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    All MIGHTY SPECIES LIST ( page 4)


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    All MIGHTY SPECIES LIST ( page 4)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:04 am

    All right my cute little duckies, and that is exactly what you are duckies. If you have made it through the last couple of pages, with out A. falling a sleep, B. wanting to strangle something or C. All of the above, awe aren't you a cutie.

    But I am afraid if you don't fallow your species list, I will have to kill you. Well your character..... slaughter it, as I drown your other's in a vat of your offending characters blood. I am that sadistic when it comes to this RP.

    Please not, though all the Species are infact immortal, your character still can die from being killed or getting sick with some of the deaseased that float around this world.
    Did I mention Humans just don't exist in this world?

    The species are in spoilers to make make this a horribly long wall of text XD

    Oh and on a side note, Humans have never ever ever lived in this realm but please go look at History to see why.

    Females called Witches and Males called Wizard, both fall under this category. They are human like. They cast spells in the simplest ways, Chanting, flicking a wrist or snapping fingers, is thee only way to cast spells. Some of them require non of this and is just natural to them such as poofing. Though spell books do exist in the world, they are not needed for much more then learning. Potion making is something on it own level, think of making homemade soaps,cures, poisons, and the like. Another words an old concept of an Apothecary.
      Stronger powered Witches and Wizards, will be more respected in the community then lower strength ones. Low leveled powered ones tend to be thieves, though some try to eek out a decent living. This being said the stronger leveled magic users, can also fall on hard times.

    Vampires are in fact tall, normally dark haired individuals, who are some times fair in skin. They can enthrall some one to be calm, angered or upset, they can not use mind control, but mess with your emotions. Stronger vampires can thrall a victim to death if they are not careful. They, do drink blood, but not as regular as most would think, they have children, can cross running water, can't shift into animals, can walk in sun light, and can not turn anything into a vampire. THey love garlic, are normally polite proper individuals, and can do low ish level magic, such as poofing. A vampire bonds with his or her partner, by drink his or her blood, and then allowing that other person to drink from them. This binds the pair, in a non vampire vampire pair, only the vampire will be able to find the other no matter ware they are, they can also feel a bit as to what their mate is feeling. To break a vampire bond, as Vampires mate for life, they would have to die, and or, both participants would need to be bitten by a Dark Fairy beetle, which would free both individuals from such a bond. In record, no Vampire couple has activily sought the bug, but some couples who are not two vampires some times do seek to have them split.  Vampires can Meld into the shadows. The worst they can get from the sun is a bad sunburn and all ways ware pleasant smelling sunscreen. They also have extremely good sens of smell, hearing, and sight to a degree.
     Due to the fact that Vampires are very picky when it comes to mates, Please keep this down, till like 1 per player. As I wish for the Vampires to be less in population but at a good standing in the Rp.

    They are basically like humans, save for the fact they can shift, and on will, into a wolf. A rather larger wolf. They can also partly shift to sport ears and a tail but that is as far as that goes. Both in human and wolf form, they have all the qualities of a wolf, save hightened to twice the amount. Were wolves have a strong bond with family and friends, they have long standing traditions, and often enough rather be human and not shift or stay shifted, even though the process doesn't hurt them. Biting some one who is not a werewolf just results in a nasty bite the other person needs to get checked out. The moon does not rule them. Bringing up the myths that their 10,000 great great ancestors had to endure from the misguided humans only angers them, you do not want to make a were wolf mad. were wolves normally give birth to twins, and rarely have single births though it does occur. Please note they do not act like wolves or dogs, they act like humans

    They are simular to werewolves in powers and strengths even shifting ability. The only diffence between a were wolf and a werecat is one shifts into a wolf and the other a cat. There features are the same as humans, and like were wolves they prefer to stay in a human state. They too have there pet peeves, and will anger easily if they are associated with normal cats. They do not act feline, and the do not, have cat like features or desires. Though when they are cats they do indulge in cat nip.

