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    Rules ( must read)


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    Rules ( must read)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:59 pm

    first of all, keep in mind, that all the rules for this, are too keep game play fair and effective. We are tired of posts and people who ignore what other's have posts entirely including posts made by admins to start good solid Rps. So bare with me, those of you with an Iq of 5 will understand.

    1. All shifters shift into ONE CREATURE. Can be any creature so long as it has existed, except bugs, and venomous creatures. This means no spiders, venomous snakes, and several other species, including all snails. Due to the fact that this Rp is basically on land, no aquatic creatures. As it goes into the weird factor after that. However creatures like all your sea lions, walruses, inc, that come out of said water, including turtles, frogs and other amphibians are aloud as they can walk and breath on land. Mud skippers, and snake heads, being the only two fish species you are aloud.

    2. You must have at least two characters. No ifs ans or whiny butts, Gender doesn't have to be equal in this rp, but only if males are higher then girls. As, and I quote, in a civil war of sorts, or even in a war, ware dogs, hounds, or even some tech were involved, Females, dude to compromising moments * cough the kind that happens montly* that give off sent, and giving birth, even going to pee, would put them at a greater risk, ware as a man doesn't have to worry about anything but taking a -word #1-. This would kill off week shifters more in the fairer sex as to apposed to the male populations. Consequently males would respect and in some cases fear females due to the apex concept.

    3. If you have been temporarily banned, told to resign from an rp, or banned from a Rp, you may not sign up.

    4. In a world ware humans are average females five foot five, and males five foot ten, keep in mind, not everyone would be under and not everyone would be over, variation in height is welcome.

    5. IN the event you are not sure, ask ask and ask again. But not when I am grumpy about to go to work, or flipping tired.


    7. You are required to sign up two characters before you can play. Even if your previous character was accepted.

    8. In the event that I should be sick or out, provided, that you carry on with the plot I have set into motion, you can Rp and continue to do so. Provided you do not acceded 5 pages worth of posts.

    9. I and any mod or admin have the right, to kick you out of the rp, delete or denigh your character but Only I wolf H howling can accept a character unless stated otherwise by myself.

    10. Failure to read, and fallow rules, info, and what not, will result in this Rp beign shut down and haulled off, it has exactly 1 month from opening to prove it can be a functioning RP.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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