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    Sign ups


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    Sign ups

    Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:45 pm

    There was some talk about a test you guys should take before signing up making sure you read the rules and are willing post more then bloody one sentence per flipping character, which is infact a one liner post, I don't care how many characters you have, if every single bloody one of your characters is a one liner, its a one liner post.

    * clears throat* any way, but I think you all of had it with your tests and what not. Non of you that were issued a test I am afraid made it to my elite section any how.

    On that sad, note, the sign ups alone will weed out the Insufficient posters.

    Now evil grins of doom aside. Fill out this form to sign up a character, keep all characters in the same post, if you plan on making more then one character at a time. You all can edit your posts. If some one has posted or days have gone by since you made a character then its ok to make a new post to make a new character or characters. This in mind fill out the fallowing form.

    First name:
    Last Name:
    Estimated age:

    I wish you luck my duckies.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know


    Re: Sign ups

    Post  Guest on Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:32 am

    First name: Took
    Last Name: Evens
    Gender: Male
    Estimated age: 19
    Species: Shifter
    Loyalty: People of the earth
    Shift: Barred Owl
    Power: N/A
    Personality: Quiet and reserved for the most part, but quite vocal when he chooses to speak up. He has a set code that he will follow to the death, and he's stubborn, so it's hard to get him to change his mind about anything, and especially his code.
    History: Took's mother was killed in a fight with the aliens when he was five years old, but it wasn't the aliens that killed her, it was friendly fire. His father withdrew into a shell, nearly driving himself mad in the search for who was responsible, leaving Took to more or less raise himself.
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Height: 5 feet 6 inches
    Other: Small tattoo on his left wrist symbolizing lost love (his mother)
    Picture/discription: Small build, muscular, large black eyes, dark sandy hair

    First name: Marina
    Last Name: Goldez
    Gender: Female
    Estimated age: 21
    Species: Shifter
    Loyalty: Supposedly the people of earth, but if it came down to survival, she has no loyalty.
    Shift: Raccoon
    Power: N/A
    Personality: Coy, conniving, survivalist. That pretty much sums her up. She's bold, cold, and calculating, never taking a risk without first weighing the odds.
    History: Like so many others, she was orphaned during the war and grew up in a packed group home where she learned at an early age to do what ever was neded to stay alive and get ahead.
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Height: 5 feet 4 inches
    Other: She's a runner, she likes to run
    Picture/discription: Olive complexion, striking green eyes, long dark hair, killer body

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