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    Mature RP Group

    Dark Soul

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    Mature RP Group

    Post  Dark Soul on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:08 pm's not really age restricted so much as it is maturity restricted.  First off, you must be able to handle R rated role playing.  This includes minor sex scenes (some details, but don't get too graphic. Basically, soft core porn, like Game of Thrones,) more detailed battle scenes, and more language use (but not so much more really due to censoring that is site-wide.)

    • I must know you can be trusted with the required maturity levels.
    • I must know you are a trustworthy player in general.
    • There is a slight age restriction, I require you to be AT LEAST 12  years of age. If you ask me if you can be in this group, I will ask of your age.
    • I must know you know when to stop on sex scenes and violence.

    If you feel you can handle that, PM me, and we'll talk.

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