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    History ( page 7 or 8 who's counting now?)


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    History ( page 7 or 8 who's counting now?)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:11 pm

    If your not brain dead yet..... Your character with permission, can be a great great great direct decendent of thse people. However like I said you need permission, This is basically most of the legend and lor of the land, * all of it happened* Oh and easter egg plots got to love those.

    Victor Darklor, Married to Mie Darklor had Evey, Vlad, Blake, and Drake.

    Victor was lord and master of the Dark forest, he died several days after the great war, but not due to injuries.  Mie Dark lor who  had Died in battle, had died before him, and he could not live with the fact that his beloved wife died..He swung from the rafters... and was found by Vlad their youngest son, he is buried with his belovid Mie, under the tree that suports his massive castle.

    Mie Dark lor, Perished in the Great war, she was soul person responsible for re taking the Dark wood, Exploding Enemy forces with her husband, before he untimely death due to a very nasty Dark mage who had trapped her, in order to save those she love, she and all around her, went up in a great ball of fire. Because how else would the queen of explosions die? Victor could not live with out his Mie.

    Blake who Married Lady Rain, did't have any children, and died on the battle field. In Order to save his wife, he stepped in front of cannon fire, in the battle for the town of Myth. Not knowing his beloved rain, had been killed all ready in the house behind him due to to a stealthy Assasin.

    Drake, Ruled for many years, in his father's castle, He like his father defended dark wood castle with his last breath, deing in a great battle. He was the first Halfing of a Demon Vampire witch cross, to be honored by all three races, by both his fighting, his powers, and his ability to rule. He was layed to rest with highest honors, having destory'd leagons before succoming to his wounds 40 days later. His girl friend at the time had gone missing, he never wed, but people will swear to this day his girl friend had fled into the woods pregnate.

    Vlad's death, is one that is undocumented, though it just says he ruled one year in the castle, before meating his fate. As there are mysteries and Rumores as to how Vlad died. Since his death, no one has claimed title to the castle, and it has fallen to ruin. Though, the castle is infact.. still intact in the mighty oak, its in very poor condition. Vlad died having no children.

    Evey who married to Vane the King of grewls Died in her kings arms. Giving birth to there first child, who later then died as well in the mist of the great war, Or thats what the people say any way.

    Vane the mighty king of grewls died after he was shot with 300 arrows, took 8 cannon balls, and a sword to the chest, having gone utterly biserk for loosing his wife. Sicne then the Grewl nation and species as a whole, have been well utterly confused romaning nomads.... They are looking for some one royal enough to lead them.

    Crane and Michele Pyromania who are still alive were sister and brother in law to MIe Darklor. They had several children. Blair, Axle and Scarlet, who went and had grand kids.

    Axle who is also still alve married Xena who is also still alive, they had two children Gear and raven twins.

    Blair married to Heart Truegrave died, a sad death, having been the only case in 10,000 years of the magic plague having caught it just after the great war, causing Crane to take her, as lord Death once more allowed him to take one of his children. She contributed to the war having lost her husband, and was the only female during the war, to take up her husbands sword and dive head first into battle.

    Heart was one of the first casualties, not ever finding out blair had miscarried his child, and had instead gone to war that day thinking he would infact be a daddy. this caused him to take an unnecessary risk and he perished. Though if it weren't for him, the north territory would have been lost early on.

    Rose married to Jr and had one child Scarlet died from a well placed arrow to the heart, she died in her Jr's arms, she was responsible for saving the children of Booksend. to this day she is known as the patron saint of lost children depsite being a reaper.

    Jr, held it together for most of the duration of the war, but the final battle when his and Rose's child scarlet, and her husband Crow went missing and could not be found. He was found by Crane, he had slit his wrists, no longer willing to live in a world with out his Scarlet or his Rose. He was a decorated spy, and found many missing persons from the battle in search of his little girl.

    Raven parished, in a ball of fire, that consumed and burnned the town of vex, for 200 days. Having killed one of the Enemy's greates evil generals, she is honored greatly in a festival held ironically on the eve of her death.

    Gear having lost his twin, could not handle life any more, and his soul called, His father Axle begged his father to take him, because he just couldn't handle it, to which Crane answered the call of his Grand sons soul, cradling his grand son, as both him and his son cried, as Gears last words were " thank you grandpa, I will let sisy know you miss her."  Gear, was honored, in the only way a reaper could, his blade forever retired.
    He had a daughter, who ran off into the night, and to this day has never been found, she did die however, it is not known if the child had any children.

    Miesko Marred to Lenore, was the twin of Mie. with out mie tethering him to this world, the realm of death reclaimed him, leaving Lenore alone with there three children. The children Vanished stolen in the night, never to be seen again.

    Lenor was a being of magic, and as such simply vanished, after using all she could to protect her three younge ones, from death.

