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    Breeding and Intresting info ( page 5)


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    Breeding and Intresting info ( page 5)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:38 pm

    All right duckies you have made it thus far, congratulations, the world might not explode.

    How breeding works in this Rp, because children are going to be born inc. Its the nature of this beast, and inter species relations happens. As such as the Rp progresses this will be used greatly. Mind you you still like any other Rp need to talk to me first, and also work out with the father of the To be kid, and the mom of the To be kid if its a go, before you talk to me, and if I put a stop to it, I put a stop to it. If I green light it it means your a go.

    Breeding works this way.....

    Anything Times itself of course comes out a pure blood Except in a Halfing situation generation 4 or 5 of two halfings breeding /PLAY NICE!/ normally in either a monster or a nightmare. And also the weird slim as hell chance with reaper x reaper.

    Pairings that can not result in Halfings unless I work it into a plot topic.

    Denmark X anything = 90% Pure Denmark chance. 10% what ever it was bred with.

    Were wolf X a were cat = 50/50 chance of either species.

    Reaper X Anything * that isn't Shadow, Nightmare, or Death angle =Reaper 100%

    Shadow X anything * that isn't a reaper* = 100% Shadow

    Death Angle X antyhign * that isn't a reaper* = 100% Death Angle

    Reaper x Shadow = 50/50 between the two.

    Reaper x Death Angle = 50/50 between the two

    Reaper x Nightmare = 90% reapers, and 10% chance of Nightmare.

    Nightmare x Monster = 100% Reaper.

    Reaper x reaper = 99.9% Reaper and a 0.01% chance of a shadow.

    Halfing x Halfing * with grewl blood* = Monster

    Halfing x Halfing * with valh blood* = Nightmare

    Death Angle X antything * that isn't a Reaper, or shadow* = 100% Death angle

    Now the fun stuff......

    YOU can summon a Demon using black candles, a lock of some ones hair that isn't too virtuous, a silver spoon, the right spell, and I kid you not a really good Romance novel. Your Romance knovel and lock of hair determins which demon you summon Razz

    Angles are summoned and this is fun, with white candles, a love letter, a moon stone, a book of poetry, and a white feather. Of course the spell you used to summon the demon is said back wards lol. The book of Poetry and the love letter determin which angle you get lol.

    and as an extra bonus

    How to summon my one Demon boy and my one Angle guy.

    Demon guy the lock of hair you use is that of a female with long dark hair, and the book is The wolf and the dove.

    The angle is Seriously the love letter of a stalker, and a battered and it has to be battered book of Edgar allen poe's darkest poems... Razz

    You don't want to know how to summon anyone else... trust me...

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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