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    Rules for this Rp


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    Rules for this Rp

    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:09 pm

    I know, I know, rules, more flipping rules. Well you know what, rules are put into place, to keep people from ruining an RP for everyone. No one wants to ruin an Rp for everyone, or ruin the Rp in a way ware its not even that specific Rp any more. You don't want to do that, you don't read and fallow info, and rules, and you basically ruin the Rp for everyone.... remember that the next time you complain about them, they are put into place to make an RP FUN FOR EVERYONE.

    1. The 100 Mons, listed are seriously the only critters besides the trainers you can play, and you can not play any wild ones, all wild critters will be played by mods/admins. This insures that all wild types are played correctly in there wild temperament forms.

    2. The BIG 100 MON list, is basically your pokedex. Its not a suggestion, its not a guide line, its how they are, no ifs ands or butts, its how they all look, act are inc. With slight variants. You don't have to collect them all, and only play what you want to play. No you can only pick from the starters for your first one..... JUST STARTERS.

    3. No they don't evolve or turn into another form or what ever... They just grow up, they keep the same name, 90% of everything you will catch is the equivalent of a puppy. A dog is a dog through out its life, and that is how were treating our mons, this is to keep confusion down. I don't want people aruging over what their critter tranforms into.

    4. Levels aren't existent, its not possible. You don't level up a mon, you train a mon like you train a dog. The older and more trained, the stronger they are, end of story. levels wouldn't be fair in the Rp over a period of time. This is why they are sansed from this.

    5. The first person who signs up Ash Ketchem, Brok, or anyone else from Pokemon's tv series auto gets banned, this includes nurse joy.

    6. No god modding, no horrible lingo, keep things pg. PG!! You may have relationships, but keep it clean.

    7. Can I stress one more time, you won't play if you didn't read, you don't have to read all of the Mondex but please, at least look up your starter, and what ever mon your facings ability when your fighting it.

    8. They fight to tire the other out, the other faints, you put a magic collar on there neck * not a poke ball first person who poke balls anything I will boot from Rp* and it tames.

    9. If your critter tames, you are responsible to pick up playing it.

    10. Ya I don't care if you play each other's Mons........... wait yes I do, PLAY YOUR OWN TAMED MONS.

    have fun or die.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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