    They are one of the four races Lord Death, god of all that pass, claim. They are tall figures, with red eyes, they are forever bound to a weapon. Weapons very from reaper to reaper, each having its own name, and each knowing its master. The reaper weapon is all ways a weapon with a handle and a blade, swords, scythes, knives, and daggers are the only things Lord death sends to be paired off with a reaper. Lord Death issues reaper lists, Reapers take the lives of those who are evil, who are suffering from incurable illness such as the black magic plague, and only male reapers take small children. They are required to ferry souls to death, so that they may be judged. Female reapers do not take children, and as such do not go insane. Female reapers have a scream to which she may control, that can either make a target or targets, ear drums explode to there heads actually exploding. Reapers can do all basic magic, and are impervious to magic spells. they produce what is known as the 6 point star, which traps a victim inside and prevents from people getting hurt. 7 point stars, are only used when another reaper answers another reapers call. A reapers Soul can Call, when it does, only Reapers, Shadows, Death angles, and nightmares can hear it. The soul is calling for it's release, it can not take the torment and the pain any longer. A soul calls when a reaper is too insane, to even head death's calls.  Reapers who call, will fight with another reaper to the death. Female reapers do not answer these calls, there are so few of them, and a Female reapers scream is not effective against a male of the same species.
      Because of reapers loosing control when their soul calls, people are afraid of reapers. Not just by nature. Reapers are rather rare, as it is hard for them to live past their 180th birthday. The lack of a strong female population, and the fact that 90% of all creation fears them. Only two reapers have made it past the age of 180 Crane who is 100,189 years old, and his son Axel who is 100,000 years old. As such, their mates, have been granted to stay living for as long as they should live. As to rip them away from Death's favorite reapers, would mean they too would soon fallow.

    More on this topic of how the reaper race even stays alive is in the breeding Guide.
         At the start of this rp, untill this disapears from this breeds info, Only 4 reapers will exist, mine and Darks. ( its impartitive to the plot goodies we have for you, plus it doesn't make sense to have 200 of them runnng around gees)

    Shadows are like reapers, but stronger, they do not need blades though on occasion, a blade has been summoned for a shadow, for their powers were too great. The blade all ways the same size as the shadows power strength. A shadow with a blade should be feared. People in general should fear all shadows, they have there own little domain, can hide in shadows, summon the creatures banished from all worlds to do their bidding, and make the shadows solid. They are normally called to end the lives of things reapers might not be able to handle. The race's history is quite tragic, sad, and rather heart clenching. Shadows, have any eye color, however, when angered they flash red, like there cousins the reapers.
                          As of the start of the Rp, there is only one left in existence.

    Death Angles:

         Winged messages of death, there white phase and black phase are things to be feared. They like reapers and shadows have lists, but they are the ones who are called when a individual becomes so powerful, they are next to a god, for they are the only ones who slay one.  A Death angle as an affinity to an element that has an opposite. The Dark phase, is their true self, black wings, and as an example an afinity for fire. When in great danger, or horrible misery, they can turn into there white Phase, the wings go white as pure fallen snow, their powers if they are fire, would then be ice, there temper would be cold, and cruel. Nasty and woe to all who see a Death angle in white phase, for they are the unholly union of a Angle and a Valh. They are Death's ultimate race.
      Due to this, there seriously won't be any played. If One is played, its because someones character is God modding, and thus going to die in the most... Pleasantly satifing way possible. This race might be added to public play depending on how you act with my other Rare and Op breeds. When I all low you to play them.

    Monsters are the spawn and creation when more when some one is a combo of 6 or more species, but have definite Grewl blood in them. There powers can not be properly controlled and many high level Monsters, have conflicting powers which they can not control, the lucky ones are either week, due to having lesser mix of races * or a mix of lesser races*, and thus their instincts and or horrible power problems are not a huge issue, monsters who are high level hi power unfortunatly have two fates when hitting purperty which is when monsters get there adult powers, these things are if lucky being power bound, Ie cursed, or Death. They demonstrate traits of all their combind races. ( please not that monsters do not have Valh blood whats so ever)
      Very few monsters will be played, as they are OP.

       Nightmares are basically a lot like monsters, however they have no grewl blood and instead of Valh blood. They are considerably more cat like, despite some of them not even having werecat blood, and Monsters generally are more dog like. Though this doesn't reflect on anythign but the two species dilects and ability to communicate through growls howls and screaches. One of deaths species, they can hear a Reaper's soul call. They do not have lists, and live on the fringe of society. They can completely controll there powers, and in cases ware a common ancestor was a vampire can have weird tastes, such as eating Emotions, which is rare and only happens to some Nightmares. The nightmare, aptly named because of the way its territorial and also foundness to go to war with its own kind and monsters.
         Very few will be played Due to its horrifice OP ness.

    Valhs are the evil creation of spite it's self, but there are generally good valhs though these go against the grain. The Valh is a scary red eyed Creature, having dark color hair, with power and strength to rival anyone's. Living in the dark forest in its darkest pits, is the evil that is the Vlah. Being able to control 90% of all magic, they make for horrible foes. They were created by the evil god, and so wish to revive him. Even though the god is sealed, those who are going against the grain, wish for their evil god to stay chained and imprisoned, as they rather like being under the God of war's loving embrace far better then the cruelty of the evil lord.
      Vlahs are to be rare, due to reasons.

