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    water type mon. ( mondex con ) *14 mons*


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    water type mon. ( mondex con ) *14 mons*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Apr 02, 2016 11:12 pm

    All water type mons. Yes they are in no particular order, and as such there levels are with them, just like the Introductory list to the mondex. This is for more indepth understanding of the mon you will befriend.

    1: Zap rabbit. : water lv1 ( starter)
    Of course it has Starter shield * see fire type zero bird, for full info on this move)
    Second move is " lightening blast"  Its a lightening bolt. Yes you heard it a Lightening bolt that once it strikes, can cause the ground or target, to drown/turn to water. targets, will cough up water.
    Looks like a winged mouse. Yep.

    2: Ribert: water lv 3
    water spit, ya, its spits water at you, faster then superman runs. better make sure you haven't used your starters shield when facing this fellow. as that water spit, can actually seriously hurt some one.
    Looks like a demonic frog, adults are large enough to ride into battle.

    3: Vinder: Water lv 3
    Swirl. Makes the ground below targets feet behave like a whirl pool of water.
    Looks like, well a.... unicorn. But with the tail of a fox.

    4: Sushi Tuna: water lv 3
    Tsunami, creats a Tsunami, weather or not its any ware near water.
    Looks like a sushi roll, with fins, and a fishy mouth. Can actually float in air, so doesn't actually need to be in a fish bowl or carried.

    5: Squeaky : Water lv 6
    Scub, its the attack, you wish you would never face in a billion years. You will be flung, 300 feet into the air by a water spout, and then plumeted back down to earth, giving the Squeaky a good head start to go home.
    What if your rubber ducky was alive.... thats what a squeaky would look like.

    6: Loki : water Lv6
    Ice shield. Creats a wall of ice.
    Looks like a... giggles. A 6 legged horse.

    7: Hopper dingy : water 3 * easily tame*
    Extra cute. Makes anything it uses this move on, gush with total cute over load, causing the enemy to be totally useless.
    Can be tamed feeding it a cucumber.
    Looks like a yellow pleco fish, in a floating orb of water. Adults top fins stick out of there bubbles.

    8: toga : water lv4
     Blend. The ability to creat an Oasis any ware, and some how blend in.
    Its a greek sandle that fallows you around, weird enough once tamed they like to be used as shoes.

    9: Shoe shine: water lv 3
    Water spritz, is an attack that sprays water, every ware, causing the enemy to slip and fall.
    Looks like a regular every day turtle. with a shark fin strapped to its back.

    10: Sparkle butt: water Lv 2*easy tame*
    GLitter, it seriously makes a hypnotic rainbow, allowing a fellow water mon, attack the target, they are normally seen, traveling with other mons, so if you can trick this mon into tag teaming with your tamed mon, you can just slip the collar on. As he now views you as master might as well make it offical.
    Looks like a Puppy, with lucky charms all over it, has no adult or teen form.

    11: flip flop:water Lv1 * non starter and easy tame*
    Water glide, this mon uses water glide to float and propell itself over bodies of water, its not really a great fighter, but great when you don't have a boat, as it will gladly take its master and fellow mons across. Easily tamed by just being friendly to it, as if it was a stary cat.
    Looks like a duck, waring flip flops. Babies are small ducklings, teens are larger about the size of a dog, and adults are the size of a small motor boat.

    12: zoops: water lv3
    Has water log, makes opponents feel well water logged.
    Looks much like a muddskipper but color changes depending on mood.

    13: Mork: water Lv2 * hard tame*
    Poof, it has tha bility to randomly transport itself or other mons, over bodies of water dropping them in. They will poof themselves and can hold there breath for ever. You must have a Mindy in order to tame these male morks.
    Looks like a egg. With arms legs, and eyes, and of course a mouth. Will hatch into a chicken when in adult form, chicken sports a red poka dotted bow tie.

    14: MIndy: water lv3 * hard tame*
    Clone, they are able to create a water clone.
    They will only be tamed if you have a Omen, who is willing to do the poka.
    They are a  egg. With arms legs, and eyes, and of course a mouth. Will hatch into a chicken when in adult form, chicken sports a red poka dotted dress.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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