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    Fire Type mon ( Mondex! Continued, light reading) *12 mons*


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    Fire Type mon ( Mondex! Continued, light reading) *12 mons*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:49 pm

    All the fire type mons. Yes they are in no particular order, and as such there levels are with them, just like the Introductory list to the mondex. This is for more indepth understanding of the mon you will befriend.

    1:Zero bird Lv1 ( starter)
      It like its fellow starters have what is called " Starter sheild" when used it can protect itself and its master from level 2 and level 3 mon attacks. Only once per day.
    Fire blitz is its other attack. Fire blitz is a barrage of fire balls * no more then three at a time* that are aimed at the target.
    Zero birds look like a turtle with wings. They do not have a adult or teen form.

    2: Dimfly Lv 2
    night shine, night shine, is a fire based attack, that causes a burst of intense flame. This temporarily blinds some one for a span of a second. The move can also be held, in order to have a constant light, though when held, it is more of a lightening bugs glow and light then anything as they are closely related.
    They are a cute little bug, there butts light up. Ya they are basically over sized lightening bugs. It doesn't have a teen form, however when it is an adult. Its Antenna will have a faint glow to them.

    3: Warm Rose: Fire lv 3
     warm rose. warm Rose has the attack of Warm rose, it produces a sent or smell that can catch things on fire, or warm up the opponent so that it tires out quicker and thus unable to do the move.
    Its a Rose with arms, legs, a mouth, and legs. baby's are buds, teens are fully open, but have a small flame coming off the tips of the flower pettals. Adults have larger flames. The flames are cold to the touch.

    4: Wonton : Fire lv 5
    Soups on, is a move that can turn, any other mon's attacks that produce fire or projectiles into food items, that are completely edible. This includes the starter shield.
    Looks like a flipping wonton, but with arms legs, and a mouth. And eyes. Has no teen or adult form.

    5: Lady bu: Fire lv2
    Bubble gump. Produces a sticky substance, that is hot. It is water soluable. thus making it a level 2.
    Looks like a blue blob........ teens are bigger blue blobs, and adults are the size of a person.

    6: Veggi : Fire lv1 * non starter*
     Camo, it can hide itself or some one else, from a opponent. Any level1 starter can knock them out easily, but a veggi learns much more quickly. They are all Male
    Its a walking talking carrot. The older the Veggi, the bigger its green top grows, adults' green top will touch the ground. They are 2 feet tall when adult sized.

    7: Russian doll: Fire lev 4
    Nest, nest is an attack that causes the enemy to go and start building its self a nest, which will ignight once the enemy " nests" in it.
    Its seriously a Russian nesting doll, the older it gets the bigger it is, they do not live inside each other.

    8: Star stripe: Fire lv4
    burn Streaks, shoots lazer beams out if its eyes. Good luck duckies.
    Looks like a star, if you set it on fire, and it had hands feet, eyes and a mouth which is oddly creepily all ways staring at you.

    9: Sparta : Fire lv 5
    Besides shouting this is Sparta all the time It will use " Spear blast" which just makes evil spears show out of thin air aim at the target and try to kill you, did I mention they are on fire? They have complete control over ware they spears go and how they act, as they also manifest them to eat with cus no hands.
    Looks like a Roman hemet, with a black orb in it, which with all you can see is eyes, and it has no hands, just feet oddly waring tennis shoes. by the way it likes to eat pickles.

    10: Zombish: Fire lv 5*easy tame*
    It has, " fire smell" Its seriously an attack that causes a thick horrible choaking smoke. That can sufficate you. Good thing for you it likes brownies and becomes instant friend with anyone who has brownies and matches for it to play with.
    Looks like an Upside down gold fish, mated with a peacock standing on stilts. with tiny hands.  Adults sport a blue tinge on there feet.

    11: Butterflutters: Fire Lv6 * all most impossible to tame good luck girls and boys*
    Pale`'s tears. It seriously has the ability to turn you into a chunk of volcanic glass. Lucky for you it only lasts an hour, but the dang things fly fast, so its no ware to be found once you come too. Lucky for you, you only need to have an Omen a zombish, and a Zero Bird, to distract it by playing a game of hide and go seek, while you play on a flute frying a fish dinner, as your Darkcry bashes it over the head with a frying pan from behind. GOod luck.
    Looks like a Maple Moth. Cute fuzzy and adorable.

    12: Fudge morts: Fire lv1 * non starter hard tame*
    Boil, is an attack that boils and uses hot water to attack. Ya its pretty hard, but the collars won't work on them, till after you befriended one. To do so, you must actually own a Legendary level mon. As it will respect you then.
    Looks like a pudding cup, with legs, arms eyes and a mouth. No you can't eat it.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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