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    Earth type mon. ( mondex con ) * 19 mons*


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    Earth type mon. ( mondex con ) * 19 mons*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:28 am

    All Earth type mons, in detail, its honestly light reading.

    1: Royal rush: Earth. Lv 1 ( starter)
    Starter shield * see Zero bird in fire, to see the rest of this attacks info*
    Earth blade, Creating pointy objects of Earth like matter, to spear its enemy.
    Looks like a Humming bird with a Gem for a throat. Baby's have ruby gems, teens Emerald, and adults sapphire.

    2: Dot bot: Earth lv 3 *easy tame*
    Fix it, it repears any and all broken teck.
    Easily tamed if you break some gaget such as your mondex, will then think your clumsy or in need of teck help, and come over and fix things for you, just slip the collar around its neck, and boom you have a Dot bot.
    Looks like a small robot, robot gets to the size of a horse when adult.

    3: waspmen: Earth lv2
    Sting. Sting causes what ever it stings, to fall asleep, its temporary and people wake up feeling refreshed. Just remember to strike before it stings.
    Looks like a wasp, with a fairy like face. Thus the name waspmen.

    4: Dish wash: Earth lv2
    Is able to easily hide any ware, has no abilities till its master teaches them something new.
    Its a Penguin like creature, with blue feathers. A bowler hat, and a bow tie. in black of course.

    5: flip splash: Earth. lv 4
    Earth wash, Causes the earth to behave like water, don't drown.
    Its an Ant eater. Seriously a pink poka dotted ant eater.

    6: Sparty : earth lv 3
    Earth smash, its seriously a move ware it smashes things like the hulk.
    Looks like a catfish, however, its completely fine out of water, it doesn't honestly need to be in water, and did I mention it burrows?

    7: Merlin's Shield : Earth lv5
    Eternal block. It can block things indefinatly and is probably the only mon, that can with stand an attack from a legendary. However, can be tamed if attacked from behind.
    This lovely mon, looks like a sheild, with arms legs and eyes mouth, but, it can retract all of that to pose as a normal ornate shield, it likes to hide in piles of gold.

    8: Excalibur : Earth lv6
    Knights Oath, will cut any shield or attack in half with a mighty thrust. Save for Merlin's shield, it has way to much respect for that mon.
    Looks like Exaclibur, if it had arms legs eyes and a mouth, however, my lovies, they can be found in the same place as Merlin's Shield and have sworn themselves to the old code, so best tame your Merlin's shield mon fast, they will show you no mercy if one is about.

    9: Negi Korot: earth Lv 1 * non starter*
      Blush, blush causes the Enemy to become hungry to the point ware they loos intrest in battle. But they get distracted when food is around. Are all Female and breed with the Veggi
    They are seriously a Veggi but with a blue skirt.

    10: Ninja star: Earth Lv 2
    Vine whip, whips you with a vine.
    Looks like a Ninja star, but ah, its got eyes, mouth, a top hat, and you guessed it floats.

    11: Samurai Don: earth lv unknown
    Sumurai slash. It uses a sword to slash at you. The mon's leve is unknown because no one really can figure out if they are as strong as their female counter parts or not.
    They look like a walking eating talking Samurai suit of armor.

    12: Samurai Sakura : earth lv3
    Cherry strike. With the wind from the cherry blossom fan they have, they blow you away with a lovely cherry sented wind.
    They look like a walking eating talking Samurai suit of armor. With a cherry blossom fan strapped to their hip. they are all female and breed with Samurai don.

    13: Valor: Earth Lv5
    Valor wind, creates courage in the hearts of those who have non. Though this creates an issue for everyone else, for the other Mons in the area, will fight for its honor.
    Looks like a Gryphon,

    14: birch bark: earth lv5
    Tree creep. IT comands the trees to do its will.
    Its a birch tree ent from lords of the rings, but a lot smaller, a lot quicker and a heck of a lot more friendly, unless your a trainer trying to catch it, then its a mean S.O.B.

    15: Tri flex: Earth lv 1 * non starter*
    Has no attack what so ever... its good at cooking though?
    Tri Flex, looks like, well a over sized pigeon with three feet.

    16: Hexagonal : earth lv1 * non starter*
    Its got no attack at all, but hell if you can find it.
    It looks like a Hexagon and so hides in bee hives, feeding off the honey, bees, don't mind, they make too much.

    17: Zops : earth lv4
    Shake, causes the ground to shake.
    Its the pet rock you wish you had, mouth eyes, legs and arms, don't step on one though please you will cause the earth to quake.

    18: Rick Roll: Earth lv6
    Earth crash, it sings a song, that creates the earth to slide, and unfortunatly found in Mountain rocky area's perfect for its Earth Crash.
    Thee most brightly colored loud, air plane sized bird you could ever imagine. Good luck. They aren't hard to miss.

    19: Spawnling: earth lv6 * hard tame*
    Evil shudder. Causes the earth to open up, rock to spit up from the ground, or mountains to seriously break and tumble.
    They require a Rick roll in order to tame, as the loud colored birds, for some reason are hypnotic to them.
    They are nothing more then a red and black, wingless, flightless non fire breathing dragon, that have a flame like pattern on there scales, and try to pretend they are not rock huggers but are like there cousins who can spit cosmos.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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