    Merlin and Mira Darkward, had the children Mie, Miesko, lily *mira only* and Michelle * mira only*

    Mira died before the war, giving birth to Merlin's second son, the babe was still born.

    Merlin died in the war, and is the soul reason as to why it was own. As he like his daughter Lily sacraficed himself to close the door. As his wife and kids all but michelle were all ready dead, the only two to beg and plead were Crane and Sands on the battle field. However Merlin used his magic, and sealed the gate, and decimating the opposing force. Merlin is the only one to recive a holiday, ware everyone spends it with out uttering a word. Silently thanking him for what he did.

    Sands Crimson married Lily
      Sands died trying to stop the gate from opening, he was shot before he could read the spell that would keep the gate closed. The arrow ended him quickly. His only sone was Zero. Sands eeked out his last moments on the battle field and it wasn't until days later that he was found dead, among many other bodies. The dark priest titel went with him.

    Zero and arycl * who's a daughter of Sammy and Billy*  Died years later. He being the only other case of the magic plauge to break out, seemingly right after Aunty blair.

    Arycl Lyrica's twin died in child birth, the child was taken by Lyrica to be raised in secracy. Unfortunately Lyrica met her death shortly after from a stray arrow, the baby was rumored taken by Denmarks.

    Sammy and billy victory died with in 20 minuets of each other, both tormented to death by the enemy and 200 miles apart from each other. They didn't cough up any information, and as such national music day is also called billy sammy day. Violins are played in the streets but only thee saddest love songs possible are played.

    Maz and zam, both of which were Sammy and billy's twin boys. They met a fate worse then death itself. Like there fathers, they were seriously tormented, to the point ware they took there own lives.  They manged though to take those ^You know nothing, Jon Snow^ with them.

    Ash and Mel, Greyblood, died after the war. Though as to how they died, is an utter mystery.  They had one child, Dresden.  Though they do know Ash couldn't handle being thee only shadow.. and as such probably did something to take his own life, its still unkown if Mell commited suicide or was murdered.

    Dresden before the war, was lured out and sealed, his power Hector roams and howls the forests unkept and untamed, but the truth of the matter is, hector his power is also sealed and the howls and the screams of an unkept beast are nothing but peoples imaginations. No one knows ware Dresden is sealed. Its rumored that Dresden had a girl friend, but poor was never found... As of now its said that if he wasn't sealed would be the last shadow.

    Aaron was Sand's little brother. He was married to phire and had two twin children Don and Anna?

    Aaron died, a spike to the chest, as it was hurrled from the gate. He was trying to search for his brother when it happened. His death caused the ware to shift, the enemy all most being able to win. He's known as the Angel of the fithed wall.

    Phire went biserk loosing Aaron and burned herself and everyone else in a 10 mile radious. She ws called the fire maryter.

    Don and Anna were executed, having being caught behind enemy lines, they help relay information for most of the war. they have a memorial.  Don had one son. Though what happened to the lad is unknown.

    Slate, the great gargoyle the last dragon of his kind, is still cast in stone, curled around the base of the mighty tree he "died to gaurd"

    Jasper married to Rosealin Gravestone had two twins Daren and Destiny.

    Rosealin died, when she was sepperated from jasper in one of the enemy's raids, she was beaten to death, when Jasper found her......

    Jasper on seeing his wife dead, had his rune seal break, he laid waist for 50 days and 50 night single handedly protecting the home front from furth invasion, when there was nothing left to destroy, the seal re activated, and he patiently held the body of his Rosealin, till a reaper came to end him, he didn't even lift a single finger and just held his beloved wife's body, like a scared child, till his last moments. The reaper had been sent by lord death himself, to ease the poor monsters heart. The only way was to end him, for Jaspers soul had called like a reapers loud and clear to the ears of Lord death.

    Daren died, much in the same way his father did, he had one child. The child gods only know ware it went.

    Destiny Daren's twin, died a slow and painful death, having being poisioned by a stray dart. The antidote had been gotten just mere moments after her death.

    Shard was married to Lyr who's brother was Lyran, and they had two children Melody and Shade Crimson.

    Shard died, for the enemy had set a trap for him. He was beheaded instantly Trying to reach his Daughter.

    Meldody was trapped by the enemy and began to have an asthma attack, her daddy trying to save her, instead died infront of her, as she gasped her last breaths. She had a son, but ware the son went no one knows.

    Shade, died in a rather ironic turn of events. His Uncle Lyran slew him, due to a spell that was cast to cause confusion. He was credited for the emotionless battle field allowing people to march into battle showing no fear.

    Lyran committed suicied, ending his life with his own blade, he couldn't handle the fact that he had killed his own nephew. The blade now weeps... endlessly.

    Note: the book of den is still missing.
    Note: The Darkwood Castle is rumored haunted.
    Note: No children of Scarelet and Crow were ever made.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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