    Grewls give Vlahs nightmares, fun fact, it is the unholly uniion of a Monster and a Nightmare that can spawn a Full blood Reaper. But for more info on that please see, the breeding page. The Grewls are actually an advanced race in the field of herb lor and cleaning products. Go figure, but they are dumb as bats when it comes to actually being well nice, loving things they  are clearly not. Some do go against the grain, and as such were gentely bred back into more of a peaceful state, though they are still cruel as well cruel could get.  See history page for further information.
       This is to be rare for Op reasons.

    Denmark :
       Denmarks are thee most saddest beings on the planet. They were tricked to fallow the evil god Den, back when they were creatures belonging to the other races. The God Den tricked them, marking them with her mark. When she was defeated and turned into an evil spell book, * later called Mr fluffy Mick Fluffins more on that later* of Den, they Denmark remained cursed. They are kind beings, who have one thing, that is forever stolen from them, Denmarks honestly can not have children till there mark has been earased, and this is when they find what was stolen from them. They are normally all male. Have a red mark on there right hand, but when the curse is " semi" lifted allowing them to have kids, the mark is black. They are protected by the Lord Midnight himself.  Denmarks love and protect at all costs the inocent hearts of children, going as far as to take in abandoned children, kill the abusers of children, and steal children who are not being treated correctly, and either raising them on there own, or giveing them to a loving family who deserves kids. They do not talk much, stick to the shadows, and some have been known to have odd powers. They do not honestly associate with anyone, and live mostly solitary lives. Though Denmarks can and will some times take mates. Its also said, that when a denmark has a child being free of the red mark of den, there child will have a red mark of den.
       They are to be SUPER RARE.

     Dimling, a dimling is a person who is dark in hair tone, and eye color, can meld and blend themselves into the shadows much like a shadow can, but can copy any magic spell they see done. Right down to the level of Complexity, skill, and power level. They are courious creatures, with a too kind of genetl nature for Deaths purposes, they are one of Lord Midnight's races. They love books, love to write, and love to learn, they uphold the rules, and can show odd loyalties and even weird tastes. They are the favorite species of the lord of all gods Lord Midnight. So its an utter sin to harm such genetl creatures. There shy and timid nature stems from the fact, that they were made out of the last kiss Lord Midnight gave his belovid who died to lock away the God Den. The God Den was the evil Lords Mate, and when she managed to take the love of Lord Midnight's entire life, he chained the god of evil to a massive pillar in the deepest darkest pits, ware lord midnight sits and watching the world, ready to swing down his massive scythe and slay all that opose him. So best not to hurt a hair on his dimlings heads.
      Rare species please talk to me first about signing up, and I will let you know if you can pull off a dimling at all.

         Demons are not demons in the biblical sens, they do not wish to dang people or cause great harm to you, simply for your soul, they could care less about your soul. They are basically just beings who have an afinity to fire, and have bat wings which they can summon at will or hide on will. They are fire proof, have horrible tempers, and love like no other. They can be mean, Honorable, and kind rolled up into one. They do not like people who tell them what to do, and quite frankly its why Are's god of war loves his little demon scrappers. They can be sommond.
      If you are prone too God moding temptation I suggest you not play one son.

    Angles  Like there Demonic counter part, they are not in the biblical sense, they are just honestly short tempred people with wings. Basically it, they can use magic just like any other being can. Really its kinda silly. They too can actually be sommoned See The breeding page for more info on that. Though I will say the complexity that is well, the silly evil, if anything can pull on a large reserve of power and snap, its an Angle.
      Please don't play if your tempted to god mod.

    Chrome topian:
    Chrom topians are defined by two things. First the males are Gargoyles that shift into animals and can turn to stone as a defence. Their is only one Dragon left. It goes by blood line all though Dragons can have Gargoyles that are not dragons. Females have a deadly scream, and cna also use many spells Gargoyles are amune to most spells and the screams of girls, even eaper girls as the scream is simular.

    Halfings are basically the breeding of one or more Species together. This results in a Half and half child, They sport one or all traits from both parents though sporting a single trait from each specie present is honestly more common. Please see breeding page next, as info on how all this works comes into play there.

    Remember species can be added or removed at any given time.... ANY, though a message to the shadows will be sent out if this is indeed what happened.

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