete with mouth and eyes.

    14: Ziggy: airlv5
    Bite and thrash, ya they do exactly that, bite and then thrash.
    Picture a raptor....... baby is the size of a cat, teen the size of a large dog, and adults you can ride.

    15: Storm trooper: Air Lv4
    Has no attacks, though its a level 4 due to the fact, it likes to ride Thor's storms, and can with stand strong attacks. Great for leaping and shielding other mons.
    A Falcon type bird, with large wings, huge tail, and a cardinals crest.

    16: Radarmon : Air lv5
    Radar, you can run but you never will hide, be glad this mon doesn't team up with mean heartless mons, and so your safe for now. This makes sneaking up on them to tame them horribly hard.
    They look like a Cat, with small little blinking lights on its Antenna. They are all calico.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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